Crunchy Roll

I’ve been hit pretty hard by the anime bug, out of nowhere, and have been cycling through all of the hundreds of new series that have come out (I haven’t watched anime since.. Uh… Just under ten years now). Fired up a free trial with Crunchy Roll and I simply gasped.

SHIROKUMA CAFE. Polar Bear Cafe is on Crunchy Roll!! I’ve been wanting to see this since I first laid eyes on a tiny snippet a couple years ago. Also, Parasyte.

Polar Bear Cafe, so far, is such a light-hearted delight; I love this so much. It’s exactly what I’d hoped it to be. ;v;

@nisemurasaki || continued from x

☆ “Violence wouldn’t really make me feel better, Mondo, but it’s good to know you’re there for me! I’m not the type of bear who talks about their problems, even if I seem that way.”

He shuffles his feet nervously, feeling a bit uncomfortable with the attention he was receiving. He almost considers speaking up, though, just for a second.

@ilcomplice​ || continued from x

☆ Shirokuma blinks & cocks his head to the side.

“Oh, was that not clear enough? Of course, you can hug me! Why would I say no? Actually, that depends on how good you smell. I don’t wanna be all stinky & sticky! I don’t have a working sense of smell, so you’re gonna have to prove it, somehow.”

pvcifistbear asked:

❛ when does hibernation start because i am 100% participating in that ❜


     “YOU are a ROBOT. Just power yourself down and get the fuck outta
     my face! You can literally hibernate’ whenever you want. In fact, I’ll
     start hibernation for you. Maybe if we hit the off switch, they’ll tear you
     apart for scraps while you’re out.”