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The Big Bang Theory is centered on five characters living in Pasadena, California: roommates Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper; Penny, a waitress and aspiring actress who lives across the hall; and Leonard and Sheldon’s equally geeky and socially awkward friends and co-workers, mechanical engineer Howard Wolowitz and astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali. The geekiness and intellect of the four guys is contrasted for comic effect with Penny’s social skills and common sense.

List Of Episode Season 9:
The Big Bang Theory Episode 1 : The Matrimonial Momentum
The Big Bang Theory Episode 2 : The Separation Oscillation
The Big Bang Theory Episode 3 : The Bachelor Party Corrosion
The Big Bang Theory Episode 4 : The 2003 Approximation
The Big Bang Theory Episode 5 : The Perspiration Implementation
The Big Bang Theory Episode 6 : The Helium Insufficiency
The Big Bang Theory Episode 7 : The Spock Resonance
The Big Bang Theory Episode 8 : The Mystery Date Observation
The Big Bang Theory Episode 9 : The Platonic Permutation
The Big Bang Theory Episode 10 : The Earworm Reverberation
The Big Bang Theory Episode 11 : The Opening Night Excitation
The Big Bang Theory Episode 12 : The Sales Call Sublimation
The Big Bang Theory Episode 13 : The Empathy Optimization
The Big Bang Theory Episode 14 : The Meemaw Materialization
The Big Bang Theory Episode 15 : The Valentino Submergence
The Big Bang Theory Episode 16 : The Positive Negative Reaction
The Big Bang Theory Episode 17 : The Celebration Experimentation

ILM effects supervisor Ken Ralston and Christopher Lloyd take direction from Leonard Nimoy (off-camera) on the Genesis set of Star Trek III: The Search For Spock.

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My Top Three Gay Ships

I know, this is supposed to be 5 ships, but it seems like most of the fandoms I know don’t have gay couples (wtf?) and I don’t watch TV, so that cuts out a lot of gay ships, lol. But I do have 3, so here we go!

#1: Obi/Qui (also known as Qui/Obi, Jinnobi, and Jedi Husbands)

This is my OTP, and the first pairing I ever shipped, gay or straight. After ten years, my obsession hasn’t ended. In fact, I think it’s just become stronger. What I love about this pairing is the fact that as Jedi, both men are strong, capable individuals. Yet there is a slight vulnerability that you see occasionally, with each of them seeking the other’s advice. I love that they’re united as a team but they are from different generations and so have different beliefs regarding the Force. 

Qui-gon is more impulsive and open-minded, 

Obi-wan is more reserved and dedicated to the Jedi way. 

They’re both very stubborn, and very protective of one another. Also the height difference is adorable, I don’t even know why. 

They’re a master-apprentice team, but I believe that they treat each other with equality and honesty. There is also the gentle way in which they interact that lends a hint of very subtle romance to their connection. 

Basically, I’m in love with them being in love. :)  

#2: Spirk (also known as K/S or Kirk/Spock)

I ship it in AOS and TOS, and of course I believe these nerds get married. I mean, that’s what the old movies are all about, right? ;) 

You guys all know my mad love for Spirk (this tumblr makes it pretty clear, lol), so there’s not much to say except WHAT THE HELL WAS I DOING WITH MY LIFE BEFORE STAR TREK? Oh, that’s right. Star Wars, haha. So what I love about this ship is the emphasis on friendship, and the fact that despite misunderstandings, self doubt, and stubbornness, Spock and Kirk were drawn to each other since the very beginning. A universal constant, if you will. 

They would do anything for each other, even when that other person is no longer living. 

That’s love. Epic love.

#3: Fanille (also known as Fang/Vanille)

Haha, a video game pairing. But they really have a beautiful connection from what I have seen so far (I haven’t finished playing Final Fantasy 13) and I like each of their characters. 

Some people think Vanille is obnoxious, but that really is a front for her much more serious side. 

It’s widely accepted that Fang is a total bamf and you’d better not get on her bad side, and ESPECIALLY don’t hurt Vanille. You’re pretty much toast then.

Distrusted, they face prejudice and unfamiliar surroundings with bravery. They’re extremely loyal to each other.