((Not going to lie, when I started this RP blog I figured I’d be lucky to get 100 followers, so the fact that I’m making this post at all comes as a huge shock. Also, this is a few days late, but ignore that. I guess, besides an appreciation post, this is also sort of a follow forever?

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holy shit guys i honestly did not think i’d be making one of these so soon so pls forgive the crappy edit and my general ramblings. 

like it’s only been just over a month and there’s already 200 of you wow i am in shock and also thank you. 

when i first began this blog, i was honestly so scared. i’d been told many tales about how bad the game of thrones fandom was in general on tumblr, but also how worse the rp got fandom was. so i was expecting to only last a week or 2, and i was terrified to interact with anybody. however, you guys are honestly the loveliest set of roleplayers i’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. i’ve been accepted with open arms, and each ic and ooc interaction i’ve had is just wonderful. so i’d just like to thank you all for proving my doubts wrong and being awesome people. 

now, onto the actual follow forever part. i’d just quickly like to apologise if i have missed you out, and i’d put each and every one of you on here if i could. but my memory is terrible, but i still love you all the same. 

the bae 

rexpirata - oh gen, my sweet, sweet summer child. not only have you been an amazing friend irl, but also on here. you were the one that convinced me to finally make this blog, and i cannot thank you enough. your portrayal of elizabeth is wonderful, and i’m pretty sure her and missandei are gonna take over the world together. 

special snowflakes (you babes who i love interacting with so much and hold a special place in both mine and missandei’s hearts ) 

~ celt-miilomyrandx ~ winterhellsbaker ~ brokenbirdofthenorth ~ wcrthlcss ~ kxngcrow ~ inavva-tothegreatstallion ~ draqoness ~ upjumpedcutthroat ~ dariadraconis

sweet summer children ( those of you i have interacted with a little, or not at all but seeing you on my dash makes my day and i love you) 

~ opheliaximmortal ~ worshipsonlydeath ~ sansa-sstark ~ bastarddxll ~ conqueror-of-lemoncakes ~ rosareginam ~ thebxstardofbolton ~ motherofasgard ~ drakarysdaria ~ gentlestag ~ abrideoffire ~ valarmorghulis–valardohaeris ~ lionessinthewatergarden ~ fiercebark ~ nxharis ~ shewalkswithsun ~ iarainn ~ roothlesssnow ~ mhyssaa ~ themaskbegins ~ lyannablackfyre ~ thracixn ~ herunfailingkindness ~ silkssongsandchivalry

again i’m sorry if i missed you out, but that doesn’t mean i love you any less! but thank you all for being amazing and putting up with me! 


SakiRyuu - Tanabata Edition

Saki:That’s right!♪( ´▽`) It’s been a while since the last time I met Ryuuji so we talked together!^^
Alright! I’m going to do my best too!!☆”

Ryuuji: “Well then, how about we play shiritori to decide who gets to be Hikoboshi and who gets to be Orihime?
Then I’ll start first with Ri from Shiritori.

Saki: “That’s a nice idea. Then I’m going to take the role of Orihime… no, Hikoboshi!!
N… N… The game won’t continue…
N… N… N… N’Djamena!!!
I hope we can work together again!!”

I don’t need to ship them because they ship themselves. _(:3」∠)_ (Also they are the best Kenya+Zaizen roleplayers/fic writers. Like seriously). 

More Scottish Slang/Sayings

(Apparently people didn’t like that the last one had things that English said as well, so here is one more Scottish oriented with Scots spelling and all! Other Scots, feel free to add to it)

1. Tatties- Potato
2. Swally- Bevvy- Going out/having a drink (Ye swallying the night?)
3. Naw- No
4. Sound- Great (Aw that’s a sound plan!)
5. Braw- great/good/beautiful (She’s braw as fuck/it’s a braw day the day)
6. Ken- Know (Ken what I mean?)
7. Cannie- Can’t
8. Manky/Mokkit/Clarty- Dirty/filthy (He’s a clarty bastard/He’s fucking mokkit)
9. Reekin- Stinking
10. Coo- Cow
11. Dug- Dog
12. Baw- Ball
13. Ringing- Very wet (Got caught in the rain, my clothes are ringing)
14. Heid- head
15. Hoose- House
16. Baltic- cold/freezing (It’s baltic outside)
17. Skelf- Splinter, like the type you get in your finger from wood
18. Blether- chat (We had a nice blether)
19. It’s a belter- It’s brilliant
20. wits oan the box - what’s on the TV
21. Carry Out/Carry Oot- getting a load of alcohol from the shop for a night of drinking
22. Cracks me up - very funny/makes me laugh
23. Dingied- ditched/abandoned (My mates aw dingied me)
23. Aw- Oh. (Aw right)
24. Aw- all (I got aw the books)
25. A grass- A snitch
26. The Pictures- The Cinema
27. Going for the messages- I’m going shopping/to the supermarket
28. Skelp- smack/hit (I’ll skelp you/you might skelp a childs bottom if they’ve been bad)
29. Yer aff yer heid- You’re off your head/you’re crazy
30. Ah Dinnie Ken- I don’t know
31. Ah- I
32. Auld- Old
33. Boke- Gag/vomit. (Aw the smell is giving me the boke)
34. Dae (Pronounced “day”)- Do (Dae you understand?)
35. Haud- Hold (Haud this for a second)
36. A Piece- a sandwich
37. Yin- One (He’s a bad yin like)
38. Greet- Cry (Aw he’s going to go greet now)
39. Crabbit- Grumpy/short tempered (He’s so crabbit)
40. Mingin- Disgusting (That’s mingin)
41. Taps aff- Tops off/taking off your shirt
42. Mad wae it- being very drunk (I was mad wae it last night)
43. Chebs- boobs
44. Poke of chips- Bag of chips
45. Bird- both the animal and female humans (Did ye see the bird I pulled?)
46. A Roaster- an annoying person (He’s a roaster)
47. Wee- Small
48. Bampot- idiot
49. Blutered- Very drunk
50. Dour- Glum, miserable (He’s well dour)
51. Stookey- plaster cast for a broken arm/leg
52. Hogmanay- New Years Eve
53. Sheep Shaggers- people from Aberdeen.

“:Antagonists can be a little hard to pull off… specially if most (if not, all) of their motives and goals are unknown, but my personal favorite for pulling this kind of stunt off would be blazblue’s roleplayer, suneikusu! His portrayal of the Hazama/Terumi duo is so refined that it makes me keep wanting more and more of his content! I enjoy them a lot so when they see this, know that somebody out there loves your writing to death! Keep on trolling and making ridiculous twists out there, my man!”

willa fitzgerald gif hunt @ nandahelps

Quantity: 53

Size: Small and Medium. 

Here’s a gif pack of the FC Willa Fitzgerald (Scream, the TV Show). None are mine, I just gathered and edited them to make it roleplayable. Don’t claim them as yours if they’re not. They should be all under 1MB, so you shouldn’t have any problem uploading them. Please like or reblog if used.

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roleplayer appreciation series.

tornhumanity and divine-clarity. Alice (Abernathy) and Nadia as written by Christina. She plays two characters that weren’t nearly given as much background information as they should. Both characters don’t have last names (or assumed last names) and Christina brings them both completely alive. In fact, a lot of people assume Nadia is an original character which makes me sad. Everyone in the world needs to watch Pandorum, it’s a damn good movie. She’s made quite a few people love both Alice and Nadia. Especially Alice, a character built around nothing but action and violence, Christina brings out all the emotional aspects Alice is capable of. She looks deep into the turmoil of being infected. For Nadia she looks deep into the turmoil of Pandorum (insanity). Her writing is excellent and she puts such emotional depth into it. As for Christina herself, I loved her writing and she, as a person, so much I started dating her. She’s honestly helped me through so much shit. Helped me get over an ex. Helped me get out of an abusive relationship. She not only means the world to me, but I owe her the world. She’s peaceful and she’s always happy to stay positive. Such a wonderful human being a+ and I’m so sorry you’re stuck with me.

You should all watch Pandorum where mutated humans feast on survivors. Great horror. As for Alice, don’t judge hers simply on the movie. You’ll regret it.  

Keeping myself on anon bc hate. Am I the ONLY Pinecest shipper who actually is disgusted by all of the sex? And loves the fluffy ROMANTIC aspect of pinecest instead? It seems that whenever I enter into the pinecest tag, it’s all NSFW NSFW NSFW. I would blacklist it, but I’m new to tumblr so I don’t know how to. I’d really love to meet a writer or a roleplayer or artist who doesn’t write nothing but smut, and I’d love to see some art/fics with the more psychological and emotional, realistic part of Dipper and Mabel’s relationship!

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roleplayer appreciation series.

Rebelliosus, Moira Burton as written by Elizabeth. Roleplaying with this woman has been nothing but a pleasure. Liz is pleasant, sweet and completely peaceful to be around. She’s never once made me feel inferior and never once disrespected our friendship. I, personally, know I have her as a partner and a friend for quite awhile. I never have to worry about being pushed aside with this woman. She honestly means a whole ton to me. As a person, Liz is incredibly beautiful inside and outside. As a roleplayer, her writing is amazing. It’s smooth to read and I’m either laughing, crying or trying to figure out why I somehow missed jumping out from behind the feels train. Her grammar is perfect, but she doesn’t over exemplify anything. I never have to jog my brain to figure out words, but her writing is still wonderful and beautiful itself. Characterization wise, she could be Moira Burton for all know. I think it’s perfect, spot-on. She has a love for the character and it shows in everything she writes. In all honesty, whenever ANY thread of hers appears on my dashboard, I find myself reading it. I have a large soft spot for Moira Burton and Liz fills it.

So, thank you for making it easy to be friends with. Thank you for shipping Burtonfield with me and most of all, thank you for being yourself. You are one of the few reasons I still return Claire.  

ooc; hiatus

ooc; I’m not really sure if I want to remake xemnas again or just leave him as is because right now, but to be honest, lately I’m not really feeling the KH and I’ve been more occupied with other roleplay blogs. Xemnas has been my oldest muse where Tumblr roleplay is concerned, and now with lots of new Xemnas roleplayers (which is a good thing! Back in my day it’s hard as hell to find them) and shit happening (that I don’t care to talk about, it’s very personal) that’s basically ruined much of my experience with Kingdom Hearts lately.. it’s been pretty hard to keep this blog alive without me thinking twice or thrice.

if you want me I’ll either be on driiftisms or shiningfriiday, but as far as I’m concerned right now, in the near future, this account will probably be retired until further notice, and even if I remake him again? He’s going to be reserved only for close friends of mine that I’ve made over the years.

Thanks for everything. It’s been a fun 6-7 years, but I think I’ve stretched Xemnas to my limit. 

anonymous asked:

BH6 rps you recommend?

Oh, my goodness honestly there’s so many great roleplayers out there so if you are a BH6 roleplay and your url isn’t on this list please don’t be offended, these are simply the people I have interacted with or look up to senpainoticeme and they are the first to come to mind.

Hiro- the-littlest-hamada, nerdschooled, & microbcts

Tadashi- nerdschoolgenius, roboticiist, & selflessbrother

Gogo- gogoing-gxne, celeritxs, & gogo-fuq-urself

Honey Lemon- hxneylemon, pxriodic, & sweetchemiist

Fred- fred-freaking-lee

Wasabi- ispilledonetime, & appliedxphysics

Aunt Cass- strxsseating

Callaghan- ulciiscor

Baymax- diiagnosiis