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What are viable reasons to summon and make a pact with a supernatural creature such as a demon?

Disclaimer: FYCD does not endorse dicking around with supernatural forces outside of fiction, and will not be held responsible for loss of limb, life, or soul.

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Faustian bargains, very nice, one of my favorites. 

A ‘Faustian Bargain’ is named for the play Dr Faustus, in which a mortal man makes a pact with Lucifer via Mephistopheles for power and knowledge in exchange for his soul. 

Modern interpretations show a great deal of variation. The term ‘faustian bargain’ can be used in general to describe deals that aren’t necessarily unfair but that are super, super shitty- or having to decide between two equally shitty courses of action. The ‘Devil’ can often be metaphorical. 

The classical pattern goes like this:

The Hero wants a wish granted. When the Hero realizes that they cannot grant this wish under their own power, they seek supernatural aid (aka The Devil). Devils do not work for free, thank you very much, and the price for granting wishes is very high.
(In the olden days, the Hero’s soul was pretty standard fare, but the blazing fires of perdition don’t really seem in to interest audiences like they used to. Deciding on cruel and unusual fares is half the fun of faustian bargains, and there are some really creative ones out there.)
The Devil will suggest a contract, the Hero’s fare in exchange for granting the Hero’s wish. While Devils can’t just take your soul, and they aren’t supposed to lie, they’re very much not above fine print, or the classic ‘you didn’t ask’.
With the contract signed, the wish will be granted and the payment will be extracted. Frequently, whether or not the wish was worth the payment becomes a source of drama. 

Obviously, deals with demons are the height of sketchy bargains. So, why would any of the characters in your story do that? I’m sure you’ve heard that all of your characters should want something. 

Faustian bargains are what happens when your character desires something that they cannot grasp with their own power, and want that thing badly enough that they will pay a stupidly high price for it. 

What do they want, that they cannot get on their own, that they’re willing to agree to something horrible in order to get? 

The answer is different for every character, their situations, and their values. “What would you literally sell your soul for?” is, I think, one of the most interesting questions that we can ask a character. Think about your cast, and figure it out!

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Day 425 - Gomazou | ゴマゾウ| Phanpy

Gomazou has orange pads that are the consistency of rubber. When it rolls into a ball, it absorbs shocks like a good tire. They’re small, but they eat ten times their weight. It’s to keep their skin rubbery, and their bodies strong enough to roll for a long time.

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American society exerts so much effort into concocting a generation of young p.o.c. that are disconnected from our cultures, simply because we were born in America and expected to pursue a white-washed path. 

what society can’t feel is the way our bodies and blood will always carry our ancestors. it can’t hear the heavy sigh of our souls when we long to belong and it can’t see the roaring flames in our hearts when we step onto the land that created us.   love your soul, love yourself.  celina | usa | siempre mexicana url: alma-iluminada

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i went to go see the new dinosaur movie in theaters today and there was a commercial for the minion movie before it played so i saw 3d, popping right out of the screen and in my face, minion ass in a thong on the big screen and i feel like my soul has been tainted

that was footage of me


True to his ( starman-john-tracy ) word, John came and modelled for me; old style lens, soft focus…and a bit of my own flare thrown in for part 1 of my project ‘Saving Souls’.

I have a bunch of these for each of the brothers; I hope to capture what is special to them as individuals and bring out their flare, but for now, here’s a teaser.

What are the odds!! Part Five

Hi everyone :)
So here is the final part of What are the odds!! I’m not as happy with it as i would of liked to be so for that i am sorry!  i just hope i haven’t disappointed you all with the ending!! Thank you to everyone who’s read it and also who’s sent lovely messages about it, i really didn’t expect anyone to remember it with it being so long between parts three and four so it was amazing when so many of you did. So thank you :) i hope you like it.

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Rae slammed her fist down onto her alarm clock before rubbing her eyes sleepily.
Why had she agreed to meet up with Chloe and Izzy so early, especially when she knew all they wanted to do was talk about Finn and his apparent flirting.

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