My first time drawing them oh dear…and my art style keeps changing so I’m currently adjusting. I’m so obsessed w Star Trek rn agh

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From “The Menagerie, Part II”:

KIRK: That’s Vina again, as the green Orion slave girl?
MENDEZ: They’re like animals, vicious, seductive. They say no human male can resist them.

Really? Let’s test that theory.

Okay, he’s definitely interested.

He’s REALLY into it.

Oh yeah, they like it a lot. Oh, but what’s this?

Jim seems rather bored. Hot Orion girl dancing for you and you’d rather stare at your first officer? Fascinating…

anonymous asked:

hello, sorry to bother you. i love love love your writing and if you're up for it could you maybe share some headcanons about space husbands but if they were in a soulmates au? you dont't have to and thank you either way! have a lovely day <3

So…………canon basically? :D 

But okay, soulmate au is my kryptonite, so…ooh, let’s consider the soulmate au where one random day you swap bodies with your soulmate for just awhile and you have a limited amount of time to leave/collect clues to their identity. 

  • It happens when they’re in the middle of a firefight, so Jim doesn’t even really notice until someone, possibly Uhura, is yelling “incoming on your left, Spock!”, and Jim, naturally, doesn’t do anything, because she’s talking to Spock, and gets rammed straight into a wall.
  • It doesn’t hurt as much as he thinks it should, getting rammed into a wall. He uh, also dents the wall. Also, he’s bleeding green blood. And holy shit.
  • “Holy fuck, we need to survive this,” Jim tells Uhura, when she helps him up, and she stares at him for a moment before absolute glee fills her face.
  • Spock, on the other hand, registers the change the moment it happens. He has to duck behind a rock at the sheer relief he feels that it’s Jim, and then smiles, because of course it’s Jim.
  • They do survive the fight, and when they get beamed back onto the ship, everyone waiting for them in the transporter room is shocked to find Spock beaming and holding Jim’s hand. 
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