• James:Snape sabotaged my potion just to get back at me. If he wants to play that game, I'm more than willing.
  • Lily:But that's the reaction he's expecting. You do something back, he does something, and pretty soon it's just about who can be more childish.
  • James:Me! I can!
  • Lily:I'm sure. But don't!

Lee Xin Li
新年快乐!Happy Lunar New Year!
Singapore (2016)

I’ll just be sharing random Chinese New Year-related sh*t today, don’t mind me.

Pictured above: People’s Park Centre in Singapore’s Chinatown (yeah, there is an extra-Chinese district of this already 77% Chinese country), populated by Doraemon, Totoro, the Scarecrow from “Howl’s Moving Castle”, Tintin from “The Blue Lotus”, various Star Wars characters, the birds from Pixar’s “For The Birds” and a Cantonese Mary Poppins. :)

Mommy vs. Stalker
  • What happens when Genos runs into Sonic on a casual grocery shopping trip with the family? ^^;
  • Genos:Hmph. How shameless of you to pursue Sensei in broad daylight, you perverted stalker.
  • Sonic:I just 'happen' to be shopping at this market because mine wasn't carrying the product I needed, you clingy brat.
  • -Sparks fly as they glare at each other. The Minis also sharing their Mommy's glowering expression as they recognize him right away.-
  • Mini Genos':Creep/Stalker/Pervert. [-they hissed-]
  • Sonic:[-shoots a poisonous stare at the lot of them-]You're little cretins are not cute at all.
  • Genos:[-hand twitches as his hand begins to emit a bit of a glow-] Care to repeat that, you flasher?
  • Mumen Rider:Sh...Shouldn't you stop them, Saitama-kun? [-nervously asks him as the two young men seemed ready to lunge in for the kill.-]
  • Saitama:So long as it sticks to name calling and stuff, it should be fine. [-continues to read a magazine to see if there are new sales for the week.-]
The Power's Out
  • SS:Oh shit.
  • Macreedy:What do you mean oh sh-oot?
  • SS *points at a deactivated Nick Valentine*:Well, That!
  • X6-88:His is probably just running a proper diagnostic.
  • Piper*pokes Nick*:Are you sure? Because if he is, he is doing one hell of a job.
  • SS:He started doing this after I spilt hot coco on him.
  • Deacon:How hot was the coco? *eyebrow wiggle*
  • Hancock,Piper, Macreedy, X6-88, and SS:Shut Up Deacon!
  • Deacon:Sheesh! I was just playin around.
  • Nick:Beep, Beep, Beep. *snickering*
  • Cait:*starts to reach for the aluminum bat behind SS*