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heey v0id, so i'm working on a snas drawing. it's actually just supposed to be a cover photo for an animation i'm gonna start working on soon - but i'm having a lot of trouble with... shading, i guess? your characters look 3D, and like i've looked at a bunch of things but no matter what i can't seem to get my shading right? do you have any tips on it by any chance? it'd be much appreciated! thank you! (btw, i love your art so much. it's such an inspiration for me to keep drawing!) <3

Hmmm i dont do anything unusal i guess o3o;;;
First I do the flat shading, then cell shade it and shade the cell shades to give em more depth xDDD
Clipping Layers will help a lot o3o!
Also adding gradiants or just not cell shading but using a super soft brush can really help if you want to like .. blur out of hard edges or indeed give em a more 3D like feeling o3o!!!

So I was in a discussion tonight about the Bad Brother AU and after all of the terrible possibilities started to be too much I said “AND THEN ASGORE ADOPTS PAPYRUS AND HE AND FLOWEY BECOME BROTHERS AND THEY ALL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER THE END”

And then I decided I needed to draw that because it’s cute

This could use a lot of cleaning up but I have no patience for that right now


Result after having my heart ripped out by Flowerfell 

Original flowerfell AU by @underfart-snas / @siviosanei

And based off the fanfic Overgrowth by @leviticusarts

 I’d just like to thank your beautiful sadistic souls for this… //weeps

Sketchy because it’s really late and I can’t sleep and this AU is hurting me so much OMG