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I love how you draw DeForest as Bones!! It brightened my day

when drawing the squad, i’m super partial to the original series tv show! but somehow when i actually start drawing them, everybody looks like a weird mashup of the actors from the original series and the recent movies… anywho, here is the trio being dweebs (it was supposed to be just bones i swear, but kirk somehow appeared and took over)

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After "Star Trek VI" they had to step down. Jim didn't take this well, at all, he felt confined and choking to death, and it was then Spock decided to do something drastic about it. Spock knew one of the best star ship builders in the galaxy, and commissioned a small star ship. This ship would only need a minimal crew, while it had warp it wasn't as big or as fast as the Enterprise. When Jim saw the ship, he cried, and Spock swore he would wander around the galaxy with Jim forever. And they did.

The Federation, of course, mourn the loss of Spock and Jim’s service and expertise. Jim and Spock take off on a cool fall morning and never set foot on earth again. Two hundred years later, a small scavenger ship finds an urn with a picture on the side, legendary starfleet officials, and a message asking for it to be left alone to drift in space. They document their find and move on. In the distance, two stars merge into orbit, destined to collide.

I’ll trade you a headcanon for a headcanon

Awkward baby giraffe Spock
  • Spock growing up with super long legs and stumbling with everything
  • Big ears
  • Spock freaking out because his voice is changing, so he becomes silent for days.
  • Spock squeaking
  • Keeping a ‘puberty diary’ to document all this process.
  • Day 17: is all this hair normal? Should I ask father?
  • Day 32: I think I’m becoming a tribble.
  • Random boners

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Headcanon: Amanda is originally from Boston, which explains Spock's accent. He has cousins there, and a standing invitation to visit them because of the time he showed up on St. Patrick's Day and became the most popular person at every party they dragged him to because 'DUDE YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO WEAR GREEN, YOU *ARE* GREEN' and since Vulcans don't process alcohol like humans, he drank everyone under the table.