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1. What got you into anime?

I was actually always into it when I was a kid, I was always watching DBZ, Rurouni Kenshin, and Sailor Moon with my sister. But I guess I just got out of it for a while when I was in middle school. Though near the end of my first year in college I decided to avoid studying for finals by watching Naruto on netflix and I just kept on going. After I finished what was out at the time in Shippuden I needed more so I started watching lots of shounens and after that my taste spread into the filth that i am today.

7. Dub or sub?

All about the performance that the cast gives. I felt like the Cowboy Bebop, FMA, NGE, and Gurren Lagann english cast did a better job on their shows so I watched the dub. But I guess for most of the things I watch I stick with Japanese.

18. Describe an anime you feel had an amazing ending.

(Shinsekai Yori spoliers) Although I don’t really remember it much I remember thinking that the ending was amazing in its futility. Like the characters tried so hard to make change in their fucked up society but as they grew up they had to understand that it was like that for a reason. Also Squealer’s trial fucked with me.

26. What’s your favorite anime soundtrack?

HANDS DOWN ABSOLUTELY Madoka Magica and Rebellion’s soundtrack. Kajiura Yuki is an absolute genius. I really like how every character has a theme that fits them and lots of times in the series the music will include a melody line from that certain character’s theme. My favorite character theme is Homura’s 

because I feel like Kajiura made it sound and feel like the piece was moving in a circle or going back to where it started which is exactly what Homura was doing

Thanks for the ask!

Anime rec: Shinsekai Yori

So I recently started watching Shinsekai Yori, and, let me tell you, it is great.  Trigger warnings for body horror and blood, but if you’re okay with that, it has:

- a society in which not only are homosexual relationships not stigmatized, they’re totally normal

- therefore, by episode 9 or so we’ve already seen a M/M and a F/F couple and the main character is in the F/F one

- a female main character who is just basically super determined and badass–she’s not the most powerful character but she’s the one who doesn’t freak out when bad shit happens and she’s the one who directs her team to victory all the time

- also, the female leader of their village wants her to become the next leader 

- a lot of interesting moral complexity based around the main idea of the show

- a society in which polyamorous relationships are not stigmatized

- which means that I have an OT5 yes literally that is at least semi-canonical

- main character canonically sleeps with her girlfriend and her boyfriend (at separate times, but still happens) so she is pretty confirmed as bi/pan

- said boyfriend was previously in the M/M relationship I mentioned, so he’s also pretty confirmed as bi/pan


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Do you have any ships?

Originally posted by ettoh

YES! I do like shipping but a majority of the ships I like just tend to be platonic and friendships. Faves though would have to be:

Chara ships: Chara and Asriel (Sibling besties), Chara and Frisk (roleplaying nerds), Chara and Paps (I think these two used to be really close friends once ;_;), Chara and Sans (the puns omg, just too much to handle), CHARA AND UNDYNE WOULD BE THE BEST. Also Chara and Alphys, they would nerd out so bad… I just want Chara to hang out with everybody so badly because I think the moments would be adorable ;_;

ToriGorey, I don’t really ship Soriel but seriously don’t have a problem if you do! Just have fun with it! I can see how it works and stuff it’s just not my thing

Frisk X EVERYONE. I love Frisk and think they have the personality to literally just be besties with everybody.

Papyrus X Undyne: I really… REALLY like this ship. I still ship Alphyne but really like this one ;_; Empress Undyne ending is just so sad with these two


Tsutenkaku_1 by hans-johnson
Via Flickr:
Tsutenkaku Shinsekai, Naniwa Discrict, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan 通天閣 日本国 大阪府 大阪市 浪速区 新世界


This anime is so underratedب_ب                                                                         (Sorry I’ve been inactive recentlyಠoಠ I’ll probably continue to be inactive for a little while until I settle back into school and get a routine going againಠ‿↼)

List 79: Top Ten Schools in Anime

School is no longer out for summer! As the season slowly fades away into fall the school year starts anew for many. Or semester for you in higher education. So, I figured hey you! Guy who makes lists and also went to school….ummm do it naow pls? And through all that hard to understand internet lingo I deduced my brain was telling me something. To make a list of the anime schools I’d most like to attend. Not because of the people who went there but because of the school itself and what it brings to the table. Kinda like Hogwarts but not as cool. It may not be Hogwarts but here they are! 

10: Kyoto University- The Tatami Galaxy

Why pick this college? Well if I learned anything from the artistic ride that was Tatami it was one thing. This school has a hell of a variety of things you can do at it. The sheer amount of extracurricular choices is pretty impressive and we only get a taste. This is the type of college you would want if options are important to you. Go here and see what path it is despite the rose colored one not being a thing. 

9: Ohtori Academy- Revolutionary Girl Utena

Wait, but I hate Utena right? Well yes, but the school is nice. Great campus design, loads of things you can do, and more importantly it is home to many odd things to keep it interesting. The moment you see a kangaroo boxing people into submission you know this is a school that can keep things fresh. If you want surprises this is the place to go. 

8: Ouran Academy- Ouran High School Host Club

I mean this campus is just gorgeous. The rich own it and you can see it is well invested in. Yes, the privileged sort invade every nook and cranny of this school, but if you are lucky like Haruhi you can avoid the class stigma and meet some nice people. Maybe even teach them things they didn’t know existed. If anything you wont be losing anything if you somehow attend here. 

7:  Isesaki Commercial High School- Nichijou

I mean this school is just zany. What else can I say? Nothing else. 

6: Cromartie High- Cromartie High School 

Okay sure I could have said more but understanding that schools appeal won’t do you any good unless you attend. Now Cromartie looks like a scary school. Thugs and crooks galore all over campus. And if it could happen it does happen. Why would you want to go then? Doesn’t curiosity ever make you want to experience something? 

5:  Honnōji Academy- Kill la Kill

Class seems pretty standard but the campus itself is unique. At any given moment a gigantic duel between rival sports teams could erupt and make a scene as fun as a WWE pay-per-view event. It’s wild, unpredictable and as long as you stay a normal student and don’t go out of your way to make trouble, expect a show or two often. 

4: Sage Academy- Shinsekai Yori

If you attend here it means you have psychic powers. Yes the school is demanding as fudge. They are choosing your entire life plan from it. Yet if you attend post series then your chances of it being as scary are diminished to almost zero. Which means you get to be crafted into a person with strong psychic powers and a job lined up for life. Find you a partner and you are set. Not too shabby if you like life simple and lined out. 

3: DWMA- Soul Eater

This place is cool and you are basically a superhero if you go here. Sorta like Boku no Hero but a littler different. You fight against the dark forces later in life but outside that you have a really cool school with a light atmosphere and everything provided for you. And while yes the moon and sun are spoopy, I think it would give a fun laugh often. Also with the school so close to a town you are always just a step always from fun times when break hits. 

2: Ocean Side High School- Tsuritama

It is by the ocean. I mean come on! I don’t think anything else should be needed to tell you why it is so high. The ocean is right there! DUCK!

1: Pokemon Trainer’s School- Pokemon 

Another simple reason but heck I don’t think complex answers are always needed. The trainers schools have a variety of options but all in all one reason makes it best pick. Pokemon are in your life all the time and your school life revolves around them. Heck,,,,,,,YES! 

Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any of the above pictures. The credit goes to the original creators of each and thus will be considered theirs. Enjoy the pics

Any anime schools you find really awesome? Something like Blue Exorcist maybe(totally would have made it if not for my rule)? Tell me somewhere on the interwebs and I will read it!

Until next time..

See ya Space Corgis! 

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rec: zankyou no terror!!

*tears flow down my cheeks* 

My Recommendation: Shinsekai Yori 

ZnT and Shinsekai Yori kinda give the same vibe.. though both are different with different genres. The main characters can relate to one another in my humble opinion though. Definitely needs scratching one’s head to get to the core of the underlying message… pretty much like ZnT!

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In novel translation, Satoru and Saki have sex after failing to find Mamoru and Maria (Ep 16 in anime). And both Satoru and Saki were thinking about Shun when they were doing it and realized that their bedmate is just a replacement for Shun.

:’) I’m in between “wow deep and gay” and “WTF even is Shinsekai Yori”

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chuunikun replied to your post “First anon about Shin Sekai Yori and thought it was queer baiting….”

People completely ignored the False Minoshiro’s speech in episode 4, didn’t they? No wonder the series’ rating sucks and so many people dropped it after episode 8. “Homosexuality” is not a word in Shinsekai Yori’s dystopian society, it’s seen as expected, in fact, any form of physical and sexual contact is taught since childhood, sex is used to save people and to strengthen individual bonds, sex, homosexuality, the series’ gay relationships are a huge part of the plot.