!recolor stuff


Another recolor because I needed this in more plain colors than just white!


  • Requires mesh
  • Will not show up under the original mesh’s swatches (ie. has it’s own thumbnail)
  • File size is 4.75 GB

Download: Simfileshare


Mesh by @waekey

Palette by @smubuh


Blue Diamond redesign

I cant do feet, rip

Edit features

  • new hair
  • pear shaped body or teardrop?
  • new dress
  • a veil and shawl(?) with diamonds print (or without!)
  • dark sclera, light irises
  • modified gem
  • head shape changed from oval
  • different nose and eyes
  • white eyebrows
  • fixed face
  • a darker palette that’s a mix of her current one and the one from the answer

@stevenuniverseredesigns @badstevenuniversescreencaps

i’ll probably make a compilation post if I do them all


Kid’s Room Stuff: Furniture Recolors

Here are some objects from the new Kid’s Room Stuff pack. It’s not all of the objects that come with the pack, but most of the furniture that I thought could use some recoloring. This download includes the ottoman, mirror, both chairs, desk, trashcan, rocket light, both bookshelves, tv stand, puppet theater, bedside table, and wardrobe. All of them come in 15 colors, some with a mix of white if it fit. 

The ottoman comes with two color variations: one with colorful cushions, and the other with colorful wood paneling. And for the mirror each color comes with no stickers, stickers, and the flower stickers as well. The bed is not included in this download but can be found here. All of these require the new stuff pack to work. 


crybxbysims ; cks denim jacket recolors

if you use my cc in game, i’d love to see - tag me!

download: simfileshare (no adfly)


🍑 some looks from our resident mermaid princess (inspired by @tofusaucee) 🍑


i’m back again with more recolors of basegame stuff!! 

these are recolors of the ambassador toilet, the double stuff shower, and the raw pedestal sink in my new rainbow pallet (which looks much brighter, as you can see, in game than when swatched.)
1. do not claim my recolors as your own!!
2. please do not reupload my recolors <3
3. enjoy them!!

DOWNLOADS: toilet | shower | sink

alexandrite WIP update

her outfit isn’t completed yet :0

her weapon will be a spear-headed crossbow


thank you so much for your help! I think the crossbow seems like a good pick for her weapon? along w/ some bows that can be used as spears? like heck she looks so much like opal and rainbow quartz because her colors and the different hair color streak

still confused about what ill do with her outfit, though. >.>

she’ll have two color palettes, this purple one and a minty green one for when she fights or some stuff? maybe her mood influences her colors idk

anonymous asked:

Where did you find the toddler tutu? I have looked on like 5 cc finds sites and I can't find it. So can you supply the link or the creator please and thank you. Btw I love all of your cc creations and recolors and stuff.

This cute lil thing is a conversion by @coupurelctrique.

You can find the tutu HERE ♡


Vintage Glamour Stuff Hair Recolors

I found ways to make recoloring/setting swatches faster, and so I decided to finally expand my palette. The pastels are still included in this palette, but it also comes with three more shades of each color. So overall there are 64 colors to choose from. I’m going to keep moving forward with the hairs I planned on recoloring and then every once in a while I will go back and update some of my older releases. I am seriously thinking about sucking it up and doing base games hairs next. Let me know what you think of the new palette. 

You need Vintage Glamour Stuff in order for these to work.