I started drawing this before it got upgraded from an AU TO A HEADCANON ORIGIN STORY HEYYO


ダンガンロンパごちゃまぜまとめ 〜201608 by ゼルス | Pixiv ID 1291771

Also on their Twitter: gelus000

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Hajizuru Sprites!

Yes, you heard that right. Sprites of Hajime from SDR2 but edited so he has his red eye from Hope Arc. Every sprite where his eyes are visible are done. They’re all below the cut. Feel free to use with credit. All sprites are below the cut!

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honestly, despite all the things i think this anime could have done better, at least it introduced this precious brot3 which i still love more than anything and will probably continue to make sappy fanart of looong after dr3 has ended
whatever game they are playing, they all really really suck at it. but the imposter is winning :3

A Summary of DanganRonpa
  • Despair Arc:People have a happy life. Then Junko shows up and fucks shit up.
  • DR Zero:Junko fucks up her own life, along with everyone else's.
  • DR:Junko makes people kill each other for giggles. Dies for the lolz too.
  • Ultra Despair Girls:Junko inspired five kids to kill adults. Also, Monaka tries to find herself a new Junko.
  • SDR2:Everything is okay, but then Junko shows up and fucks up shit again.
  • Future Arc:Junko Enoshima is still fucking shit up years later.
  • DRv3:Junko Enoshima is still fucking with shit who wants to bet $5.