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Afrofuturism Appreciation Part 3: Music Edition (see Part 1 and Part 2)

Photograph of KV-5 prototype “Победа” shortly before it tipped over and exploded during pre-production trials, 1943. After the German seizure of Leningrad and subsequent two-pronged advance toward Moscow, Soviet industry went into overdrive, creating increasingly bizarre stopgaps as supplies of raw materials began to dry up.

The KV-5 was one of these. Intended to be a mobile artillery battery, it instead proved to be a massive failure. The first prototype, shown here, fell over during maneuver testing. Poor design of the ammunition storage racks caused the vehicle to explode, killing the crew as well as the photographer.

The second KV-5, “Родина” survived maneuver testing, but the recoil of the upper main guns broke the turret in half during weapons testing. By that time, 50 KV-5s had already been produced. Most saw success, laid on their sides, as roadblocks during the 1945 Battle of Moscow.

you know how at the end of prototype during the credits, theres a radio broadcast about how the people of new york are grateful to be saved and that the city is slowly recovering? and then there a rather bittersweet and VERY ironic speech by a government official about how the marines and america stopped the infection and saved the city, and will fight the bio-terrorists?

and all the while youre greeted with visuals of the aforementioned bio-terrorist, (the true savior of the city) watching from the shadows, and possibly the only person left (besides you, the player) who knows what the military did and was willing to do to new york, while a piano reprisal of his theme plays, and then after the credits he says,  “three weeks, one virus, millions dead, and i was there. my name was alex mercer, and my work is almost done” ?? it kinda seems like he’s becoming a hero right??



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Prototype: noun

1. a first or preliminary version of a device or vehicle from which other forms are developed.

Note that: first or preliminary version

Burn baby, burn

Soooooo, wtf does Kraglin have on his head in the end credits scene again?

I’m sorry, but this has been bugging me since I saw the movie.


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5 things you didn’t know about... space fabric

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech. A prototype of the 3D-printed space fabric.

1. NASA plans to use additive manufacturing to create woven metal fabrics for use in space.

2. Three prototypes have been made so far, in stainless steel, titanium and metal-coated nylon reinforced with carbon fibre.

3. Raul Polit-Casillas, Systems Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, USA, and his colleagues have designed these space fabrics to be reflective, foldable and to have tensile strength and passive heat management, with one side of the fabric absorbing light and the other reflecting it.

4. The use of additive manufacturing reduces the costs of traditional manufacturing. The print time varies between a few hours and a couple of days depending on the material and printer used, according to Polit-Casillas.

5. In the distant future, the JPL team also wants to be able to manufacture fabrics in space and potentially recycle old materials, due to the limited availability
of resources. 

To find out more see page 3 of the upcoming June issue of Materials World.