time-travel au except instead of anakin/obi-wan/padmé going back in time, it’s one or a few of the Brothers

can you imagine what that would be like?

qui-gon and obi-wan are fighting darth maul on naboo, maul is clearly winning, and out of nowhere there’s this h u g e surge in the force

everyone is disoriented, maul recovers first and moves to deliver a killing blow, and all of a sudden he gets shot in the back like 27 times

in the background there’s the nearly incoherent babble of “kriffing hells that hurt what was it what happened holy shit that’s a sith that is definitely a sith should we shoot it sir we should definitely shoot it it’s about to kill a general we have to help did we kill it is it dead it’s gotta be dead now go check it i don’t want to check it let’s just shoot it again there it’s gotta be dead now are you alright generals”

maul is definitely dead, the energy shield things power down, obi-wan rushes to his master’s side and the incoherent babble gets louder as they’re suddenly surrounded by a team of men in white and blue armor all scrambling to provide aid

obi-wan, satisfied that his master isn’t going to get himself fucking m u r d e r e d any time soon, turns to examine to newcomers

a hush falls over the group when they see his face

then, out of the silence, comes “….holy kriff, sir, your boyfriend is a b a b y” followed by one of the men smacking the back of another’s helmet with a loud crack and growling “shut the fuck up, fives”

everyone is very confused for the foreseeable future

(bonus: the Brothers are d e l i g h t e d to meet baby!anakin, and he is equally delighted. no one else is delighted by a group of highly-trained soldiers calling a 9yo “general” and visibly restraining themselves from doing exactly what he tells them at all times.)

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Why do Japanese like Charles Grey? I'm just curious because I don't find him interesting in the least, personally. Obviously I don't hate him or anything, I just don't really care, I guess? I'm just curious, since you said he's a popular character in Japan. Maybe he is in the Western fandom, too, and it's just me. :D

Personally I don’t like him that much either (I’m rather a Phipps fan), but yes, Grey is quite popular in the JP fandom, iirc he ranked 6th in the popuIarity poll. I actually can think of many reasons why people like him, e.g.

- he’s short but very strong and talented (the ‘small but badass’ character trope)

- officially good-looking (bishounen)

- has a twisted personality

(characters with twisted/dark personalities tend to become more popular than good-willed characters -> I mean, look at the results of the Kuro popularity poll, the top6 characters are all ‘bad’ guys xD)

- voiced by Kimura Ryohei

- is ruthless and bold, but has also a childish side (he’s totally scared of ghosts and snakes)

- looks young but is actually 24 years old

These are character traits JP fans generally love (most of these traits listed above apply to Ciel or Levi from Attack on Titan, too;) ), so imo it’s no wonder that Grey is popular :D


【You deserve it】(rough translation

Read the previous story:https://mayasonic.tumblr.com/post/160904734309/keep-findingrough-translationpage1

#3:(door opened)
#4:G:Welcome home,sensei.
     S:so you bumped into my room to do the cleaning job AGAIN?!Can’t you just respect….
     G:I found something while sweeping…..

#5:where did this fragmented ruby come from?


#1:S:Just…just a rock I picked up ….
#2:S:Well you can just throw it into the trash can ….
#3:G:It has HIGH PRICE.
G: Although it is artificial gem
#5:G:It can still fetch a high price on eB●●
S:Are you encouging me to sell it?
G:Sensei could  felt the debt too….
S: Are you saying that I am poor?


#1:G:Anyway,please give it a proper use,sensei.
#4:S:It’s yours.You deserve it.

S:Take it!Just take it!
#3:G:IT GOT STOCKED.(it roled into the hole…..

WE’RE ALL FAMILIAR WITH THE TALE OF ROBIN HOOD ——– stole from the rich, gave to the poor, blah blah blah. but what about a thief that’s sort of like robin hood IF robin hood stole precious, priceless technology and sold it to the highest, villainous bidders? which is just a long way to say —- NOTHING like robin hood. move over, goody goody green-tights, there’s a new prolific thief in town; the illustrious RED X of the hit cartoon TEEN TITANS 2003. originally established in march of 2017, he’s BACK and ready to ROB YOU BLIND ! just hit that like and/or reblog if you’re interested in this somewhat lovable sticky-fingered shithead. 

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What are the Pratt Pack's Starbucks orders? ❤☕️!!

Owen: Grande black coffee. He actually means to order a Venti because he’s so tired but he doesn’t know (or care to know) what all the fancy names for the sizes are, and Grande sounds the biggest.

Andy: Large (also doesn’t bother to learn the names) Double Choco-chip with extra whipped cream. S U G A R.

Peter: Grande Caramel Macchiato with Star-Lord written on the side of the cup. He is always very careful to annunciate his name because it’s obviously the most important part of the whole order.

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hello! I hope you're having a good day :). I was wondering what you thought about Jumin using kitten as a pet name? I've seen mixed responses to it, e.g. it's bad because it references Elly and ownership, but I wanted your input on it.

Hi nonny!

I personally feel that Jumin wouldn’t use kitten very often as a pet name, but I’m reluctant to write it off completely. I’ll explain why.

For the most part I disagree that it references Elly and ownership, though this is one of those things that relies on context. 

If within a fic Jumin calls MC kitten and puts a collar or something on them while having them wear cat ears, then…sure…the implication is there in spades, but the comparison doesn’t quite hold up in cases where Jumin uses it in situations where he might have used princess or my love

Elizabeth the Third is not the only cat Jumin loves in Mystic Messenger. He is fond of cats in general. He thinks they’re cute. He suggests cat related guests and, when Seven changes his desktop to the Longcat on Jaehee route, does not change it straight away. He rescues the cat that Yoosung later goes on to adopt. Jumin’s love for them was inspired by Elly whom he places in high regard, but I’d hesitate before suggesting that every time Jumin references any sort of affection for a cat, he’s thinking of her specifically. That’s limiting his character in so many different ways.

It’s also so important to highlight the dynamics of Jumin’s route here. I’d agree that kitten was inappropriate if his route had him locking MC in his apartment, dressing them up like a cat, shutting them in a cage, making them wear a collar and having them behave like his pet. But that’s not what happens. 

Jumin did not particularly think of Elly as a cat prior to his route; his affection for her grew out of his complicated feelings for a human woman. He thought of Elly too more as a human companion with whom he would like to drink wine and go on business trips than a Persian cat and that’s a significant part of the conflict on his route, because Elly of course isn’t human and does not completely fill the void left behind by V and Rika. Clearly MC is and reacts to things in different ways.

I would say that Jumin’s love for cats in general and his love for Elly exist on separate levels, just as his love for MC and his love for Elly do. When Jumin speaks about the kitten on Yoosung’s route, he expresses a good deal of concern for it and spends days looking for an owner, though at no point does he go so far as to count its hairs or suggest drinking wine with it. Elly is a cat, but to him, the fact that she has four legs is altogether insignificant. 

A good frame of reference for this is at the end of his route, right about the time that V asks Jumin to take Elly’s feelings into account. (I’m actually just going to quote my own post, because it has screenshots and words it better)

And of course, the interesting thing about Jumin’s route is that once he gets Elizabeth back, Jumin, V and MC have an entire conversation in the front of his penthouse about Elizabeth’s motivations and what Elizabeth wants, but given the extent to which MC and Elizabeth have been mixed up at this point, I think it’s fair to say that the conversation is not about her at all.

Which is what brings me to the fact that Jumin quite possibly would refer to MC as kitten, because…well… he likes kittens and he likes MC and truthfully, I don’t think pet names require more reasoning than that…if at all.

I will, however, say that it’s probably one of those pet names that would happen rarely, since kitten is effectively baby talk and Jumin is not-imo- the kind of person to use that kind of language around MC unless under very specific circumstances (e.g. MC asks him to). But that’s mostly my opinion and this post is already longer than I meant for it to be lmao

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yo apparently 'g@lra ships' are deemed abusive now because the g@lra are bad. it doesn't matter if it's with good g@lra like k0livan or ul@z it's still abusive because antis apparently can't comprehend that not all g@lra are bad or that everything is not as black and white as they want to make it to be. anyways i can't wait till alf0r is revealed to be a major dingwad and watch when they all scream "but not all alt3ans are bad!!!!!!"

By that logic isn’t that saying kl@nce is bad bc keith is half Galra???

looking at daryan’s concept art i can safely say that his final design is the worst bc it means we missed out on

  • josuke pompadour
  • dick hair only slightly less ridiculously long
  • no shirt dar
  • daryan with a D pendant that matched Klavier’s G
  • x-shaped forehead scar
Dating Kyungsoo would include:


  • Never needing to cook yourself
  • But to be honest, Kyungsoo’s cooking isn’t all that good, but he’s improving
  • Sometimes when he’s cooking he will hum and you just love his voice so damn much
  • Being banned from entering the kitchen
  • Having to deal with Satansoo constantly
  • You will often be the one to initiate skinship, like even if you hold hands it has to be under the table or something
  • Kyungsoo being S A V A G E
  • His adorable O_O face, like you just wanna squish him every time he does it
  • No diets with this guy. If you refuse to eat, he will shove it down your throat
  • If anything ANYTHING happens to you, just give him a call and he will literally teleport to you (with Jongin’s help).
  • Speaking of Jongin, sometimes he will flash you an envious glance
  • But overall, he’s chill. The three of you will hang out a lot
  • Kyungsoo is an EXTREMELY good listener. You can tell him anything and you can always count on him to be there for you.
  • Sometimes he gives you small surprises like giving you boxes of chocolates or candle-lit dinners
  • Whenever he sees you smile he melts into a squishy mess and it’s just so adorable
  • His cute laughs
  • And heart-shaped lips omg you can kiss them all they
  • He will always stand up for you and hit the members if they annoy you
  • Occasionally, the devil will possess Kyungsoo and he will drag you into the bedroom. Good luck.
  • When he’s away, he will always call to check up on you, making sure you’re eating fine or getting enough sleep.
  • He’ll always keep an eye on you and will be there the second something happens to you.
  • It’s a bit difficult for him to say the magical words ‘I love you’ because he can be so shy, but he really does 
  • This relationship is one where action speaks louder than words
  • Nothing matters more to him than you.



Request and let’s love!

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Papyrus, what's your favorite food?

it’s great to see such a wide variety of questions on this fine day.

A-aren’t they all just the same one?

with enough creativity you can get a fresh answer out of even the most inane inquiries!

W-well, maybe, umm, to spice things up a bit…

We should ask our OWN questions.

okay. let me try.

sans, what’s your favourite food?







updog? that’s so overrated.

it pales in comparison to the taste of bouphadize.


i feel as though a medicine would be necessary to recover from your bad jokes.

Ooooh! Buuuurn!!!