*gets linked in lookbook*

*checks all the other people’s items in the description before liking*

*1st item, tumblr’s post*

*2nd item, tumblr’s post*



*6th item, tumblr’s post*

*My item, direct link to dropbox folder*

*flips table*

aarontaylorjonhson asked:

How did you have bucky barnes? where have you been keeping him lol

I found him under a rock and he hissed at me so I took him home. He just wonders around and does his own thing I guess. And that’s the story about how I got my Bucky Barnes (omg I’m so weird sorry)

anonymous asked:

*Ties you up in a place with no light in a box that you can never leave* WE CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER NOW!

*magically poofs away* Seeya later