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(1/?) Okay I have some things to say about the Swastika (i'm a history major and there is a lot of confusion around it the Swastika used by the Nazi's and it's origins, and this may take more than one ask I'm so sorry) Most people think that the Nazi Swastika is taken from Buddism. This is actually pretty unlikely, because hooked crosses did exist in Europe, long before the 20th century, they have feature in many cultures, with different meanings. Christianity briefly used them, (to be cont)

(2/?), there was also a group of German knights who used the swastika in the middle ages when germany was a huge power in Europe (it was then known as the Haukenkruez (hooked cross)). It is more likely that Hitler’s use was based on these Knights, because he was trying to bring about a more ‘glorious’ Germany after the Weimar Republic had failed. Since WW2 the Swastika world wide has been stigmatized. White people probably shouldn’t wear it, just because of that association with Nazism.

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This. Just This.


Please be nice guys. It’s hard to post these pictures as I don’t look as good as I probably could on them. I wasn’t posing, I didn’t even knew that my brother was taking them. These pictures aren’t fake, there are moments of pure happiness. Real joy, real smile, real me. I somehow really like them. Later I’ll be posting some pics of the scenery which is stunning here. healthy-and-hungry here you go my dear these are some holiday shots:)