i also remember lots of the second trial and i remember especially the moment people started suspecting peko and i remember yelling a lot about that and trying to save her skin

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türkçe rap dinliyomusun bir ara kozmos/ayyaş paylaşmıştında ondan merak ettim

bi ara dediğin anasının amı

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i never saw any videos of sad satan. did the post leave out any cool things or do u know just what it says

If you click the link on that post, it takes you to an entire article about it. Even gives gameplay vids by the channel that found it, and the Reddit page where they we’re all working to figure out it’s meaning.

Its actually really interesting and the game is mostly believed to be a sort of…outing to a mass cover up of child abuse that’s swept under the rug by the rich and upper class.

Id def look into it and read more about it. Its fucking crazy.