Result after having my heart ripped out by Flowerfell 

Original flowerfell AU by @underfart-snas / @siviosanei

And based off the fanfic Overgrowth by @leviticusarts

 I’d just like to thank your beautiful sadistic souls for this… //weeps

Sketchy because it’s really late and I can’t sleep and this AU is hurting me so much OMG


Part 1…? I think. (-_-)ゞ゛sorry for the messiness (kinda rushed)!

Fancomic after events of "The Empty City” and “Red Death” 

Flowerfell has invaded my life and sketchbook why does this AU give me so much sinspiration– *wheeze* I hope you’re happy flower satan look at what you did ಠ╭╮ಠ My sketchbooks are full of sin

Flowerhellfell by @underfart-snas / @siviosanei
Fanfictions by @leviticusarts / @leviticuswrites

Finally done!! This is another little watercolors for the Flowerfell AU by @underfart-snas and the “Overgrowth” fic made by @leviticusarts!

At first I wanted to make something sad but then I wanted to draw Sans being taken by the flowers.;u; I hope its ok! Maybe its all a dream someone is having in the flowers… (It ended up way more colorful than I planned too…)