mbti as things I’ve said as the coxswain of a rowing team

ISTJ: “Do you WANT to ram a bridge and die today?”

INTJ: “And on our starboard side, you can see the Mines of Moria.”

ISTP: “Please don’t sing Hozier in the boat.”

INFJ: “Don’t push off you idiots I’M STILL ON THE DOCK!”

INFP: “Is everyone still alive? No deaths today?”

ESFP: “hey uh did anyone remember the boat snacks?”

ENFP: *accidentally presses the siren button on the coach’s megaphone*

ENTP: “We are STRONG! We are MEN!” *is a 115-lb woman*

ENTJ: “I will not refer to you as ‘matey’, but I will answer to ‘captain’.”


ISFJ: *sneezes into the mic*

ISFP: “I’m small, frozen, and responsible for steering. Leave me alone.”

INTP: “This is the warship, lads.”

ESTP: “I know what a penis looks like, actually.”

ESFJ: “I’m not allowed to swear during a race but you get the idea.”


It takes years to learm how to steal, to use the cover of the night. It’s not easy. You have to practice it. And you need someone who knows what they’re doing to teach you. You’ve got to be aware of everything at once. And you always have to be careful about making noise. You’ve to learm to move without noise.”

- Richard Ramirez.

@whimsykttn   asked for  "is this….a giant spider web?“ + Batkids

Stephanie looked up towards the church spires, the twisted peeks stabbing through the clouds and into the dark sky beyond. Among the mangled metal was a silky net, cast between the steeples like a fishing net for the stars. Looking around, the other people around her were all staring up at the tower, squinting to see how far it went towards the heavens. 

“Is this….” she started, making eye contact with Tim. “A giant spider web?”  

“I think so?” Harper didn’t sound so sure. “What’s it doing there?”

Dick pushed past them, taking a running leap towards the degraded church and jumped up on a windowsill, reaching up and flipping himself up higher. “We better get climbing!” He called down.

Harper sighed, following suit. “Of course monkey boy is the first to find the whole climbing-an-old-church-and-probably-get-tetanus thing fun.” Cass silently followed. 

“How did it even get there?” Tim questioned, as he gave Damian a bost to a higher ledge. 

“And how do we get rid of it?” Damian added, reaching a hand down for Tim to grab and flip himself up on the ledge along with his brother. 

“Jay-son?” Cass questioned, head tilted to the side. 

Stephanie paused her climbing to look back down at Jason, who stood there with his gun’s drawn, ammo already loaded. His eyes were darting around the cemetery and past the old picket fence. “What are you doing Jay?” Steph called, waving to get his attention. “You don’t wanna climb?”

Jason shook his head. “You guys really do ask dumb questions, don’t you?”

Everyone paused on their climbing adventure, glaring down at Jason. “Well, what question do you think is relevant, oh powerful questioner?” Harper snarked, sitting confortably on a wooden beam. 

Glaring at her, Jason pointed his gun upwards. Dick stood out of his crouch, prepared to leap in front of Harper or either one of his siblings if Jason were to shoot them. “You’re asking ‘how did it get there’ and ‘how do we get rid of it’ but you’re not asking the big question.”

“Todd, this grows meaningless.” Damian snapped, pulling splinters out of his gloves. “Just tell us the question. Stop making us guess.”

“Where is the spider?” 

A shrill scream came from the church roof, and a giant funnel-web spider scuttled out from behind the building, the legs almost hiding the structure. Everyone turned and immediately went into battle positions. Jason fired some rounds at the spider and it reared back, hissing into the night. 

“Well…” Steph laughed, ducking under a plank as a leg almost hit her. “Now we know!”