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SB's can send all the hate they want. Berlanti, AJK, Johns love GG+CP as WA. The ⚡️ [CW] just pulled off a musical crossover. It will go down in tv history. EVERYONE in entertainment media is talking about it. Oscar winning composers wrote a song for a super hero to sing a proposal to his LI. The proposal is listed #1 in tv proposal by EW. The dayyyum song is trending on iTunes and Spotify. And the Super Friends song is too. WA is the new Lois&Clark of tv. They could get a spinoff after ⚡️ends

Berlanti and Kreisberg wrote the story. The Helbings wrote the teleplay. Those are the top people involved with the show, and they made this highly anticipated (at least by the press) episode about Westallen and their love. Like…. just try to take your L with some grace at this point. 

170212 SF9 - Still My Lady @ SBS Inkigayo
💳 SB allowance 💳

So I’m curious what you girls do with your allowance money?
There’s only so much you can put in the bank in order to not be audited, visa prepaid usually only go to 500 USD. And keeping a stack of cash is just a lot of paranoia… and not that useful for everyday use.
Thoughts? Tips? Etc
I’m really curious how everyone is buying cars and going on trips and you haven’t been tripped up legally.