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OK!!! imagine the crew having some party for w/e reason and thruout all but bones n spock inhale the helium balloons. later while spock and bones are alone cleaning up (evrybdy else left) and after a bourbon or so bones figures why the hell not n inhales one of the last ones. he was gonna say smth funny but tripped and just screams "god dammit, jim!" in the highest voice possible. spock is so surprised he actually huffs out an odd choked laugh. bones treasures the memory of it always.

imagine bones immediately blurting out, still with his super high pitched voice, ‘you have an amazing laugh!’

spock just chuckles again, and holds out a hand to help bones back up

“Considering the fact that my Vulcan physiology does not process alcohol the same way as it does for humans, it would be a waste of your credits if I were to consume it.”

“Getting drunk isn’t always the reason to drink Spock. Sometimes people enjoy the taste of a handcrafted beverage.”

“That green blood doesn’t allow him to enjoy a damn thing, Jim!”

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Imagine Jim having one drink too many, deciding that he needs to fly the Enterprise, and immediately doing a barrel roll, while Chekov and Sulu try to wrestle him away from the controls before he breaks something. Imagine Bones storming onto the bridge yelling "Dammit Jim! I'm a doctor not a pinball, stop making the ship shake!" Imagine Bones and Spock debating whether it would be better to Vulcan nerve pinch Jim unconscious so he can sleep it off, or zap him with a hypo spray. (1/2)

(cont)  Meanwhile it’s taking most of the crewmembers on the bridge to hold the captain still. Imagine Uhura finally getting ticked off and telling the two of them to “Just take him back to his quarters and cuddle him till he falls asleep!” Imagine them deciding to do just that.

imagine jim waking up to an absolutely destroyed room (why did he turn off the gravity?? who knows)

hes got bones on one side and spock on the other and he is pinned to the sofa

hes got a total of 47 angry voicemails from uhura, chekov, sulu, and scotty

and hes got a splitting headache

but then bones shuffles a little closer to him in his sleep, (still with a death grip, mind you) and jim thinks that the world can wait just a couple of minutes longer

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Imagine an AU where Jim is super rich and on a dinner of starfleet academy. Spock and Bones are fighting for him to fund their projects... Bones is all about mine is better and tend to people directly, and Spock can't disagree but says it's logical for Jim to fund him because his project is all about the future and the possibilities are infinite... And Jim would be in the middle just smiling and thinking "there's Jim for everyone guys, you don't have to fight... idk... and I love your blog :)

imagine jim funding both of their projects WITH ONE CONDITION

they must both build super robots on the side and make them fight