Reality is Merely an Illusion || Harley & Andromeda (Flashback)

Arkham was full of mysteries. Andromeda hated mysteries. That was why she wanted to leave so bad.

“Will I get re-assigned again?” Andromeda asked impatiently.

“Yes, you should go to Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Maybe she would like to help you.”

The blonde took the card that was shoved in her face. She skimmed through it with a disgusted look on her face. Her name was scribbled there. Radke, Andromeda. She could only make out a few things on the card for the guy’s handwriting was terrible. It looked more like hieroglyphics rather than a human’s handwriting. Was it some sort of code that the employees were using?

It was already 2 weeks into her time in Arkham. She already detest the place immensely within 1 hour she had entered it. She hated the feeling of being sent there; it felt as if her father thought she was mad, like every other people in this Asylum. She was never like that, but her father convinced her she was. Each night, she told herself that she wasn’t crazy. She was still normal. Her father was the delirious one.

Don’t be affected by the treatment they give you here. That was her mantra. She would chant it to herself before she lie down on the cold bed. If she wasn’t affected then her father would know what waste he had done by sending her here. She had no problem watching all of the fights, though. She actually enjoyed it.

However, there is this guy called the Joker. Nobody dared talk about him. The people only said he was a very dangerous guy, that nobody should come near him. That was the only time Andromeda would agree with the people. Whoever made the loony people scared here would mean he/she were not people to trifle with. She was actually scared of this guy.

She walked towards the room assigned by the man previously. On the door hung the name she was assigned to go to. At least, the doctor she was going to was a lady. It wouldn’t be hard to talk to her. Girls have this connection, right? It should be a breeze trying to talk to this chick.

“Good luck, Andromeda,” she told herself as she began knocking on the door. “Dr. Quinzel?”