In any universe I’d chose you

Here, have some thoughts about Stiles and Derek accidentally getting swept off into alternate universes from the sorry hell that is canon circa, IDK, s3 or whenever it was when I had this plot bunny that I am finally admitting will never be a real fic:

So like, the first universe they stop in seems mostly the same as the one they came from, and they have no idea a) how this happened in the first place b) how to undo it. They waste some time bickering (“How is this my fault?!” Derek demands. “You interrupted me!” Stiles retorts, pointedly ignoring that maybe he shouldn’t have picked up the MacGuffin special magical AU creating device in the first place) and then go looking for clues. Which is when they see another Stiles, working in a coffee shop. Seems like a good enough place to start, maybe this Stiles can take them to this Deaton or something. Anyways, real Stiles tells real Derek to go talk to him because obviously other-him is going to flip if he sees himself walking through the door.

“What if we don’t know each other here?” Derek asks, hanging back.

“Then you won’t have to lie as much!” Stiles says, shoving him towards the shop. “Just go. See if he knows anything.”

So Derek walks into the shop all stiff and awkward, almost exactly like in the police station and Stiles watches with a smirk as he goes up to other Stiles and gets his attention. This results in what looks like a warm greeting, sweet, so they do know each other. That seems right and good, Stiles thinks, and then wait… wait the warm hello has turned into a kiss which is thoroughly UHHHHHH!?! for Stiles.

Derek looks about as pleased as a cat who has had water poured all over him, and other Stiles seems concerned about that from what real Stiles can see through the glass. He takes Derek’s sleeve they go into the supply room, and real Stiles sneaks in through the back to find Derek has clammed up in his dismay, and other Stiles is trying (very patiently and sweetly, which is making things worse) to work out from his non-answers what the issue is.

When when real Stiles comes in, the jig is pretty much up. This Stiles is not at all familiar with the supernatural, but is actually surprisingly ok with alternate realities. Honestly the weirdest part for him is that real Stiles and Derek aren’t dating. Maybe just do whatever they did with the MacGuffin special magical AU creating device again and they’ll go back?

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A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we’re pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we’re safe in our own paradise. Our soulmate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we’re two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we’ve found the right person. Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life.


South America. That’s where he always seemed to end up. Probably because it was crowded and easy to lose someone in, and most people didn’t want to vacation there. Not to mention being fluent in Spanish. That definitely helped. But not this time. This time he’d instead gone for Russia. Maybe somewhere cold he could finally find some peace, even if he knew that he ran the risk of Natasha being able to find him here, but he was banking on her not wanting to go anywhere near the country.

There was something bothering him though, and Bruce knew it was hidden under the wrist band he wore. The numbers were ticking down, dangerously low. Was his soulmate someone in Russia? He’d hoped it’d been Betty when they’d been together, but that hadn’t worked. And no one he’d met in his stint with the Avengers had had a matching timer, not even Natasha.

Pushing the thought from his head, Bruce went back to haggling over the price of a couple herring, confident that there wasn’t anyone he knew anywhere near here.


Words; 2,274

Pairing; jimin x reader

Warnings; slight angst, fluff, soulmate!au

A/N; ahhh this is finally finished!!! this is officially the longest part so far in the soulmate!au series, so i hope you all enjoy it!!! i’m actually very proud of this and i worked very hard on it, so your feedback is encouraged! separate requests are currently closed, but requests for the soulmate!au’s are still open!! namjoon, hoseok, taehyung, and jungkook are still open for request! thank you so much for reading this and supporting me, i love you all very much! ♥

P.S; if anyone seemed to be confused by the timer’s format, it goes years:months:hours:seconds, if there are any more confusions please feel free to ask!!!!

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“The countdown starts at zero, and it should count the time until you meet your soulmate.” The teacher’s words didn’t seem to faze anyone else in the room, but it definitely struck something within you. This was a lesson everyone was taught, being almost the equivalent to your normal algebra class. It slowly grew to become a required class, especially for kinds about to graduate. You remember not exactly having to take this class, because it was not like you needed to anyway; but now that you were about only days away from graduating, it had become expected from you. Soulmates had become a part of normal life in the last couple decades, slowly climbing to the top priority of most people; even more so than electronics. It became one of the most important parts of society, and you had somehow spaced out while learning about it? Almost anything could’ve distracted you at this point, you were completely bored of the class. It was all because of the timer on your wrist, 17:12:05:46 it read, and it just made you want to get out of this damned closed space called a classroom and venture throughout the world to find him. The timer was something that everyone on this whole entire plant was born with, and they would have it for the rest of their lives. It even came with an annoying ticking noise; you were never able to hear it outside of your body, meaning you couldn’t hear anyone else’s but yours. The sound traveled through your arteries, exactly like your blood did, and they followed right into your brain. Sometimes the sound was minor, something that wouldn’t bother you often; but it was when your heart began racing, when you could feel your head just pounding in pain. You stared blankly as the seconds passed by on your arm, and all that went through your head was one question. When will I meet my soulmate??

You listened as the teacher droned on in front of you, watching as she paced back and forth in front of the lecture hall. Words like time, countdown, and soulmate fell out of her mouth over and over, and you just wished you could pay any less attention than you currently were. The noise in the classroom had been completely cut off, the only audible sounds the chirping of birds from outside, or the steady breathing of the person right next to you. Only seconds ago were people chatting back and forth, ignoring the teacher just as much as you were actually listening; until the really interesting question was asked. What happens when you don’t find your soulmate? In the world we have been dreaded to live in, finding your soulmate was just like a game. A game just like Where’s Waldo? , except your game board is the entire world and you’re being timed. Numbers had stained your arm your whole life, but no one really wanted it; it was almost like tattooing your ex’s name on yourself. But yet again, it was still worth it for when you really met the one. It seemed that everyone was only half a man without their soulmate, the part of you you’ve been missing ever since you were born. The clock reminded you of when you met that one person who completed you, something nostalgic for the both of you.

Now, finding your soulmate was one thing; one of the greatest things in the world in fact. It wasn’t so simple, yet, it’s so worth it. Because not finding them, is a whole other world. The world isn’t perfect, and neither are the humans that inhabit it. “The system is flawed.” The words caught everyone by surprise, of course, this isn’t something people were told everyday. Some believed it was for their own safety, while others believed it was necessary for their children to know the consequences of their actions; and in this case, they were both. “There are consequences when you don’t find your soulmate.” The teacher’s actions seemed to fit both perfectly. They told you that danger was coming, but they left out one important detail; what was the danger?

Cheers echoed from throughout the field, tears of joy and sadness were all shed. It was the last day of school, we’d be free. Or that’s what everyone thought. Students rampaged through the hallways, trashing math books and notebooks all the way until they got outside. You smiled back and forth between your group of friends, wishing them all goodbye before taking a step outside of the school gate. You felt like you were walking on rainbows, almost like the busy day you’ve ever experienced so far; until you felt a sharp pain in your wrist, right where your timer was.

It almost felt like a stab to your wrist, but you looked to see you were greeted by no blood or knife. You hissed in pain and you went to examine your wrist, you hadn’t run into anything so you had no idea what it could have been. You had become so focused on the pain that had struck you, that you seemed to fail to notice your timer beginning to count down from it’s previous place; and of course this scared you enough, plus the fact that it was counting down really fast. Minutes began to count down as fast as seconds, the constant changes of numbers was making you go dizzy. Pain was now coming from both your head and wrist, you held your head with your wrist as you tried to call out for help. Your eyes were clenched tightly in pain, but when you opened them to search for help; it was like you were looking a mirror. Fellow students around you were the exact same, some whining in pain while others tried helping out as much as possible. A loud piercing siren began attacking your ears, driving you even more crazy. Your knees began to sink, your body falling even closer and closer to the ground. You let out one last groan before you finally hit the ground, your vision disappearing with it.

You had finally woken up from your daze the next day, your eyes first met by a plain white and dotted ceiling. The constant and quite memorable ticking of the timer on your wrist was the only audible sound in the room. It slowly became obvious to you that you were in a hospital room; to you, hospitals were always easily told apart from other buildings. It wasn’t the huge letters in front of the building that said Hospital on them, or the any of the distinct physical features in general.

It was the way you felt once you walked into the hospital, it was the heavy air that carried such emotions; depression and despair, or happiness and joy. The cries from down the halls would echo into every bit and corner of the hospital, it almost seemed to bring tears to your own eyes. It was the smell; not the smell of disinfectants, but the smell of death. The kind of thing that will stick with you the rest of your life, that’s what a hospital was.

You could hear voices from probably a whole crown od people from inside your room, commotion from outside seeming to spiral out of control. Finally, after a while of sitting through the noise, was when a doctor had finally came in to inform you of what has happened; and finally you had figured out the danger, the one no one was told about until it happened to them.

It happened to everyone was what you had been told, in fact, apparently almost a hundred people your age were admitted into the hospital the exact same time you were. You wouldn’t say it was a curse or just plain bad luck, but it was similar. When one reached the age of 18, your clock resets in a way. It stops at 18:00:00:00, and begins to count down at what the doctor said was a normal pace; but you remember exactly how fast yours began to count down, and you knew for sure that wasn’t normal. “I’ve never heard of this happen to anyone before Miss, but I would assume it means your soulmate is near.” You were beginning to drift off, not pay attention to the doctor whatsoever; but at those words your ears seemed to perk up. “Since they are closer to you, it may seem it will be easier to find them, but please keep in mind the consequences.”

Oh right, there are consequences, you thought to yourself. Just like the teacher had said only hours before, they system is flawed and the universe is sadistic. It’s like you could see it right before your eyes, death. That was the consequence, if you don’t find your soulmate before your timer reaches zero; guess what? Both you and your soulmate die instantly, isn’t that quite pleasant to hear when apparently have only an hour left to find your soulmate? 00:00:01:27 was the time stated on your wrist, counting down at a normal pace. “Well, I just lost 18 years of my life,” you muttered before getting up from your hospital bed and ripping out your IV.

Luckily for you, due to the large amount of people coming in to the hospital, you were allowed be discharged earlier. You had dropped into full panic mode once you left the cluttered and stuffy building, breathing in the fresh air to calm yourself down. The ticking of your timer was now pounding against your skull, the constant sensation began giving you a headache. Despite your growing pain, your feet began to lift themselves, and you began to run. You were stumbling over everything; rocks, cracks, maybe even your own shadows. Your arms pushed out frantically, moving pedestrians out of the way to find him. They told me he was near, you screamed internally. At this point, the only thing you could so was run; run until your hands and feet were full of scars, run until your heart stopped beating. You had become so lost in your own fear, your own despair that you didn’t notice the black haired boy running the opposite direction of you. He was practically mimicking your actions, he ran full force throughout the crowd with his hand held against his head. His eyes were shut tight in pain, but he pushed on; in fact, it looked as if he were about to run right into you.

As the time got even closer and closer to zero, your vision began changing. You began to see beautiful things, almost resembling a heaven of some sorts. Your memories resembled flowers, all lining up behind you as you continued to run; but once they got far enough from you, the began to dry and crumble up. The boy running at you, had become a butterfly; and you were determined to chase it for its beauty. And the ticking of your timer, it had become a beautiful melody, one that may as well put you to sleep.

I wasn’t until the butterfly finally landed on your finger, that you finally realized none of this was real. Your mind began tearing down the perfect heaven you dream of, and suddenly you were back in the middle of the sidewalk. The headache was still there, but you head realized that there was no ticking of your timer.ou quickly peeled your own eyes open and checked your timer, it stopped. 00:00:00:01 was what it said, and you had never been so confused in your life. Was it all just a silly joke?

“I still haven’t found my sou—wow”, your mind had begun running wild and you had become physically breathless at the sight in front of you. You were sat on the warm, concrete floor as if you just fell; well, you fell on top of a beautiful boy first.You were just running a minute ago, and now you were faced with a an extremely good looking boy? Your mind was still working to take everything that just happened in, until it finally clicked within you; this boy is my soulmate.

The first thing you thought of doing was checking his timer. You grabbed his wrist gently, noticing both of your hands were still shaking. You read the time on his clock aloud as you lined it with your own, 00:00:00:01.

“H-here, let me help you up.” You stood up first, lending the boy your hand and bringing him up to your height. He wasn’t much taller than you, his hair was a shade of jet black, and his complexion one of a kind. “I’m Y/N,” you held your hand out one last time to properly greet him. Instead of shaking your hand, he just casually laced his fingers with yours, a playful smirk displayed on his face.

“I see I’ve finally met you my love, could you see that I was ready to die for you? Aish, oh how you scared me darling, but at least we’re not dead right? Let me take you home, I’m Jimin.”

Soulmate Tattoo Part 2

“I think you should go live with your Uncle for awhile” Mom told me giving me a sympathetic smile. When I got home she was waiting for me. Apparently the school called her to tell her the events of today. They also warned that the media may take an interest in the mark that now intrudes my inner elbow, seeing as I was the first outbreak in years. 

I wouldn’t mind living with my uncle, he is a really nice guy who reminds me so much of my Father. They both shared the love for music and I loved to hear the stories my Uncle told me of him. See when I was much younger my Dad used to tour as an opening with his band for massive acts like AC DC, Green day, Red Hot Chili Peppers the list goes on but my Dad and his Brother had a great deal going. As Dad pulled the crowds and the big bucks my Uncle managed it all, and from it built his massive record label. Whenever I’m with him, he lets me into the recording studio and lets me play all the instruments and it is just really cool.

So now here I am, after making the ten hour drive to get to his rather big house. Stepping away from my rusty car taking a deep breath I knock loudly on his large double wooden doors.

Luke’s P.O.V

Mum was overjoyed when I got home. Not because I was home, but because of this bloody soul mate tattoo.  She kept on saying ‘thank god he’s going to find someone’. To be honest it was kind of offensive, she has no faith.

Jack would not stop teasing me about, telling me I’m going to get married at a young age and have millions of children. Ben couldn’t believe my child was going to be one of the purest beings on earth. Either could I. I mean I’m just some  kid who plays guitar, how could I possible father the earth’s salvation.

"Oi Luke your phone’s ringing” Jack nudges my shoulder from my thoughts.

"Oh” I mumble reaching into my back pocket and lifting the phone to my ear. I politely leave the lounge room where everyone is playing monopoly and make my way out the sliding doors into the back yard.

"Hello” I answer the phone forgetting to check the caller ID.

"Hey Luke it’s Matt” I hear his deep voice. Matt is our manager who had looked out for us from the beginning. His brother was an absolute rock legend and Matt let me look in the massive record collection his brother left behind. It was incredible.

"Hey Matt, what’s up?”

"I know you are on your Christmas break but you wouldn’t mind coming into the studio tomorrow would you? I went over the vocals for one of the songs and it didn’t sound right so I just need fifteen minutes to re-record one verse or two” he asked with a questioning tone.

"Yeah, of course. What time?”

"Well, my niece just got here now and she will probably need a sleep in after the long drive so maybe 1:00″

"yeah that’s fine see you then man”

I hung up the phone and walked back toward my family who would no doubt tease me saying I must’ve been on the phone with my soulmate. But even with their teasing I wouldn’t ask for anything more.

Well, maybe one more thing.


As soon as he opened the door my Uncle engulfed me in a warm hug. I hadn’t seen him for a while. We immediately began talking over coffee and cake before he excused himself to take a business phone call.

I used this time to reacquaint myself with my room. It was just as I remembered. Massive.

I ran and jumped on the comfy bed and immediately my exhaustion caught up to me from the long drive. Getting comfortable I bunch the sleeve of my sweater up until my tattoo is clearly visible. I finally figured out what it was. A heart beat. And probably not mine.
It had started to blacken and I have no idea what that meant.

"Hey Y/N” my Uncle’s voice startled me from the bedroom doorway causing me to forcefully push my sleeve back down to cover my inner elbow.

“Hey, you scared me” I nervously laughed letting out a death breath.

“Oh, sorry, I was just wandering if you wanted to come to the studio tomorrow” he asked with a raised eyebrow already knowing the answer.

“Hell yeah”

Juxtaposition (Philip Hamilton x reader)

Sitting down on a park bench, you sketched angrily–each line thick and abrasive, which is why the small poodle you were drawing looked… a bit off, but you calmed your inner perfectionist by insisting you weren’t drawing like that because you were stressed, but because you enjoyed the juxtaposition of it.  Yeah.  Juxtaposition. Totally.

You let out a long sigh.  Finals were getting to you.  You stared at the handwriting on your wrist; elegant, curved handwriting spelled out the words ‘Strange dog.’–the first words your soulmate would say to you.  It was such a strange sentence many had mistaken it for a hipster tattoo, but you didn’t mind: it was why you loved dogs.  Ugh.  If only you could take a final on dogs and not Biology.  Or at least the biology of dogs–you’d be willing to compromise.

You groaned and held your head in your hands.  You were so not ready for all the tests–you’d revised until your head hurt but you didn’t remember any of it.  Picking up your angry dog picture, you got up from the park bench and turned around to leave.  Unfortunately, you were so distracted you bumped into someone on your way out, dropping your dog picture.  You reached to grab it, but someone got there before you–you looked up and oh.  It was a really cute guy with freckles.  Lots of freckles.  He took a look at the picture:

‘Strange dog.’

Okay.  That was it.  You were stressed and didn’t need Freckles telling you if your art was good or not.  You snatched the drawing back and took a deep breath.

‘Okay, listen up Freckles-’  You stopped in the middle of your sentence and raised your wrist.  Strange dog.

Freckles took a look at it and laughed, raising his own: Okay, listen up Freckles!

At least his was as bad as yours.  He spoke:

‘My name is Philip, by the way.  Philip Hamilton.’

You smiled, ‘F/N L/N.  Sorry about that, by the way–finals.’

Philip let out an understanding sigh and opened his arms.  You stayed put and he beckoned you to come closer–was he offering a… hug?  You’d only just met him!  Ah, whatever, he was your soulmate and exams were stressful.  You could use a hug.

He wrapped his arms around your waist, and you snuggled your face into the crook of his neck.  Philip was warm–you didn’t know people could be good at hugs but this was the best you’d ever had.

‘Don’t stress so much…’ he whispered.  ‘Upkeep of mental and emotional health is just as much a part of examination preparation as studying.  Promise me you’ll stress less?’

You sighed.  ‘Okay, I promise.’

Philip pulled away reluctantly.  ‘Now let’s get out of this park.  We can talk later.’

Laughing, you linked your arm with his.  Philip was everything you could of asked for.

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That soulmate scenario was amazing!!!! You should do a mini series please ❤️❤️❤️

Anonymous asked: “Please let there be a part two of unable to move 🙏🏻”

Anonymous asked: “hello! sorry if you don’t take any requests at the moment, but whenever you can, I would like to ask if you could make a part to of the woozi soulmate scenario? thank you so much, and of course, you don’t have to do it or rush to it. ^^”

Thank you to EVERYONE who requested I continue this, I’m so excited to keep writing more parts for this hehe. Let me know if you’d like more! ♥

Part 1

Better Move Quick (Unable to Move-Part 2)
Soulmate AU (Drabble)

Pairing: Woozi (Seventeen) x Reader
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Word Count: 1,035

“Woozi?” The names passes through your lips before you even realize what you were saying and you feel your eyes widen…how did you know his name?

The boy that you had come to know through your dreams, looks at you in shock as his hand drops from where it had been loosely covering your mouth. “You-you know my name?” He asks quietly, slightly stuttering from the shock.

“I didn’t before just this moment. What is going on?” You shake your head and squeeze your eyes shut, hoping that when you opened your eyes you would be back home, in your own bed, sweating from the recurrent dream you’d been having for a long time now. Which always involved the younger version of the boy in front of you.  

However, as soon as you opened your eyes, all you saw was Woozi’s face again, looking more concerned and confused. “Y/N?” He suddenly asks.

Your jaw drops open slightly and your eyes widen. “How do you know my name?” 

“I, I have no idea,” he says with a shocked chuckle and then scratches the back of his head. When he looks back up at you, his eyes narrow. “Wait a second…you look oddly familiar.”

Furrowing your eyebrows, you wonder what he could mean. Why would he recognize you?

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ima bout to go away for a week so i need soulmate savant par headcannons to satsfy my hunger (and shit i'll hopefully write later lmaoooooo)

The one where you see colors after meeting your soulmate:

Danny’s felt like he’s always seen colors. How do you explain colors to people who have never seen them? It’s just…how things are. How come other kids think it’s weird that he can see colors? Whatever, he asked Tucker about it last week and he can see them too. Must be normal.

The one where whatever appears on your soulmate’s skin appears on yours:

All his friends seem to be getting doodles. Little love poems. History notes. Song lyrics. Maybe a scrape every now and then. Not Tucker. He’s taken to wearing long sleeves because his arms are wrecked. It’s…weird. The injuries are weird. Claw marks. Burns. Huge bruises. Stab wounds? They don’t hurt but Tucker can see them. Sometimes he sees neat, straight little scars on his inner forearms and that just about kills him. One day, as an experiment, he tries cleaning the wounds, bandaging them, taking care of them even though he can’t feel them. Soon after, a messy “thank you” in Sharpie appears. Tucker is overjoyed. Plus, his soulmate has cute handwriting.