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Man I hate that all of the years I've spent in this fandom almost stop me from me being able to simply enjoy the kissing photo. Like I just want to Fucking Enjoy IT! I've got the words of every skeptic ever in the world in the back of my head like "oOoOh it just a manip omg stop reaching" Oh well I guess, fuck it. It's real. A source can't be found, research and whatnot has been done. It is Real. Negative asshole antis will Not ruin this for me god damn it!

Um…I hate to ruin this for you, but this

is actually a manip I’m afraid. Harry was kissing someone on the cheek. 

I’m sure there are other undebunked photos out there though.

And nothing will ever change the fact that Harry had Louis’ face paint in his hair the day after a Halloween party:

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So louis is definitely scheduled to attend those awards then? Cos that's gonna just suck having to watch him play right hand man to Cowell for the night :( suppose it's to prove they're still on good terms and working together

All I saw was a guest list, man. Louis’ name is on it. Maybe he’ll fall ill, but I doubt it.