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We all know Scullys not verbal in expressing her feelings but do you think she days I love you to mulder sometimes?

She tells him every day.

I love you, she says with a slow, sweet, long-lashed blink, waking up out of sorts on a plane to the sound of her name.  Mulder smiles at her and brushes her hair back out of her face. “I didn’t think you wanted to miss the beverage service,” he tells her.  “No,” she says, “I…thank you.”  She straightens in her seat and looks away.  

I love you, she says with a crisp, perfectly-aligned report in a manila folder so new it’s nearly blinding.  “Whoa, Scully,” he says with a wink, “somebody raided the supply closet again.  Careful, they’re going to think you’re some kind of rebel.”  She rolls her eyes.

I love you, she says, handing him a cup of coffee while he’s on the phone.  He blinks at her, a gesture she recognizes with a little shock, but she goes back to work as if nothing has happened.

I love you, she says, late at night in his hotel room, her arm pressed against his as they pore over the evidence together.  He nudges back.

“I love you,” she says one completely ordinary day, and immediately sniffles, as if the words have undammed an unexpected flood.  God, all the times she hasn’t said it.  All the times she’s watched him walk away and known it could be the last time, and she never said it until now, by accident, apropos of nothing as they’re about to go to lunch.  “I love you, too,” he says gently, and tips her face up for a soft lingering kiss.  “You all right?” he asks, when she’s pulled away dreamily.  “Yeah,” she says.  “Good,” he says.  They go out for Thai food and she lets him talk her into mango with sticky rice after, because it’s a moment she wants to celebrate.

  • Najenda:You did good on you're last mission Mine. Nice work.
  • Mine:Thanks mum.
  • Everyone:[staring]
  • Mine:What? Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Tatsumi:You just called Boss "mum". You said "thanks mum".
  • Mine:What? No. I didn't. I said thanks ma'am!
  • Najenda:Do you see me as a mother figure Mine?
  • Mine:No! If anything I see you as a "bother" figure because you're always bothering me!
  • Lubbock:Hey! Show you're mother some respect!
  • Mine:Ich didn't call her mum!
Pie Power

13 Days of Halloween : Day 1- Pumpkin Carving.

Every fall the Samwell University campus was transformed from a place of academic study to a war zone.

The members of the Samwell Men’s Hockey team all had different ways of coping with the insanity of a weeklong HvZ game.

Ransom holed up in the library, and consequently made it a surprisingly long time before being hit when he was forced to leave in search of food.

Holster goes all in. He has a mini arsenal of weaponry and leads tactical raids against he enemy.

Shitty makes sure to get himself killed in the first hour of the game so that he can spend the whole week picking of lax bros.

Lardo does not play herself, but she will do a five-minute zombie face or give your weaponry a custom paint job in exchange for beer which is stockpiled for the next kegster.

Jack glares at anyone who so much as looks his way while holding a nerf gun or wearing a bandana.

And then there is Bitty. Bitty who dislikes conflict, and has openly stated that he is terrible at paintball, but who still somehow manages to stay alive the whole week while maintaining a fairly normal schedule.

When pressed about the secrets to his success he merely smiles and shoos his questioners out of the kitchen. By Friday night the house’s interest has spiraled to the point of obsession, with various overcomplicated and improbable solutions being offered.

After Ransom and Holster spend 30 minutes detailing a theory, which involves two body doubles, Lardo finally snaps.

“He bribed one of the maintenance guys with pie to get access to the tunnels.”

In the stunned silence that follows this announcement, Bitty’s anguished cry can be heard from the kitchen.

“LAAARRRDDOOO! You promised you wouldn’t tell!”

I’m collecting all of my entries in one work on A03 here.

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Truce: Chapter 12.1

(cw: suicidal ideation)

It takes Hanzo somewhere between ten and twenty minutes to get out of the rain. He keeps pointing his body toward the door and gets lost in his mind between steps. Genji smirking, challenging him, Genji screaming in blue flames, Genji’s funeral, Watanabe-san’s funeral, Ando-san’s funeral. Report after report of raided warehouses, meetings, storefronts. Tense conversations with business partners, pride turning to something only an euphemism apart from pleading. Eight years of feeling the tide swelling around the Shimada-gumi, each wave washing away more and more of everything his family had built over hundreds of years.

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Sex Workers Protest The Raid On Backpage

Contact: Claire Alwyne
Sex Workers Protest The Raid On Backpage
Kamala Harris is making sex work more dangerous to boost her political career.
On October 6, the CEO of Backpage.com, the world’s second-largest online classifieds site, was arrested in Texas under a California warrant for pimping, conspiracy, pimping of a minor, and attempted pimping of a minor.
This is not about trafficking or the sexual exploitation of children - indeed the charges make no mention of that. Instead it is just the latest attempt to shut down online sex work advertising. First the Government went after the “adult services” section on Craigslist. Then they took down sex-ad forumMyRedbook.com, the gay prostitution site Rentboy.com, and escort review forum The Review Board. And now Backpage. This will not stop sex work. Instead it makes sex work less safe. In effect CA Attorney General Kamala Harris is making the lives of sex workers more dangerous to boost her Senate hopes and political career.
Sex workers have had enough. We will be demonstrating outside the California Supreme Court to make the point that shutting down online sites carrying ads for sexual services makes sex work less safe.
Sex workers in major cities across the USA will also be demonstrating on the same day.
WHAT: Sex workers protest the raid on Backpage outside in Pioneer Square.
WHO: Sex worker organizations including SWOP PDX (Portland chapter of Sex Workers Outreach Project), and STROLL.
WHEN: 12 noon to 1pm, October 25th, 2016
WHERE: Pioneer Courthouse Square, downtown Portland

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Winterhawk and 4


“Why is it suddenly purple?” Clint stops his fridge raid, glancing at Bucky. Bucky, who’s glancing down in the cooking pot, grimaces. “It was definitely not purple to begin with.”

“Uhhhhhh,” Clint says, eloquently, and shuts the fridge door. “No?”

“What did you do to it?” Bucky’s brow furrows. “Did you add food coloring by mistake?”

“I don’t own food coloring,” Clint replies, stepping closer. He peers over the rim of the pot, and lo and behold, it was purple. It didn’t even look like rice anymore.

Aw, cooking.

“Right, well, definitely not eating this,” Bucky says and turns off the flame. “Not even the dog should eat this.”

Lucky perks up as if he knows he’s being spoken about. Clint absently pets his head as he watches Bucky dump the disaster into the trash. Lucky whines, dejected.

“Sorry,” Clint says. Bucky smiles a bit and shrugs. He reaches out, tugging Clint close. Gently, Clint feels him press a kiss above one of his aids, and suggests,


Lucky perks back up immediately.


I’m so proud of our new little raid team!

Lots of people joined recently and are fresh faces, and I just want to say…
Thank you all for coming and joining us on our first raid night!
(I’m so glad we didn’t need to pug).
It was a lot of fun and this group is amazing at following directions and executing mechanics while still being positive and having fun. I really enjoy all of you and can’t wait to see what we’re capable of in the future.

Overall If you want any more help gearing through the next week we’ll be running mythics and some lfr to help gear people more. We’ll also have a few more people back with us next week. @cogblaster (coughloveyou)

@riyuka-silvermoss @dadlylife @stumpedartist @mum-feather @tokidokifish 

everyone will hate me for this but i honestly prefer Alexander to Coil lol

like, i dunno, the aesthetics and plot of Coil never really resonated with me. yes, it was a cool thing tied into the setting of FF14, into 1.0, into the unresolved past of the game, and that’s like, neat? but i was never really invested in it. and to be honest, I had kind of a terrible time with it, and most of the times I go back to the Turns people give a shit about, like Twintania, Nael and Bahamut, I have a pretty crap time of it generally. Dive bombs give me anxiety even to think about. I have literally never not died to a dive bomb, the only bombs I’ve survived are the T9 dives. in addition, Coil honestly never felt like my raid; it was always felt like the raid all of the people i played with had really strong nostalgia for, everyone had all these stories of their old groups and their old raids, and in a way their strong engagement kind of cemented that it was just not a place where i belonged.

Alexander is infuriating a lot of the time, it is incredibly dumb, but the mechanical and militarized aesthetics clicked with me, and it felt like I came in right on time for it to be my raid tier. i got interested in the goofy time travel plot of it, and i love the goblins, i love the goblins to death. the music is amazing, and Creator is, imo, a genuinely awesome raid tier. Gordias was rough and Midas was only a small step up, but I have a lot of memories in them and a genuine affection for stuff like Brute Justice and running Manipulator with my old A4S group. I kick back and listen to Rise and think about the slowly rising colossus of Alexander menacing Idyllshire from the lake. I think about the titles of the raid tiers. Burden of the Father, Arm of the Son, etc. Alexander Prime is my fav fight in the game rn and I really want to do the Savage version someday. It’s just, right for me.

literally everyone i know loves Coil and hates Alexander so this opinion isnt gonna make me any friends but that’s where I stand lol. gobbie gobbie boom!

just wanted to say sorry for the sudden disappearance yesterday, after the raid me and the boof kinda like no-lifed CIV6 until 4am, so y e a h. not that i think anyone cares but – just incase. idk.

So i was in this raid dungeon and the tank ((I’m amused)) has this special way of doing things

He taunted the boss (who has frontal and giant aoe attacks only) and basically… started dashing around the boss in circles.

The boss couldn’t get a clear hit and kept rotating to adjust its position to the tank

So what we have is just the boss spinning around like a fucking record disc and the tank running in circles