let me ask you something,

do you think you would float around in a dream too?

do you think i’m nervous because this is my first love?

I think you are the answer to all of my questions.

[ a surprise present for lovely rina, renders by the kind & talented jaymee ] / ©


2016 Motion Design Reel. All visual work by Aspen Excel.
Music: Mat Zo feat. I See MONSTAS - Sinful

This is Lily. I’ve never revealed her name on here because I wanted to give her a air of mystery. I feel I don’t post enough of her to have that be a thing anymore though. So this is Lily, the cat my Dad looks after. No one really owns her, she started off at the house across the road but Lily got sick of that owner not actually being there very often, not feeding her or giving her attention very often so she made her way over to this house of chaps who love cats to bits. After an incident in which she nabbed one of me ginger nuts (a biscuit/cookie not a euphemism) we realised she needed feeding too. So she’s ‘ours’ now. Our neighbour who used to own her doesn’t give a shit, so even better. Lily’s getting on now, a mutual neighbour seems to think she’s approaching 20 which would be remarkable considering her sprightliness come meal time! Her age might be more reflected in the faded colours of her coat: brown, ginger, even blonde and grey flecks here-and-there where there once was total black. We’ve had her a few years now and despite having a face that screams apathy she is such a darling, friendly spirit to be blessed with.


Thought I’d post some more snippets from work that I’ve especially loved! Some of my favorite opportunities at Funko arise when I can play with pre-production shenanigans, and these are all examples of that. One of the awesome things about my job is I can flutter around at any point in the figure making pipeline. Feed me sculpts and I’ll make them pretty!

Up top are two LoL action figures I had the opportunity to color up! Upon receiving the sculpts (masterfully altered into action figure form by Anna) I had the opportunity to go wild with metallics and neons in my product visualization, thanks to the higher price point of the action figures. The “beauty shot” pictured up above is a composite by Riot’s awesome marketing team! I supplied a lit render of the colored figures and they incorporated them in a sweet battle scene. Doing dramatic lighting and working outside of the box is super fun and the final product looks awesome!

Next are figures close to my heart!! The Preacher series was a blast to work on. Without a firm concept and just working off of loose concepts, the sculpts by the incredible Amanda and promotional images from the show I got the chance to design the simplification of design for the colors and patterns! Who knew designing eyebrows would be so much fun? This also means I am 100% to blame for the blood “spatter” (soak) pattern on Cassidy which I’m just silly happy about. So much fun.

Finally I just had to throw these Horror Mystery Minis in here - same as Preacher, I got to look through gobs of fun reference for these little dudes since the concepts were so loose and made color choices to inspire callouts for production! Concept artist Reis provided the pad prints, while the forever incredible Nnenna sculpted these puppies. I’d like to note Adam’s shirt pattern and teeny lil’ finger eyeballs, designed/painted with grumpy love, as well as um how adorable all of these are??? I want all of them.

That’s all for now! PEACE!