What would you like to see?

I’m going on vacation for 9 days (May 11-19) & don’t have any matches to fill up the queue for those days.

So I was thinking of letting you guys have control over what you’d like to see posted out of the following:

  • Dress for less (are there any looks Laura wore that you loved, but just couldn’t afford to buy the exact items?)
  • Similar items (were there any Laura items you liked, but were sold out?)
  • Inspired sets (not sure what Laura would wear for a certain occasion?)
  • Any other suggestions you have

Depending on the number of responses, I’ll set up the queue accordingly. I may post one a day or more than one. It all depends how much I get done before I leave. 

Last day to let me know what you’d like to see will be May 7, so I can have the weekend to work on things.

i always forget how ugly tumblr is when my dash  theme turns off for a few seconds looking at it almost turned me to stone why isnt anyone on this???

“I can’t take Facebook seriously anymore. It is abbreviated ‘FB’ and the wall is now called a 'timeline’. … It’s to the point that sometimes, when I log in and I see all my posts out of order, I call 'most popular’ sorting option 'Timeline Beta’ and 'most recent’ sorting option 'Timeline Alpha’ because FB refuses to keep the option set to 'most recent’, so there MUST be a problem with it’s Reading Steiner.”

قائد البحرية الايرانية : لن نغادر خليج “عدن” ولن نسمح لأحد بتفتيشنا
لا يمكنكم مشاهده باقي المشاركة لأنك زائر …
فإذا كنت مشترك مسبقا معنا  فقم بتسجيل دخول بعضويتك للمتابعة وإذا لم تكن  فيمكنك تسجيل عضوية جديدة مجانا ً ( من هنا )

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