• Julie Plec:We couldn't be more aware of that line (june wedding) from the pilot and Caroline's intentions from the beginning..
  • Julie Plec about the June Wedding:it is in our lexicon of ideas...
  • Julie Plec:*proud mama mode* I have been asked about the June Wedding NINE times! *beams*
  • Every media house from US to Europe while reporting SDCC:JUNE WEDDING JUNE WEDDING JUNE WEDDING
  • Paul Wesley(on where he wants his character to go in s8):June wedding for Caroline
  • Candice King:#JuneWeddingInParis
  • Julie Plec on Paris in the hashtag:Modify the hashtag and we'll... *damn i've said too much. no more booze for me*

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Drowley baffled me because I couldn't understand Dean's continued softness toward Crowley after the s8 slaughter. I could totally see how Crowley could be attracted to Dean, but I thought Dean would lash out and give cold shoulders (like he did to Cas in 8x22) after the Demon!Dean period, but Dean was surprisingly chill about Crowley? Was it because he never trusted Crowley and couldn't feel personally betrayed by anything Crowley does? I'm still not sure about their dynamics.

Mh, that’s actually a very interesting question.

Let me get a second into the whole ‘I could totally see how Crowley could be attracted to Dean’ - because, really? Can you? Let’s play Devil’s advocate for a second here, because, sure, to us Dean’s this little bundle of cute and dork and occasionally killer of bad things, but in reality, Dean’s a huge mess. First of all, he’s a grown man who’s never been in a proper relationship before, and that usually spells Very High Maintenance, all capitals. Next, he’s got a relatively short lifespan and something that’s practically an addiction to a job that could not only kill him, but also drag you and your family to hell for good measure. It’s also a job that drags him away from home quite often (although, admittedly, that’s not a huge problem to someone who can teleport). Then, you’ve got the family issues - as Dean’s partner, you’ll have to accept the fact Dean is always going to put Sam first, and that could quickly become a problem for anyone trying to form a romantic attachment, or even start a family, with Dean - not to mention the still partly unresolved daddy issues and mommy issues. And finally (not to say this is the last point, but let’s be nice to the guy) you’ve got the inner mess - the self-loathing, the guilt, the addictive personality (alcohol, most definitely, and quite possibly drugs), the anger problems…the list goes on and on. Yes, Dean’s worked through some of this stuff since season 1, but he’s also suffered from huge setbacks - most notably because he was tortured and forced to torture in Hell, and let’s not mention what happened to him under the influence of the Mark. So it’s not like he’s this huge catch.

Okay, you’re still reading? Good. Sorry for this - remember that I love Dean, I’m just fooling around, and I’m almost done. Last point, then: Crowley could have anyone. And by that I don’t only mean any person - from famous actors to beautiful top models to amazing writers and artists and whatever - he also has access to creatures like Naomi and Billie and God knows what else. And Dean’s interesting, sure, but he’s human, which is why this whole story - him and Cas, him and Crowley - is so damn fascinating: because these all-powerful creatures could pick anyone, and they want a messy human. They want us, they think we’re worth a damn. That’s the stuff of dreams, right there, and the reason even a truly awful book like Twilight was such a huge success.

That said, back to your actual question - why would Dean like, or even forgive, Crowley? 

To be honest, I think what Dean craves most of all is a sense of belonging; someone who’s been where he’s been, because he’s not all that good with words and feelings and he can’t explain that black mess and goo in his head and he needs someone to get it anyway - which means his best bet is someone who’s just as messed up as he is, and if at all possible, for the same reasons.

I feel this is part of why his relationship with Sam unraveled in the first place (before they patiently pieced it back together, I mean): because Sam has a hard time acknowledging a common history between them, and in a way, he’s right. For instance, Sammy didn’t know about the monsters as a kid, and when he did learn about them, he apparently had little trouble (at first) adjusting to this new lifestyle. His experience of coming to terms with the whole thing was much different than Dean’s - Dean who almost watched his mother die and thought God knows what every time their dad left them alone to go hunting. Then again, Dean was trained for this kind of life in a way Sam wasn’t, and as a result Sam felt much more of a freak than Dean. We also learned he sees his childhood as a lonely one, and it was heartbreaking to see how Dean reacted to that. And not only that - Sam actively chose to make his own life, divorcing their shared experiences even more. Sam’s the kid who went to college and had proper friends and a normal girlfriend and almost made it out. Meanwhile, Dean had more hunting with his abusive father, and also the terrifying situation of hunting alone - not to mention the rest of it - the lack of friends and girlfriends and anything resembling a normal life. 

(I’m not saying Sam’s at fault for getting out, mind - he had a right to do whatever he wanted.)

I think this mass of uncommon and scarring experiences - add to that his time in Hell, of course - is what pushes Dean towards people who’ve gone through the same things, like Benny - and Crowley. And also, Dean’s got no self-esteem, so he probably thinks he’s not much better than either of them. After all, we know he likes killing things (and he’s afraid of this part of himself), and it’s likely he was made to enjoy his time in Hell as well - and that’s what unforgivable, for him, and also what Sam can’t begin to understand. 

Now, Crowley - Crowley doesn’t judge Dean. Never has. He understands darkness, feels at home inside it, has seen and done literally everything, probably knows more about Dean than was strictly healthy for him to learn (I’m sure he knows everything about John, for instance, and also what Alastair did to Dean) and he takes it all. Dean’s tortured souls? So what? Dean wants to drink himself into oblivion or disappear in the bathroom with a hunky bartender? Bring it on. I think Dean feels - kind of free around Crowley, to be honest. And I’m not saying this is a good thing - the reason Sam and Cas nag Dean about his drinking, to mention just one thing, is that it’s legit bad for him - but I understand the appeal a Crowley-like could have (and does have).

And also: in a world of monsters and people pretending to be what they are not, Crowley is sort of honest.

Which is a paradox, but there you go. Dean knows Crowley’s a demon, so he’s not surprised when Crowley kills people. On some level, he probably remembers what that was like. On the other hand, he is suprised when Crowley goes out of his way to do something good for them - that’s weird behaviour, and the beginning of loyalty.

So, well. I’m sure Dean hasn’t exactly forgiven Crowley for all the shit he’s done, but a) he understands that’s what Crowley is (would you put down a cat because he kills mice?) and b) he likes to have someone around who doesn’t expect anything from him and c) he pities Crowley, I think, because he can see that the guy’s not a happy-go-lucky demon but someone who’s almost as conflicted and unhappy as Dean himself is.

(And now I’m thinking about another similar, fucked-up relationship - Frodo and Gollum. You see? Same boxes. They both knew what the ring was like, so they formed a kind of kinship even if they remained ready to betray each other or hurt each other at a moment’s notice.

And Sam, of course, like our Sam, never understood any of it.)

Finally, Crowley’s sort of Dean’s type - dark-haired, smart, bamf, a little (or a lot) unpredictable. Someone who can hold him down in bed and doesn’t need saving in a fight. And that voice.

As a last point, I feel I have to say this - I’m kind of with Dean on this one - how can we judge Crowley? Have you met Team Free Will? Honestly, the shit they’ve done - not to mention the dark entities they keep summoning up just to save each other’s lives - uh. No, I think all of these characters are really messed up, and I love it - the way this shows blurs the lines between good and evil is one of the main reasons I keep watching. 

Thanks for putting Crowley inside my head and have a good day, man!

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I'm the anon who asked about when DD comes back in S8 and I just want to say he is back and I am so happy (I'm currently watching 3 words)

I’m happy you’re happy anon! I remember my own joy and relief. Also, here’s a link to what should’ve been said in Three Words, by @kateyes224

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as much as i never actually liked katherine that much i'd like to see what happened to her bc i think they butchered her exit the first time, it would be interesting to see her come back

So you think she’ll come back in s8? I think she would as a illusion or hallucination…but not in true form, unless they find a way to open up hell…which let’s be honest, was really really shitty of the writers to send her to hell..when she was one of the best villains, but lame ass way for her to go. Especially when characters like Silas and Markos made it to the other side. UGH 


Season 8 is the final season of The Vampire Diaries (there are gonna be 16 episodes in total)