think i like this style a lot more than my old one because i get to pay more attention to detail like one of my fave artists (sakamoto shinichi) and i might go back to my old style once in a while but it so much more fun to draw in this style now

2015 Asian Trophy

The Asian Open Trophy, one of the first international B competitions of the season and featuring skaters from various Asian countries, will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from August 5-8.

Results, entries, schedule etc.

Disciplines: men, ladies
Levels: basic novice A & B, advanced novice, junior, senior
Notable entries: Hiroaki Sato (senior), Keiji Tanaka (senior), Michael Christian Martinez (senior), Riona Kato (senior), Mai Mihara (senior), Kaori Sakamoto (senior), Yuna Aoki (junior), Wakaba Higuchi (junior), Marin Honda (junior)
How to watch: Audience members will probably take videos and upload them online.

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because you were there,
i could go into space.
because you stayed here on earth, 
i could run without looking backwards. 

gintama edit meme: (1/6) friendships or otps
↳ gintoki & tatsuma