• James:Snape sabotaged my potion just to get back at me. If he wants to play that game, I'm more than willing.
  • Lily:But that's the reaction he's expecting. You do something back, he does something, and pretty soon it's just about who can be more childish.
  • James:Me! I can!
  • Lily:I'm sure. But don't!

I’m so sorry for those of you who are convinced you aren’t as beautiful as others just because you’re used to seeing the done up, filtered, edited, posing pictures of others. while we are all beautiful that way, we are also so beautiful waking up in the morning after a restless night, crawling into bed when it feels like you wouldn’t make it, wiping tears or sweat from your broken-out face, or just stepping out of the first shower you’ve had in a few days. let your natural beauty shine, don’t be afraid of the limits insecurities set on us. you are breathtakingly gorgeous.
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okay but imagine Sherlock not having had the time to get his hair cut in a while because he’s been so wrapped up in a case, and John coming home one day to see Sherlock’s got his hair pulled back into a messy bun with his shirt sleeves rolled up while he’s working because his hair kept getting in his face and he just looks so good John has to lean against the doorframe to keep upright

Shadowhunters hate

My head is starting to hurt from all the unbelievable things I have read from people hating the show or a certain aspect of it.

People have problem with Clary being whiny. They actually mind that she gets all distraught after she loses hope or finds out that her friend is dead. Like, how would you act? “she gets all faint” What? Of course she does! Just think about every single bad thing that happened to her and that she found out in a matter of days. I think she is being rather strong, on the contrary.

Then, and I just can’t with this anymore, people slut-shaming Izzy. I have had discussions right and left, but it would be better for my nerves if I had talked to my shoes and just as successful. Sluts don’t exist! It’s a word invented for shaming women who look how they want and sleep with whom they want and however much they want. I saw NOT ONE person complaining because the boys had their shirts off. Oh, and there are actually people complaining about her being friendly to Clary. Yes, it’s true. They would rather have women stereotypically judging one another.

Oh, boy, and people calling Alec a coward because he broke the bond, I just CAN’T. He was so scared! You don’t understand what it’s like to keep that kind of secret from everyone. Think about it! Being gay is illegal for Shadowhunters, being in love with your parabatai also! He is scared that he is going to lose and hurt everyone he loves if they find out. He was not ready to be outed. He was hiding that part of himself for so long only to have it hit him in the face in front of the ones he was hiding it from! This is so SYMBOLIC. You obviously have no idea what it’s like to be in a similar situation. When your parent gets interested in you being so defensive of LGBT community and asks you a question (with an obvious intention) and you realize and literally stop breathing. You freeze. You just try to run away. Which is exactly what he did. And the way he looked afterwards. like he hates himself. Stop attacking Alec. There are so many young people who will find themselves in Alec or maybe already do and trough him they will learn that there really isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

Lastly, people complaining because Jace is not enough of an asshole. That is right, people. And there are so many! I don’t even know what to say about that.

So, this is for you who love this show and want to protect these characters and actors. Because we know how disgusting people are, actually sending them hate and leaving some atrocious comments where they can see them. Whenever you see a bad comment or post or tweet, make a positive one! Let’s fight this. I’m not saying fight them, just spread more positivity than you see negativity. Eventually, they will be practically invisible and I can’t wait for that to happen.