theventusk  asked:

So... What would the skelebros (ut,uf,us,sf) would react their s/o with a popsicle? Ya know, like licking, suckling, all that lewd stuff but their s/o is not like doing it on purpose. OH! And the popsicle has to be exactly like the skelebros magic color. If that's okay, that is?

(Only take six characters, so gonna leave SF out)

UT Sans: He blushes sligthly. Wow, you can do some nice things with that mouth of yours. 

UT Papyrus: Where did you get the popsicle from? Are they popsicles in the freezer? When did he buy popsicles? Or was it you? Or Sans? na, Snas wouldn’t go grocery shopping no matter what. Maybe you did and he hasn’t seen them yet. Or maybe you just bougth them today. Ah, he needs to go grocery shopping today, so at least he knows that you have popsicles at home, so no need to bus more. He…completly drifts of with his thougths.

UF Sans: Woah, ok.He doesn’t blush. He just stares. Without blinking. It get’s really creepy after a while. He even starts licking his lips, what a creep.

UF Papyrus: Don’t be so lewd with a piece of frozen syrup and water. If you want something to put your mouth at then come here and give him a kiss.

US Sans: Woah! Popsicle! Let him have some. Please! Just one lick. Just a small taste. Please give him some too. Don’t be heartless.

US Papyrus: God, he want’s to see that mouth of your do the exactly same thing on a completly different object. Maybe a lolipop. What? What do you think he meant. Don’t be pervy. ;) ….He says it out loud, voice getting sligthly higher pitched with every word, blushing more and more. Just help him somehow, he will catch fire soon if he will keep blushing like that.

So I was in a discussion tonight about the Bad Brother AU and after all of the terrible possibilities started to be too much I said “AND THEN ASGORE ADOPTS PAPYRUS AND HE AND FLOWEY BECOME BROTHERS AND THEY ALL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER THE END”

And then I decided I needed to draw that because it’s cute

This could use a lot of cleaning up but I have no patience for that right now