It’s okay to not be good at drawing chubby people. But it’s a really good idea to learn how to draw them.
Not only are you expanding your creativity but youll make several cubby people happy that more people are drawing chubs, normalizing them.

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After that oregano yoosung believe he is immune to the effects of weed. He doesn't buy it and seven jokes about being a hero steering the youths of today in the right direction

Until the first time that MC convinces him to smoke with them after hearing how it was Luciel who sold it to him the first time. Once the high left, Luciel got a very angry call from Yoosung, MC laughing their ass off in the background.


Until Dawn!Monsters:

Immortal fashionista, Emily, finds herself in trouble when a group of humans throw her into the sea with an anchor on chained to her ankles. Luckily for her, a merman happened to be swimming by.

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to go along with the AU where hayate is bigger and fluffier, imagine this super intense scene going on and then a super puffed up black and white ball just rolls past on screen barking

Sorry this took me so long but OMG YES. But at the same time: The first intense scene I literally thought of was the one where Riza had her throat slit and I don’t know if I could deal with Hayate rolling around barking in the background H E L P.

Just… imagine. A bigger, fluffier Hayate. Doing all of the wonderful amazing doggie things he can do. And so much more. 

I love him.