No relation

A few games on the NES seem to have some interesting relationships to Nintendo’s flagship Super Mario Bros. game. For example, here’s Kid Kool, whose main character happens to share the exact same walk cycle as our hero Super Mario:

Even the pint-size version has a few distant cousins, shown here with Bomber Man and Challenger:

There are likely other games, too. The theory we had was that Mario was passed around as an example in a devkit, and some early games simply modified and reused some of the graphics. For the most part, though, nobody ever really noticed.


The mossy forest sprite project gets weirder looking everyday! I added a burlap extension to make the skirt longer, then sewed ruffled jersey fabric overtop. To prevent the moss from shedding I sewed a tulle overlay on which has helped a lot.

Oh, and todays discovery: I think i’m allergic to burlap. It itches. 


Seven years of pixelart history right here. I recently remade some of my oldest Sprites while I was looking at all my oldest work. I’ve grown a lot since my “Pokemon Sprite editing days”  and I’ve finally found my own unique voice.

The Sprites in the center of both rows are my most recent pieces.

Here he is guys! :D His name is Cross, and he’s a zombie! He’s on a quest to defeat the Lords of the Grave. The game’s name’s gonna be Deadmen’s Curse and it’s a blend of Megaman X and Castlevania. It’s not a Metroidvania though. The Castlevania bit is mostly theming.

I hope you guys enjoy and welcome him! :D

Potty: Wounded (Forbodium)

The shot was fired, piercing into his fragile pectoral.

Sheer pain spread through his body as he clutch his chest in agony.

As the world begun to fade from his vision, he heard a cry:

“Don’t shoot, Al!”

[Original Sprite created by Level 5 © .Custom Sprites altered by me. All rights reserved by them, I do not owe anything.]


This is yet another preview of Sburb’s new tool: the Item Creator. 

One of my goals is to allow artists to create custom content for Sburb with zero scripting/coding knowledge. Just draw a weapon, put it in the correct folder and use the in-game tool to create new items. And yes, other players can also see your crazy ass weapons!

I have also made some weapons with sprites submitted by the community. Click me to check them out! 

And yes, I suck at naming weapons.

I am currently extending the tool so that creating custom wearable items is also possible.

Back to work!


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