It’s not a world where all your wishes come true… but we keep on struggling without losing hope…
Ah… it must be similar for you, whom I have not yet met, right?
I’m coming to bring you the future we’ve dreamed of…
That is… through the Super☆Interstellar Tunnel

My Current Sound Horizon Theory as of July of  2016

Basic Theory: All of Sound Horizon takes place within Noelle Malebranche’s books/imagination 

CD’s that are used: Chronicle, Thanatos, Lost, Elysion, Pico Magic (Reloaded) Roman, Iberia, Moira, Ido Ido, Marchen, Vani-star, Nein

So Noelle is actually an only child whose brother was a stillborn. nothing that takes place in any horizon is truly reality.

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Let me cut that, all that happens in each horizon is only Noelle’s outlook of reality. 

the story begins in a well off family living in France. There is a Mother, Father, and Daughter. (Yield). The Mother is pregnant with a boy. The Mother and the child both die in winter. and only the father and daughter are alive. the father then starts to have a “Fetish” for his daughter and begins to lust after her. the daughter, being young and innocent, does not recognize the father’s love and sexual. (Elysion)  she then grows older and older until she is 7. her relationship with her father has grown and he has told her many stories from when he traveled to Germany, where he met  a strange man named Ido. The father always talked about how “The Brother would have been alot like Ido” she start to not give in to her fathers “love”.  she decides to “draw his ideals” and kills him, determined that he will find the perfect daughter in paradise she then runs away. she moved in with her mother’s ex Olliver (divorced before she was born) He continues the tradition by strangling her for sexual pleasure. she asks him to help hid her fathers body, where the police capture him and he goes completely mad in jail.  she then changes her name to “Michelle” and decides to write her unknown story…

Her first book is titled “The Flower within a Cage” where she already shows signs of an abusive upbringing. a local skeptic and self proclaimed genius “Reviews” the book, breaking the fourth wall within the book. that character’s name is M. Christopher Jean-Jacques Saint-Laurent, an embodiment of her father’s “Know it all” aspect. This book describes the murder of her father, how she did it, and how society reacted. then it explains the breaking of her stepfather’s insanity. the third part of the story has yet to take place, for the daughter still hasn’t realized the truth of her existence.

With the success of the first book, she decides to write more, this time, about her unborn brother “Hiver”. she titles this book “Fantasy Roman”. this takes the original character of M. Christopher Jean-Jacques Saint-Laurent and adds more characters. the many stories within Roman are stories her father told her. the woman from savant and message resembled her mother, hiver resembling her brother. the reason that hiver unleashed Michele during  呪われし宝石 was that she believed in samsara, something an odd man in shaded glasses told her father while he traveled. and that she would eventually meet her brother. This book becomes even more successful than the first and she meets a man who has another tragic back story…

She collaborates with this man and creates Moira, combining her odd character design and the man’s stories his mother told him. this man’s name is Aleksei Romanovich Zvolinskiy. the characters are stunningly similar to the ones in Roman and one in particular seems pretty similar to Hiver…

She then becomes obsessed with her unborn brother, and writes many other books with the main character looking and sounding like her brother  

Roman - Hiver

Iberia - Shaytan 

Moira - Elef 

Marchen - Marz/Marchen

Halloween - Hallow-ido

the next book she creates is a short story that is published in limited editions of Moira, Iberia. 

she then remembers the odd man Ido and how her father always connected him and her unborn brother, and creates Marchen, where she forgives her fathers sinful desires for her. 

then she hears that the man Ido read her book and wanted to meet her but sadly, he had moved to America. Instead of meeting him, she writes a book on October 31st, Halloween. 

the public starts to realize that she isn’t sane. and her old publisher decides to stop helping her, and re releases the stories without her permission. (Chronology)

she reads these chopped up and edited versions of her books and begins to believe them, her mind warped through years of abuse and failed relationships. her reality is warped and she begins to see her brother everywhere, writing down everything about him that she can imagine. she then roams the streets and lures young males who remind her of the characters and murders them, believing in samsara.  she hides the bodies in her old house a now abandoned mansion. when she sees her last victim, coincidentally also named noel. she tries to kill noel by trying to sell him antiques collected by her father when he traveled. Noel is captivated by a pair of sunglasses that her father found when he traveled to Japan. these sunglasses could “see throughout these many horizons”. She then kills noel, and finally is able to die happy. She piles the bodies on the bed she was chained too and dies, and the ripe old age of 104 (8x13). Noel, being convinced by michele, gives his soul to the sunglasses and is reborn as R.E.V.O. and travels throughout her books and changes them, trying to reverse his death and create a “Happy Ending”

So, why did revo release these stories and albums? because he’s trying to find his sister. Hiver was born. not in any of the albums, but in our life. on  June 19, 1978…

This theory is all mine and none of this reflect the feeling of anyone other than me, the ending of the theory is not at all true, i do not think revo is really looking for michele, i think he just wanted to create music that makes people scratch their heads and wonder “Huh… that’s weird… i should buy the rest of these albums and try to uncover the real story” No i am not saying revo is a scam artist, i think that his music is so full of mystery that even he doesn’t have one interpretation. this is my interpretation of Revo’s work please support him and please listen to all of his music, he’s an amazing composer 

~Kaido The Laurent