Wait lemme get this straight

MC of sankarea assists main girl in her suicide, turns her into a zombie, and then…DATES HER????

Otakon recap

Stuff I did: 

 -Sleepover with quinntheshiki and silvathemagicalgirl

-Bought a bunch of stuff 

 -Digimon photoshoot 

 -Spent hours at the amv contest + iron editor 

 -Ate lots of Silva’s fudge 

-Danced to CaramellDanSen

 -Forced Quinn to watch Star Vs The Forces of Evil 

 -Didn’t get eaten by bears

 -Fangirled over cosplays 

 Stuff I bought: 

 -Shoutmon & Cutemon plushies 

 -Migi hand puppet from Parasyte 

 -Mini figures of the Go Princess PreCure Cures (minus Scarlet) 

-Ojamajo Doremi # mini poster

 -Dipper pillow plushie from Gravity Falls

 -Gravity Falls t-shirt

 -Volume 1 of Sankarea 

 -Two Splatoon pins 

 Stuff I cosplayed:

 -Star Butterfly (SVTFOE) 

 -Miki Aono (Fresh PreCure) 

 -Takuya Kanbara (Digimon Frontier)