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Ah yes, the good ol’ Romantic Misunderstanding also Hanzo’s a weird nerd

He wasn’t there when you woke up.

It was a regular enough occurrence to not concern you, so you went about your morning routine with no problem, only slightly disappointed that you didn’t immediately see him afterward. You double checked the date, just to confirm that it was, in fact, Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t as though you even expected anything… overt – Hanzo liked to keep his romantic life private, after all, but…

But it was like he was going out of his way to avoid you.

You barely caught sight of him except when he was leaving rooms, and on the rare occasion you caught him in the middle of something, just as you approached he always found an excuse to leave. It was strange – and a little disheartening. Something was bothering him; something you did was bothering him. Was it Valentine’s Day? You thought back on any time you may have unconsciously pressed him into taking action with this day in mind, but you fell short.

The more reasonable – rational – part of you would chalk it up to cultural differences, maybe it just wasn’t as big a thing in Japan, you weren’t sure, but your less sensible side…

You tried valiantly to keep yourself from tearing up, and for the most part it worked, except for the nagging little thought in the back of your mind Hanzo doesn’t love you he’s going to leave you which popped up every five minutes or so as you went about your day as normally as possible. And if anyone else picked up on your mood, they were good at hiding it, and nobody brought it up, for which you were thankful. (Best to be spared some dignity in what was shaping up to be something horrible.)

When all signs pointed to the inevitable, you at last braced yourself. You paced your room, mind turning over ways to reassure Hanzo it was okay that he no longer had feelings for you, and he didn’t owe you any obligation by staying in a relationship he was unhappy in, as much as your chest hurt throughout. In the middle of your mumbled ramblings, your door slid open behind you and you jumped, nearly spinning on your heel to spot Hanzo standing in the doorway with wide eyes, no doubt alarmed at your distressed appearance.

You tried and failed to speak, all the words you’d been rolling around in your skull drying up as soon as they made it to your mouth. Hanzo cleared his throat quietly, offered a soft ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ and a frankly impressive looking bouquet of flowers. 

“I understand that it is late, and I’m sorry that I could not find anything more suitable. I searched for a long time, for something worthy of your affection, but…” He laughed quietly, a little self deprecating. “I perhaps spent a little too long in the search. McCree had to remind me what day it was.”

He shifted self-consciously, the paper around the flowers crinkling with the motion, as you stared at him, mouth only slightly slack.

Oh. You had been overreacting. But even the visceral relief of having been wrong in the best way couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down your face. Hanzo’s expression immediately dropped into one of fear and you could see him hesitate to approach you, desperate words of apology at the ready. You gave him no time, and launched yourself at him, the flowers narrowly pulled away in time to avoid being crushed between your bodies.

Hanzo grasped for something to say, thrown off by your behavior. “I… If you dislike them, I can – “

You buried your face in his chest, clung a little tighter, the ache in your chest fading as his free hand stroked gently down your back.

“No, they’re wonderful. You’re wonderful.” You exhaled, breathless, relieved. “Thank you.”

Hey guys this is like new extremes of too personal but I feel like after all the messages I’ve been getting wishing my father well I owe it to you guys to tell you that after I visited him last night I came back to my hotel room and got the call that he had passed away..
I appreciate all the well wishes and how much you guys really cared but that’s just how it is…
I won’t be on much for a little while but I’ll try my best to still fill out requests and the giveaway stuff..
Thank you all again. I’ll be back soon.


Someone requested a preference a loooong time ago about the reader being short and curvy. I have a lot of newer requests to fill so I’m posting the original draft I had for Luke as a blurb instead, as I’m sure the anon who requested probably forgot about this prompt over a year ago. I’ll leave the boy as nameless, so you can just picture your favourite from the band, if you’d like. Happy reading!

(Really not 100% on this one, I wrote it back in October in 2015 and it’s far from my best, apologies for that. I just want to focus more on prompts that spark my inspiration, and this one doesn’t necessarily do that for me. Regardless, I hope you enjoy. God, this authors note must be longer than the actual blurb by now. I’ll stop.)


You stared in the mirror, looking at your reflection. You’d always had low confidence, even in your younger years - always the shortest  in your classes at primary school, yet the first girl too develop wide hips. Voluptuous curves followed soon after, but you hated your body. You’d always thought the word curvy to be a ‘nice’ word for fat, but your boyfriend thought otherwise. Your curves did things to him that he couldn’t even begin to explain. In his eyes, you were by far the sexiest woman he’d ever laid eyes on. Your short height only added to his infatuation he had with everything about you - he found it ridiculously cute that you stretched onto your tiptoes when you wanted a kiss from him, or that you had a stepladder/stool propped in your kitchen, ready for when your height once again became a problem.

That’s why when he walked in on you wearing incredibly high heels and sucking in your stomach, he was confused.

“Baby, what are you doing?” he asked, struggling to keep a straight face.

“I want to be taller, dumbass,” you replied, feeling your cheeks heat up slightly.

He burst into peals of laughter. “You’re cute.”

Before you could respond, he enveloped you in his arms and peppered the top of your head with chaste kisses.

“(Y/N), you’re perfect. I know what you’re doing, but I want you to stop. I love your height. To say that your curves are hot would be a complete understatement. I adore everything about you - height and curves included.”

You didn’t respond, only turning and burrowing yourself into his embrace and you let your feet slide out of those awful heels.

PS: If you’re short and curvy, please don’t be insecure. In fact, regardless of your body type, whatever shape, size, width, height you come in, don’t be insecure. Y'all are hot as hell. Keep your chin up, angels. Love always,

Steph x

I hate doing this...

…I really do and I apologize to everyone, but the current requests that i have just aren’t interesting to me. For most of them, they are simply requests I have already done but worded differently. I can’t bring myself to be excited about writing any of the 60 or so requests I have left from the last time I had them open.

That said, I am highly considering getting rid of the list of requests I currently have and reopening requests to start a fresh.

If there is anyone who sent in a request back in august/september whose request I never filled, I hope you aren’t angry. I just can’t find any way creatively to write up your imagine.

I feel terrible about it, but it’s better doing this than not writing anything for the next month until I figure out how to write something that’s longer than 200 words.


“Guys…” Barry said, trying very hard to reason with both you and Cisco. “I can do this, okay? I’m the fastest man alive.”

“Which is probably why you can’t keep your dates happy.” You replied quickly.

“Oh, snap! Get rekt!” Cisco barked before holding his hand up to give you a well-earned high five. “Up top, girl. That was the sickest burn this lab has ever seen.”

That’s when Barry looked between you and Cisco with an expression that was so done… “Seriously?”

(X) (X) (~♫♪~)


Happy birthday, Sen! @victornikiforovs ˉ̞̭(′͈∨‵͈♡)˄̻ ̊

Requests List

All requested writing (mostly blurb length) listed here! Also found under the “request: filled” tag. * demarcates smut.

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It’s About Balance Sequence Requests

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More About Anniversaries - It’s About Balance One Shot*

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Requests that spun into a lot more…. Oops.

Thirty Minutes and a Lemon Curd*

Three Days and a Lemon Curd* - Thirty Minutes and a Lemon Curd Part 002

Lemon Curds Anytime - Thirty Minutes and a Lemon Curd Part 003*

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Half request, half me being a weak ass

Still Not Fake*

Opposites Attract

Request: One were you have been married to Gabriel for centuries and the other angels let it slip in front of the Winchesters and they want to meet you and they are surprised because you are so soft spoken and kinda not like they thought

A/N: This was an anonymous request, but I hope they like it! From the way this was worded, it seemed like it would be hard to tell the whole story in the second-person, so while it’s still a reader-insert, I’ve tried third-person to write this one. Hope it didn’t turn out badly!

Author: Holly

Characters/Pairings: Gabriel/Reader, Sam, Dean, Samandriel

Word Count: 2,817

Y/N = Your Name; E/C = Eye Color; H/C = Hair Color


            The Winchesters had a poor habit of getting themselves in up to their throats, no matter what was going on in the supernatural world. If there wasn’t a furious horde of demons chasing after their blood, and there weren’t Leviathans framing them as serial killers, and there weren’t crazy relatives of God somehow threatening their lives, then they were just putting themselves in danger in other ways.

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