David isn't perfect: a PSA

Okay. So after the latest episode (That’s S02E07, ‘Bonjour Bonquisha’) I’ve been seeing a ton of people saying “That was ooc! David would never do that!”

I love David. I love him as much as the next fan, maybe more than is strictly necessary, and I love his flaws, too, and I’m here to tell you
Yes he absolutely would.

And the only way I can think of is to list, under the cut, every point of evidence for why I completely think David would punch someone, along with general flaws that people seem to be more than happy to overlook.

We’re going episode by episode folks and it’s gonna get long but I’ve been awake since 4 am and nothing’s gonna hold me back

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Soulmate AU where you can hear your soulmates thoughts.

Someone asked for a part two!!!!!!!!

Pairing: Ryan x Reader

You sat anxiously in your living room already regretting your decision of inviting Ryan over. You heard him fumble around and heard his excitement through his thoughts. You tried to keep your thoughts at bay but of course Ryan caught on eventually.

I can turn around if you want me to. I don’t want to push you. I’d understand. You sigh and sit back down from your pacing.

No, no. I want to meet you. I’m just nervous i’m going to be not what you want and.

(Y/n), stop it. Just come open your door.  Your heart stopped. He was here now. You slowly open the door and before you can say anything a pair of lips is on yours. You were taken aback and stumbled backwards. He pulls back just to wrap his arms around your waist and pull you close.

“That was supposed to be more romantic…” His voice was deep and intoxicating and much better in person. You blink a couple times and just look at him. His stare is full of concern and you can’t do anything but just lean up and kiss him again. This time both of you are more prepared and his grip on your waist tightens and he pulls you closer.

This time when you pull away both of you are smiling. “I put the Cokes in the fridge but I don’t know how cold they are that was literally ten minutes ago.” He chuckles and kisses your forehead.

“It’s fine.” You pull him to your couch and motioned for him to sit while you run to the kitchen and catch your breath. Your soulmate was in your house and you had kissed him. He was a good kisser, you kind of wanted to do it again. You grab a diet coke out of the fridge and go back to the man in your living room.

“Here ya go.. I don’t know what you want to do but….” He grabbed your wrist and pulled you onto the couch with him.

“How about we cuddle and watch something or we can put something on, cuddle but end up making out. Your choice.” He shrugs and looks at you and your eyes go wide. He raises and eyebrow at you before speaking again. “I mean, i’m down to just sit here talk and cuddle don’t get me wrong! I’m just saying I’m also down to do more of what just happened at the door. But I know you’re probably tired.” You leaned into him and gently pressed your lips to his.

“As much as I’d like to continue, I am pretty exhausted. So cuddling sounds like the best answer.” He nods and pulls you closer to him as you wrap your arms around him and he does the same. You turn some random channel on while the two of you talk, well, Ryan talks. You try to keep yourself from falling asleep.

You don’t know how it happened but eventually the TV was off and you were given Ryan directions to your bedroom while he carried your almost sleeping form. Once you were placed on your bed and he was bidding you goodnight.

“Ryan?” He stopped in your doorway, knowing what was coming.

“Yeah?” He didn’t turn to look at you knowing he couldn’t say no to you.

“You look like you’re wearing pretty comfortable clothes. Do you wanna stay?” You saw his should go up and down in a sigh and got scared you pushed too far. “You don’t have to it’s okay I totally understand.” You rolled over so you weren’t facing the doorway. You closed your eyes and waited to hear the front door close, thinking how stupid do you have to be to mess up with your soulmate.

“Stop thinking you messed up.” You hear Ryan speaking softly as the bed dips down and an arms goes around your waist pulling you into a hard chest. You roll around to meet Ryans soft eyes and smile. “I can stay for a little but I have work tomorrow and I’ll need to let my dogs out.” You nod softly, smiling.

“I don’t know if you know this but you’re still in my bed.” You giggle sleepily and he chuckles softly and wraps an arm around you pulling you closer.

“I’m aware i’m here. Are you complaining?” You shake your head and bury it in his chest. You feel him laugh and kiss the top of your head. “Get some sleep dear. I’ll stay until you’re asleep.” You yawn and slowly drift into sleep barely hearing his soft, “I’ll wait as long as you need me.”

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AH Summertime fun? With some reader x trevor?

Word Count: 1285

“Jesus, Larry!” you all but shouted as you stepped out of the bathroom and gripped tighter to the towel wrapped around you. Larry laughed a little and raised the camera in his hands up so it was just focused on your face. “Sorry, Y/N, just trying to do my job,” he said with a shrug, turning around to head the other direction. You sighed and rolled your eyes before heading to the left to the room that you were staying in.

Due to some extra life stretch goals and some creative pitching to the company, Achievement Hunter had somehow ended up on a week long vacation in a rented house in Florida. One of the main deals was that there would be videos put on fairly regularly on the website of whatever shenanigans the group of you got up to.

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Where You Work (RT Preference)


Animation has always been an interest of yours. You started out drawing little cartoon sketches for fun but it slowly evolved into a job at Rooster Teeth in their animation department. You worked on helping with Camp Camp’s animation, working closely with all involved. You had fun with the different members of the animation department, they became your family. Sometimes you would be offered a role in one of the animated series which you happily took. You weren’t in the spotlight very often but the community loved it when you were.

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The Hits Keep Coming

Finished it roughly 12 hours ago.  In the process of re-reading the last 4 chapters because, in typical KC fashion, they were very full of action and I was rushing and missed things.  The implications of a few things in those last chapters have been hitting me randomly over the past 12 hours.  I expect more to hit as I re-read and add some commentary for a review and a chapter by chapter analysis re-read style. 

Having this group to chat with about the books has been a Godsend.  I have a couple local friends who read them but they aren’t as deep into it as you all are.  I enjoy reading all of your analysis and seeing your graphics, even if I don’t always comment.  Your likes, reblogs, and comments mean the world to me.  So thank you.  

David x reader: prom and other things

I just love my reader inserts. I never went to my hs prom and I’m kinda regretting that now. I honestly feel like I suck at writing for David. Like I’m just not used to how he would act. I tried not to be too ooc. I kinda just based him off of my bf because we’ve defiantly had fights like these where I’m just super emotional and he’s like noooooo it’s okay uwu but anyways have some angst!! I love angst!! Listening to: the night we met- lord Huron and flightless bird- iron and wine
It’s a double shot like David is remembering prom while taking care of his emotional gf who just lost her job and feels like the world is crumbling
Again done in Val’s characteristics so she’s what I based reader off of

Her white dress flowed as she walked down the first couple steps into the large ball room. She had gone alone because she was the type to never show interest in anyone else. No one expected her to look the way she did tonight.
“Who’s that?”
“I think that’s.. (name?)”

Her hair was curled and flowed down to her back. She radiated grace and beauty. Never once had she felt this powerful.

“David” Gwen lightly punched her friend’s arm, “look.” The young man turned to see his childhood crush walking down the steps into the ballroom. His face flushed a bright shade of red as the world around him spun. Nothing in the world seemed to matter now. The girl he so desperately wanted to ask out was only feet away from him and had locked eyes with him. She gave David a warm smile and his world began to light up.


“Just leave me alone David!” (Name) began to run out into the street where her car had been parked. Rain engulfed her and she could feel her hair begin to get heavy with water.
“I’m just trying to help you. Please let me help you” a man with auburn hair began to run after her but stopped before getting wet in the rain himself.
“Why should I?” The woman quickly snapped back around to face him while unlocking her car. “My life is hell David! There’s no point to it all! What do you expect me to do anymore? I keep trying and trying and nothing ever works out. And what do you know of anything!? Everybody loves YOU. You’re just GREAT! Aren’t you?” She was getting drenched in rain and her makeup began to smudge. David could see all the little imperfections. She wasn’t beautiful. She was hurting.


David kept his eyes locked with hers as he began to approach her. (Name) continued to descend the staircase until David and her met at the bottom.
“Wow, (name), you look absolutely…”
“What?” The girl’s face began to flush deeply while giving David a playful question-filled face.
“Beautiful” His face matched (name’s) and he quickly looked at the floor.
“I was wondering.. if maybe you wanted to dance with me?”
(Name) smiled widely and laughed slightly, “I was hoping you’d ask.”


“We don’t have to talk about it right now. We don’t even have to talk about it in the next day. But please come here. You’re not safe” David tried to hide the panic in his voice. (Name) had been drinking after the news of her losing her job that she worked so hard for.
“So what?? Who would even care if I died? Who on this god forsaken planet would care” she gestured up to the sky and threw her head back, “tell me God? Why am I even here??” She then stuck up both her middle fingers to the sky as if to give a big “fuck you” to the universe.

“(Name) come here please” David kept his hand out hoping he’d grab it. “Please come here” He made a couple steps out onto the sidewalk and braced himself for the rain. It was a warm summer night and the rain felt refreshing from all the warmth and smog of the city.

“Leave me alone, David” she was about to get in the car when she felt her arm being grabbed and then her whole body pulled into a warm embrace.
“I’m sorry, (name) but I can’t let you go. You’re not in any condition to drive. I don’t want you to die. Even if you think no one else would care, I would. And that counts for something right?” (Name) began to take fistfuls of David’s shirt and started beating at his chest.
“Fuck you david let me go! I don’t want your help!” Her beating began to slow down and got softer. Her body grew limp and David could feel his chest burn with hot, wet tears. He could feel the girl touching him begin to tremble. David quickly threw his arms around her and began rubbing her back.
“Shhhh it’s okay. I promise everything will be okay” David held (name) tightly and rested his head on top of hers. The rain kept coming down, but David felt a sense of relief because of it. It was a sort of baptismal symbol that David needed for (name). The young woman began to hic in between sobs and David kissed the top of her head while swaying gently.
“I love you and I promise nothing is going to happen to you”

(Name) clutched onto David while the two continued swaying back and forth. They had been dancing together for two hours and now were some of the last couples on the dance floor. David had his arms wrapped tightly around his dance partner with his head resting on hers. He wished he could stay like this for the rest of his life. The two of them against everybody else.