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Afrofuturism Appreciation Part 3: Music Edition (see Part 1 and Part 2)


-I am a gamer not because i don’t have a life-
-But because i choose to have many-
-What is your favourite?-
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[Minimalistic Black Design]
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I can’t keep quiet ahh! This is a very special watercast piece I’ve been working on for chapter 7 / Valentine’s Day! ✨ contains galra crystals (rose pink) with hand made paper rose (yes that’s a rose… Can we tell or is it too derpy omg)🌹 Keith is a sappy birb. 👀

I’m gonna sell 2-3 prototypes once I post chapter 7? And open pre orders if there’s any interest but I just mostly wanted to see if I could make something like this Ahhh.

The ISU-152-2, or Object 247. Armed with the BL-8′s successor, the slightly shorter BL-10, it had slightly improved handling characteristics and an improved semi-automatic breech block. Even though it was able to sling 48 kilogram shells absurd distances, it was not accepted into service because the barrel’s service life was still not what designers wanted it to be. Although development on the 152mm gun for this vehicle continued over the course of the last year of the war, it was eventually halted because WWII had drawn to a close. 


|Video Game Characters with Hood|
|Corvo Attano|Alex Mercer|Garrett|Jacob Frye|
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