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Me recomendarías blogs? :)


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Not My Type (Beverly Marsh/Reader)

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(A/N: I cannot write today this is not good. Still I wanted to do this asap bc I’m gay as hell. Sorry it’s repetitive and bad goodnight.)

Request: “for a beverly x reader: how about the losers got to the arcade and they see the reader all the boys each take turns trying to talk and flirt with her only to be shot down. after all the boys have been shot down, richie makes a joke that bev will be the only only successful at talking to her. while he was saying this no one realized that she was coming towards them. she interupts him by slinging her arm around bev’s shoulder because her and bev have been dating secretly for a couple months.”

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I keep seeing this hilarious photo set of 'Hot Frat Boy Geno'. Could I prompt for some high school or college S/G with the location 'back of the library'? Love love love all your writings. Thank you!

this one? 


There’s one table with two chairs tucked into the back corner of the library.

Sid is the only one that ever sits there.

It’s far from the entrance and there isn’t a place to charge your phone or laptop.

He thinks it’s perfect. It’s quiet and secluded and he gets more work done there then he could ever get done in his dorm room.

He’s proofreading his paper on propaganda during World War II when someone clears their throat.

Sid rolls his eyes and looks up.

The guy is tall and lanky in a black sweatshirt and ripped jeans. There’s a backwards baseball cap on his head and he’s clutching a stack of bright gold papers in his hand.

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