I’m dancing Benno in Swan Lake again tomorrow; last Swan Lake of the season at #estoniannationalballet!


im gonna be honest i’m quite drunk and i had this extraordinary idea to spell out each letter of fearless with my fingers because for some reason i thought it would be fun but i forgot that my fingers are very stumpy and then i couldn’t do the letter r so i wrote it in orange highlighter on an old receipt but my webcam is mirrored so it doesn’t even work and i suddenly became so tired i am just falling asleep in the last photo i’m very VERY excited to sleep

i think i don’t appreciate diary products enough sometimes and to be honest i don’t fully understand cats but i want to ok goodnight

If Taylor is happy then I am happy

But I’m just so worried about the media shit storm dragging her again I just feel like a protective parent not wanting their kid to get hurt again