When they were going to do a reveal for Hawkmoth, I was expecting him to be, like, ashamed of himself? Cause the reason he is doing this apparently is because of his wife. So you’d expect him to not be happy about it and still be trying to be a loving father and try to bring his family back together.

But nOPE. Instead what we fucking got ladies and fucking gentleman was a narcissistic fucking shit eating grin like he was happy about it??? Look at this shit

Like what about your son dude?? Are you not ashamed of yourself?? You’re doing this for your wife remember?? Not for your little sadistic antics cause you’re a fucking psycho, like, shit, what happened to wanting your family together and shit, do you not remember that little detail??

AGAIN your fucking SON, he looks up to you. He wants a normal family but nooOOO, you had too much fun fucking around with kids and their emotions (that sounded wrong but that’s not the point), you’re supposed to be looking for your WIFE, but from what we can tell is that you’re not ashamed at all and are you even TRYING TO FIND HER AT THIS POINT. You even broke his FUCKING DRAWING THAT WAS FRAMED


When I was expecting a reveal, I was expecting at least “I have to do this for her” or “my son needs this”. No? We’re not gonna get any of that? Well fuck me then you piece of shit, I hope you burn in hell along with the rest of your fucking butterfly minions. You’re fucking lucky he has friends and a future gf that actually love him for his fucking sun rays and happiness or id personally fly to Paris and KICK you in the fucking nuts you asswipe.

that is all.


2005 - 2012 comfort/survival band is back together. Didn’t know this was happening. I feel this shit album might be a message from God and if you love me you should listen to it

feelings hit me every time Aomine gets to spend time with Nigou (⁎⚈᷀᷁▿⚈᷀᷁⁎)another reason AoKuro is canon goddamnit(*≧▽≦)

yeah, and also - I wonder if it’s just me - I wholeheartedly adore guys who love dogs. Way more adorable than when they interact with a human baby IMHO. That’s why this ↑ happened.

i luv me a hot damn basketball player playing and taking care of a puppy, no more needed.