Her weapon of choice is a Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe (VBCS) dubbed Gambol Shroud. There are three forms to Gambol Shroud. When sheathed, her weapon is able to slice opponents in two with its cleaver-like cover. However, when unsheathed, it becomes even deadlier, and Blake is able to use both the blade and sheath in tandem against her opponents.

Fave RWBY Weapons (no.9) ~ Blake’s VBCS

Did anyone notice the anger in Cinder’s voice when she was talking to Ozpin? There’s a familiarity between them, you can visually see that this is more than just a play for power, it’s personal.

Just look at the expression on her face –

She was right about you. Such arrogance…”

We can only speculate about who “she” is – but damn if this doesn’t say something about whatever history Ozpin and Cinder have together.