im still laughing my ass off at what zane said earlier he was like “why is guts always winking or something” and im just. zane. zane he is missing an eye. don’t do this

sammanthaxrae asked:

Hello! Once you get this, list 5 things that make you happy and then put this in the ask of 10 people who reblogged from you last.

I’ll just list 5 more things I guess.
2.being w my best friend. (U know who u are)
4.rain. I really like rain. Like I love rain on another level

Porch Lights

People in Los Angeles are
always asking where you’re from.
And people in Los Angeles
always have an answer.

Because no one is from here.
We all scrapped and fought,
flew through the night –
houseflies clinging to a porch light.

We have all been so brave,
or at least that’s what we say.
But flies don’t follow porch lights
because they are brave.

Flies follow porch lights
because it is nighttime
and it is confusing
and this is the closest thing

to sunshine washing over
fractured lives splintered
by the freeway lines.
Just keep following the lights.