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Could you draw Shinguuji with his hair up maybe?

you said hair up…but u didn’t specify which style ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

had to take his hat off to fully experiment with this boy’s gorgeous hair

he is definitely my favourite of all the new characters…which is upsetting because he is pretty obviously gunna be a victim :’DDDDDD i can live in denial until the game comes out i guess

The Danganronpa Formula

The Protagonist 

The Character You Can’t Trust

The Investigative Aide

The Weirdo

The Big One


The Red Eyes Character

The ‘Mysterious’ Character

Part One / Part Two

The Danganronpa Forumla

The Under-appreciated Girl

The Quirky One

The One Who Claims They Are Strong

The Blond Girl

The Small One

The One Who Embodies Their Talent To The Extreme

The ‘Plays with Too Many Sharp-Objects’ One

The Blond Boy

Part One / Two

Aesthetic for a Nanami who loves astronomy, water, glitches and pastels!

I hope that you like this, Nanami!! If you’d like any changes or anything just ask and I’ll get right on that!! I’m sso sorry this has taken so long, Mod Ibuki is feeling very very bad!

Hello, Nanami!! I hope that you’re doing well and that you’re having an absolutely positively lovely day/evening/night!! You’re so lovely and kind, Nanami, and I know that you love your classmates very much! Have you rested and are you taking care of yourself? As the SHSL Gamer I know you sure get enthralled in what you do, but remember to take care of yourself! Anyways, have a lovely day/evening/night!! <3 - Mod Ibuki!

recently i’ve been getting notifs for my old komamiki fics and i suddenly felt very nostalgic

it’s been soooo long since i’ve posted anything komamiki but going through the tag a little made me miss my bbies :’) so here’s a doodle of a howl’s moving castle au with komamiki

i’m so happy to see that the tag is full of non-negative stuff… tho i am a bit eh about tsumiki getting the short end of the stick again

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How exactly did Naegi's character cause DR3 to suffer? I get the SDR2 cast, but not exactly Naegi.

Because the entire plot revolved around him.

  • Naegi is the only person arrested for stealing the SDR2 kids, when we know that Togami and Kirgiri were responsible, too. This is a small detail but it shows that they were only concerned with making you feel bad for Naegi.
  • Asahina spends the entire Killing Game carrying Naegi around on her back, only to conviently get shot and left behind just in time for Naegi to face off in Hope: Arc
  • Munakata, even though he hates how he thinks, doesn’t hesitate to tell Naegi about how great he was defeating Enoshima. He conveniently doesn’t kill him because… again, DR3 is all about Naegi.
  • Tengan thinks Naegi is a God (even though he kind of forgets about it after he dies and thinks Mitarai is a God.)
  • Asahina continues to carry him everywhere.
  • Naegi was the only person who could get through to Munakata with his speech comparing Kirigri to Yukziome–another thing that proves that DR3 is “all about Naegi” because the speech was (as I explained [here]) actually patronizing as fuck and if I were Munakata I would have punched Naegi in the face for it.
  • Kirigiri sacrifices herself to make Naegi sad for fifteen minutes until she magically revives later. Except when they reunite, we only see Naegi’s reaction–because Kirigiri has been demoted to Naegi’s Trophy Wife and nothing else. They could have used the opportunity for them to have a reunion and for Kirigiri to explain why she did what she did, but no only Naegi’s happiness matters.
  • Munakata suddenly decides to help Naegi and sacrifice himself if need be.
  • Despite knowing Sakakura for years and coming to a decision himself, only the Kind of Benevolent Naegi is able to convince Munakata to go to Sakakura–who he didn’t even care saved his life, by the way. Speaking of:
  • Sakakura didn’t die in EP09 not so we could have a proper conclusion to his arc, but so Kodaka could save Naegi and have Sakakura be ““redeemed”“ for his behavior.
  • Everyone not relevant to Naegi doesn’t get a happy ending. Most of them are dead, except for Munakata who just gives up and is outcasted.

TL; DR: Characters (Asahina, Kirigiri) are reduced to plot devices/motivation for Naegi and morally grey character (Munakata, Sakakura) are obsessed with only eliminating Naegi, and are not redeemed until they do something good–usually for Naegi.