If anyone is looking for a completely chill, not problematic at all, fun-filled, friendship-is-the-most-important-thing anime, then I highly recommend Shirokuma Cafe.

It’s about fuzzy, pun-filled animals running a cafe and having adorable adventures; what’s not to love? It’s slow moving compared to most other anime types but it’s very positive, very feel-good, has wonderful music and an appealing culture.
Did I mention it was the exact opposite of problematic and stressful?

It’s perfect to chill to before bed, when you’re on a break or if life is just getting you down in general. I recommend this anime so much~



We BARE BEARS The American cartoon aired in Japan is my favorite, lovely three bears looked like bears of Japanese anime Shirokuma-cafe, but no problem, I really love both. I hope this pose figure will be sold in Japan, sometime.