This is the Undertale Gender Appreciation post!

This is just a fun little game for all of you Artists, Ask Blogs, and Roleplayers to participate in!

This game is simple and open for all to join in. Draw a picture of your Undertale muse holding a sign that expresses they’re gender pronoun preferences. The goal of this game is to explore the diversity of this fandom and everyone’s individual interpretations of characters. We share our interpretations and appreciate each others’ differences and enjoy everyone’s work for what they represent.

Anyone is welcome to add a photo to this post! Whether you’re a canon character or an AU character or even an original character, you are free to join in and add your muse to this post!

Let’s show some love for everyone’s views and spread this post far and wide!

On Underage Smut

As a 18+ roleplayer, I should NOT have to consistently remind minors over and over and over again that absolutely under no circumstances will I roleplay smut and anything relating to smut with someone who’s underage. It’s illegal. You’re going to get me trouble with the fucking law. Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t, and I’m not going to go spend time in jail because you just had to write porn.

“But I had to lie about my age! No one will RP with minors anymore!” 

Well gee fucking willikers! I wonder why that’s a thing? You think it has something to do with the fact that minors don’t care about the well-being of their adult partners and jump through hoops to get in on that saucy, naughty fiction?

Bitch all you want, but there’s a reason 18+ rpers won’t write with minors much these days, and it has everything to do with smut. Now how do you fix this? Just wait the next few years out and, when you’re finally legal, you can start sending in NSFW prompts. But, until then, keep it to yourself.

  • Dolorosa roleplayers:she's a mom
  • Signless roleplayers:well we've got a pretty good backstory in canon, and I like to throw a bit of both Karkat and Kankri in there, plus, eh, I ought to give him a little angst
  • Disciple roleplayers:I spent three months on this backstory and never get to tell it
  • Psiioniic roleplayers:Here's a list of his mental illnesses and how each manifests a little differently from usual media depictions, a timeline of his life, detailed and unique descriptions of how and why psionics work, a play-by-play heartwrenching account of That Thing That Happened When He Was Five, a....

anonymous asked:

Actually, I am serious. It should be taken as a compliment that I expect a certain standard. If you are online and you see a reply or an ask, then it should be replied to immediately. Just because their portrayal and writing is good does not give them an excuse to be online but not reply. I'm sure your followers hold you at the same standard.

                              Honey. Are you okay? Do you get attention outside of RP? Do you know what it’s like to be human? Because I’m pretty sure “don’t rush me” is a common rule everyone has and it’s difficult to give someone a reply if you have no motivation for that particular ask/thread. Or, the individual is more entranced by other plots or AU’s. Or, it’s easier to come up with replies for certain things than it is others on the spot. Heaven forbid someone should take their time to construct something for their partner that doesn’t seemed rushed or half-assed. But, judging by your words, I see you lack empathy, which would explain why some might take longer to work on your reply. I wouldn’t want to give you the time of day either. Not with that attitude. But, I’m answering your ask to entertain your self-entitled behavior and so all of my followers can see how ridiculous you are. Also, thanks for the IP address. Papa bless.

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The Captain pursed his lips in thought and leaned over the back of Chekov's chair "Shipping huh? Well I always thought you and I could be kinda cute." He teased the younger Ensign, a cheeky grin on his face as he peered around to see the reaction.

Pavel couldn’t say anything, he just blushed deeply, a slight smile on his face. He really wasn’t expecting that reaction from the Captain, that’s for sure.

The Blood Knight & The Ranger

                                 “Try not to…patrol too much.”

                                 “Wear this. It will keep you safe.”

                                         “Captain, a word.”

                          “Will you do me the honor…”   “…Yes.”

                     “It’s a boy.”             “His name shall be Thalion.”

Ten years ago, if you asked me where I would have seen myself in this time, it wouldn’t have been here. I always thought I would die upon the field or in service to the Rangers in some glorious last stand upon the wall; much like my Father before me. But I know now that things can change and in this case, for the better. When I met you, my world shifted. From the moment our hands came together to the day I brought our Son screaming into this world, I have never once regretted the path. In fact, I look upon it fondly. For without you, it would be darkness. You are my Heart and Soul. My Knight and my Friend. I love you with all that I am…and ever will be.
- Yours,

{10 years ago, I logged onto my main character and came to stand beside a roleplayer that wrote like no one else I have ever seen. His posts were…euphoric and left me craving to read more. 

It started out slow and gradually grew into this story between the Blood Knight and the Ranger. He went on to lead as a Knight Lord and she as the Ranger Captain. This happened over extensive role play and we kept their relationship hidden so well, no one knew. 

Then we broke the line and started to converse out of game. Harmless flirtation lead to all night skype conversations…which eventually brought us together. We often joke that he broke out of the ‘friend zone’ but really, two friends fell in love. 

Today is our Seven Year Anniversary. And there isn’t a day that goes by that we are not as loving and caring to one another as we were the first day we met face to face in the airport. 

I married this man by the water under an archway…just as our characters had done almost six years ago and I will never regret it.

So Happy Anniversary to the love of my life, my friend, and the best Roleplay Partner I could have ever asked for. You are my Mirror. }

( @santhoril )

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heya love! do you have any blog recommendations for me? i want to follow more dark souls related blogs! canon and oc characters are great, just dark souls stuff/art etc as well. :)

// hello!! i actually follow almost only exclusively rp blogs, and not that many too! i’d recommend just about anyone i’m mutuals with, as they are all fantastic people, but that would be something like. 80 people 

so I’m going to link you a handful of them? 

@abysswalkin @axemurderercreighton @faraam-unbroken @goat-horned-merchant @incendia-orbis @jenessa-the-darkmoon @jesterthcmas @knightshonour @londoria @lostforossanknight @marylinofvinheim @ofthedarksun @ringfinger-leonhard @saintoflondor @soul-of-astora @soulofsalt @undeadchosen @vitorofthescaleless @whitebirchprincess