Star Trek summary (from what i've watched so far)
  • Jim:Here are my orders. Everybody follow these orders.
  • Spock:*in danger*
  • Jim:*violates own orders*
  • Spock:Captain, the orders--
  • Jim:What orders? What even is Starfleet? I'm here to save you bae. Follow me if you wanna not die.
  • And
  • Spock:This creature is most valuable, Captain, under no circumstances should it be harmed.
  • Jim:*in danger bcoz of creature*
  • Jim:But you said not to harm--
  • Spock:Kill the creature, Jim, before I reach your destination and stun your illogical ass *mumbles* yeah splitting up is a good idea wow Jim 10 points to Gryffindor

So this screenshot post came up on my dash yesterday and I just kefhkdswhak IT LOOKS LIKE THE COVER OF A CHEAP HARLEQUIN NOVEL and so I did a thing again. I couldn’t figure out how to reply with a picture in the original post, so I’ll just tag u guys: @thejohnlockhell and @spoko 

agenderromulan  asked:

Imagine Jim getting a GIANT St. Bernard after becoming an admiral because he thinks a pet would be good for him and Spock. Spock is at first alarmed by the dog, but Jim assures him that the dog is actually really lovable and gentle. Spock yields and is okay with the St. Bernard, until he finds out that this giant dog has decided that it is a lap dog and attempts to sit on Spock's lap.

Imagine Spock trying to type out a report with this massive dog in his lap.

Bones receives the report the next day and it’s basically just lines of keyboard smash.

  • uhura:this is my boyfriend spock, and this is spock's boyfriend kirk.
  • scotty:wait, sorry, what's the situation
  • uhura:what do you mean?
  • scotty:how does this work?
  • uhura:spock is gay but he's straight for me, but he's gay for kirk, and kirk's really gay for spock. and i hate kirk. it's not that complicated

((Warning: there is some transphobia in this story, on the part of two negatively represented characters. If that sort of thing is a trigger for you, please be aware.))

I have a lot of thoughts about trans lady Spock, ngl.

Like when she’s introduced to the new captain of the Enterprise for the first time, Jim just stops and stares at her, as if stricken. And Spock panics internally thinking, Oh no… he’s read me, and braces herself for him to say something ugly and transphobic, but instead Kirk shakes it off, stammers an apology and offers the ta’al in greeting. But Spock doesn’t forget. She decides right then that he cannot be trusted, keeps him at arm’s length for the first few months of the mission, and keeps their relationship purely professional.

But later, as they gradually become friends, Spock begins to think that maybe she misjudged the captain. Maintaining such a level of distrust over nothing more than an expression of surprise seems illogical, she reasons. After all, he has in so many other ways proven himself to be trustworthy and genuine. She begins to doubt herself.

But, as is often the case when one has been burned, or hurt too many times, she maintains a clinical level of professionalism for her own safety. After all, as the months pass, she is forced to admit to herself that she finds the captain increasingly compelling, and attractive. She cannot afford to trust.

Then one day a low-level ensign makes some comment about Spock within earshot of Jim, and he stops short. “What was that, Ensign?”

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