every time Spock prime calls Kirk ‘old friend’ i want to throw myself off a cliff because he had so much difficulty with just calling Jim his friend,  and now… he’s been alone for so long and now knows what is really important


Something–or one of the things–that bugged me about the Reboot is that we haven’t seen much of the triumvirate.  I kinda wish that Bones got to throw his weight around a little bit, especially with Kirk and Spock being a couple of pills.

So here’s something to make me feel a little better about Star Trek 2009.

An AU in which Doctor McCoy, CMO of the USS Enterprise has enough of Kirk and Spock and tries to get them to focus on the issue at hand. 

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OK OK OK and spock/uhura #25!!!

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” i’m really rusty at writing these two forgive me

“I do not see what is so abnormal about this endeavor.”

“I didn’t say it was abnormal. I said I can’t believe I agreed to it. As in, I can’t believe you suggested it in the first place and then I said, sure, yes -”

“You implied that you would be amenable to the idea.”


“That indicates that you should not have been shocked at my suggestion.”


“Or that you needed a significant amount of convincing to agree to it, which contradicts your earlier statement. However, I am perfectly able to outline the rationale behind the -”

“Spock,” she says, holding the small, black-furred animal up in front of her face, its happy purring cutting through his speech. “You bought us a cat.”


Nyota grins, and holds the animal closer to her chest, slipping her arms under its legs and letting it curl up against her shirt. “A real, actual kitten. And you bought it.”

“As I just said -”

“It’s cute.”

His lips thin, just barely. “The human clerk at the store informed me that its fur is not prone to cause any adverse allergic reactions in humans, as well as a large percentage of non-humans.”

Nyota scratches the cat’s ears. “That’s good. But it’s still cute.”

He raises an eyebrow.

“As I just stated, the companionship of a creature that is -”

“Spock,” she says, her voice softening slightly and it’s kind of really hard not to smile like an idiot but Nyota figures she’s doing a pretty admirable job. “I was teasing.”

“I am aware.”

“It’s a wonderful cat.”


“We should call it Jim.”

“You should not implement the human practice of teasing quite as frequently as you do, Nyota.”

The cat purrs.