Video Game Challenge

✘[3/7] Male Characters - Albert Wesker | Resident Evil 5

Dead Space 1 & 2 by Visceral Studios was one of those games that I felt done those Resident Evil 4 gimmicks and camera right again compared to other 3rd-person shooting games at the time that kept trying to mimic it. Wasn’t as good as RE4 but it was a good replacement to the action based RE5 at the same time.

These games had that isolation like Metroid Fusion with almost no one in sight to comfort you and before Dark Souls, you couldn’t pause in this game so all your inventory is on Issac 24/7, literally! The menu is from a hologram of his suit and the health bar among other U.I. is positioned on his back at all times keeping you in on the atmosphere.


Forgot! But after being reminded, unlike Resident Evil 4, you could actually move and shoot alongside a quicker real-time menu.

The Necromorth enemies were varied and tough especially on harder difficulties. In fact, to fully make them as grotesque as possible, the art crew viewed corpses as reference, yeah let that sink in…

Endlessly spamming ammo wasn’t enough, you had to carefully remove their limbs before finishing them off. This was stressful on harder difficulties with limited ammo so careful aiming meant life or death.

There were these cool gravity shift sections were you could fight in zero gravity so there was more than just being isolated in a ship and you could use zero gravity to sling objects as free ammo, long before Sony’s Gravity Rush did it all way better.

The second game is were it was at. Issac was a more developed character but you could still felt how lost and confused like he was too. Levels were more varied too from crew living quarters during the opening scene chaos, a church with blood-written cryptic symbols and a revisit to the USG Ishimura from the first game.

There was also ‘that’ scene. (Guess).

Dead Space 2 had one of the best unlockable rewards too. After beating Hardcore Mode which limits your Saves and everything else, you get:

A Foam Finger. Which one-shots everything. Issac even does pew-pew sounds. This is up there with the Sailor Moon outfit in Silent Hill 3 and Pepsi Man in Fighter Vipers.

Issac Clarke’s two adventures were like the best ALIEN and The Thing games made that no one would create. It took the best things from those movies and rolled it all in one.

The second game had a shit forced online multiplayer that no one played but that didn’t dampen the main game. It wasn’t until the third game that it got much worse. You had micro-transactions, craftable loot and cover mechanics. This was like warning for things to come.

Dead Space would go from horror action into every other Gears of War copycat on the market that desperately wanted to market to everyone. So I’m not surprised EA axed Visceral Studios, to them they’re expendable, they’re not a cash magnet. It’s sad but true.

All in all, the R.I.G is as good as the Varia Suit and Spartan armour, hopefully the former studio staff gets back up on their feet and make another fun game again.

E.A. stinks.


In Memorandum to all the Monk animations I’ll never see again. May they always be remembered for *random hand motions* whatever.