Hobbes: I promise you, Mama. I’m fine *yawns loudly*

Mama: Well I think your not fine. Your tired and you need rest. Let me take your job for a bit.

Hobbes: But Mama,  you need rest too

Mama: I assure that I’ll be fine. I’m a strong woman. I’ve always been one


Mama: Teruteru? Your finally awake? *runs to him and hugs him*

I…. I thought you were dead…. 

Mama: I’m just fine…. 

Hobbes: *yawns* how touching. A mother reunites with her child. It’s so sweet *wipes away a tear*

Mama….. Why is there a talking tiger here?

anonymous asked:

Nidai seems like the type of person who forgets to put on the wii strap on and so when the sdr2 crew decided to have a wii sports party he accidentally broke the tv by throwing the remote like a bowling ball.

Honestly not even just Nidai,  I feel like TeruTeru would forget and Akane and Souda would be like “pfft I don’t need this” ~ Mod Anju