Witchsona commission for birbycakes of her and her sister.

potion/starlight/cute witch & charms/moonlight/elegant witch.


Lamborghini Megatech “Buggy” mid 1990s. During Megatech’s ownership of Lamborghini (1994-1998) they proposed a modular engine development based on the Lamborghini V12 which would see V6 and a 3-cylinder versions that could then be used in a range of more “affordable” Lamborghinis. The buggy proposal never progressed beyond the drawing board but was to be a 2 or 4 seat front engine/rear drive roadster which would have competed with the BMW Z3



Soldier 76!

Man, mask builds are hard!  I fought with this one for a solid week trying to get it to look right. There’s a ton going on in this, lots of complex curves, mostly in the visor and the main mouth covering.  That nose chamfer gave me some trouble, I’ll tell you.

I originally had this idea planned, where this would be a set of rings, where the visor would be a separate piece, and they’d fit together, but that wrap around made things difficult, and I eventually had to scrap it.

This piece was very close to getting sent to my design graveyard too, I was just getting discouraged and thought I wouldn’t be able to make it work. But, stuck with it, and it looks amazing now, if I do say so myself.  A little wider than I would have liked, but then it would either sit on the finger pretty awkwardly, or have been enormous.

No solid idea about what I’ll do next week, I’d better get to work, don’t want to be late like this one again.  I’m going to wait until Monday to post this on other sites, so, enjoy being exclusive until then, Tumblr!


I officially started up my visual brand, Clean Plate Club

I’m so excited to begin sharing all of my visual works, from experiments with gif making, to line/minimal illustrations, infographics, to customized clothing all in one place! Lick My Plate!! Follow for more! :)

Pictured here: GoodOleDude.gif, The Birth Of Venus, DrowningFrowning.gif, Bar S Dripping Coffin Logo