At the shirokuma cafe, my friend and I borrowed their wifi and excitedly bought tickets to A9 Hiroto’s birthday live event. We were so excited that we ended up dropping 2 cups and shattering them, spilling tea and ice cubes on a poor bystander and making the 店員さん clean up after our mess.



Hiroto’s birthday event began with 3 hours of pre-sale for goods. There were girls in line with presents for Hiroto who didn’t get to buy goods (since they stop the line at 4pm) and girls with luggages, waiting to board the shinkansen right after the event. I felt like such an undedicated fan compared to all the other girls. By the time I got goods, his limited necklace and strawberry fuzz was sold out. 

The bromides all contain 2 pics, one of which we can choose and the other is random. I was lucky that all 4 bromide sets contained no repeats, but my friend wasn’t so lucky. Not only did 2 of them repeat, all 3 random photo cards favored Hiroto’s guitar over his face. >.>

The event itself was a lot longer than I had imagined, in a good way. Hiroto actually sang(!) and was pretty good, for a guitarist who only started practicing singing this february haha. A couple covers of english songs, past A9 songs, and 4 original songs Hiroto wrote particularly for the event was performed. 

The second part was a sort of Q & A session between Hiroto and the day’s band members (not A9). The talk mostly revolved around guitar and I noticed that many girls around me got a little tired listening to Hiroto’s excited guitar rant after 1.5hrs. He moved on to talk about the goods at the event, but most of the discussion still involved guitar. Sigh. His passion for his guitar was lovable, but still. 

The final part was a 抽選 for Hiroto’s personal goods (stage clothes, glasses, phone case, etc). Ticket numbers were drawn out of a box for each item (12 in total), and…

I actually got the iphone 6plus case!?!? When Hiroto called out B180 I was like, EH, EEEHH, AHH??? I raised my hand so hesitantly that Hiroto gave me a funny look, “Are you sure thats your number?”


“O-! Congrats!”

Gah, he’s so cute. But getting this just means I need to go purchase an iphone 6+ now… (I originally planned on getting a 6 after my 4s) 

Probably the most memorable part of the event was that Hiroto stood outside to high touch everyone as we left club seata. God, his palm was super warm and soft and I’m probably never gonna wash my right hand. I managed to whisper super quickly that my birthday is also around the same date and he grinned, “あ、おめでとうございます!” 

Gahhhhhh. 幸せすぎて死にそうだ Hopefully Alice nine can start producing albums and hold concerts soon <3 頑張れ!!

Saga’s birthday is next month. Too bad I’m not his fan ehehe :P


Had to share! Im totally saving up for this kit!



Now I’m gonna be watching this all night. Especially on the meds, oh my gawd. 

shoujodog asked:

k-on, lucky star, Ichigo marshmallow, nichijou, manabi straight, plastic nee-san, usagi drop, minami-ke, tamako market, chi's sweet home, shirokuma cafe, tonari no seki-kun, happy happy clover are all imo rly cute and fun. I hope that's enough recs anon!!! good luck!

I wouldn’t recommend Usagi Drop unless you’re prepared for things to go in a rather interesting direction but the first part of the books is similar!