Since SVU is back at filming, I thought I better finish the new Barba drawing first. 😄 Don’t worry, Dennis Di Palma is next.

Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 158: Rafael Barba from “Genes”.
He’s looking right into your soul… 😉

This is Omar, a fusion between Marik and Odion!

His weapon is a Sword AND a Scabbard. The Rod itself has a sheath to hide the sharp end. But for this fusion, the Scabbard is to symbolize the protectiveness of Odion, and the Sword for Marik’s strength. This fusion also has a Light theme: He makes traps and can make them invisible, as well as create small illusions. He stands for Justice, but that can lead to an extreme whenever for good or bad. He can make wings made of light and fly.

Omar is mostly quiet, but don’t test him, he’ll reply to you with a witty remark.