i have a friend irl who says she sometimes feels like her dad would poison her and she doesn’t talk about it but god id really like to talk about it with her or maybe i made the whole conversation up who even knows at this point. im crazy and im not reliable

ok but how glorious would it be if John won this and stabbed Shelli and her brother in the back for putting him up so many times

i feel pity for my coworker who hates me because he is just a crabby old sommelier and he doesn’t understand jokes at all and loves to cause a scene, but i love to cause a scene too and he’s really mean to me so a lot of times to get a rise out of him i just lie to his face until it puts him in a huff. and then i complain about his attitude to mgmt because i am the worst type of drama queen

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GSNK lost episodeOk, so like. I was on some anime website and I was looking for an anime to watch. I saw GSNK, and I have it a shot due to reviews. I loved it and I sat there waiting for a new season for a loooong time.I was desperate, I kept refreshing and keeping tabs on GSNK stuff and one Saturday night alone at home at 4:44 am I went online. Idk what influenced me. And I checked. And I new episode was on and it didn’t seem… Right.I clicked on it anyways excited and when it played the o

ok i would like to point out that i, swindle, appear in issue 1 of mtmte and i wanna know when i come back because clearly i exist in the mtmte universe and i wanna sell ratchet new hands

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And those whe were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

You’ve got the beat from your heart and the lyrics in your mind.
‘sides it’s better to be insane, normal is boring.