finally colored these proto!Katsuki and Yamikumo portraits from a couple months ago for practice! Under the cut: a one year improvement comparison with my first proto reference sheet.

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whose dekusan?

It’s how the fanbase calls this prototype of Deku. He was meant to be quirkless and rely solely on strategy and battle props. The features that discern his physical appearance from Deku’s are freckles only on his left cheek, and hair texture more similar to Yamikumo’s. Sometimes he’s depicted with dark turquoise hair instead of green in fanart, and associated with Gougou Katsuki. He’s also usually depicted as being more serious, assertive and blunt than canon Deku.


The rising line - A brief history of wedge design: Part 8 Dome-Zero, 1978. There had been a number of wedge shaped Japanese concept cars from the early 70s, The Mazda RX 500, the  Nissan 270X, the Toyota EX-7 among them but the Dome-Zero was actually intended for limited production. It was powered by a mid-mounted Nissan L28E in-line 6 cylinder engine but when it failed Japanese domestic homologation the Dome project was doomed

“Death of the author” is an interesting concept.
It was first named in an essay by the same title in 1967, written by the French literary critic Roland Barthes.
He argued against considering the author’s intentions and cultural context when interpreting a text. 

While it might seem like a convenient way to determine the meaning, attaching the author’s intention to a text actually limits it. 
To begin with, the author’s intention is an unreliable source.
It is impossible to perfectly know what the author meant.
Even in the event the author is still alive, the true intentions can be difficult or even impossible to communicate.
Such are the limits of human expression.

However, if one were to forego considering the intention behind it, a text will have as many meanings as there are people reading it.
“Killing” the author in such a manner creates the freedom for an infinite number of meanings to come from the same words.
Following this theory, a text will obtain the power to resonate with an infinite number of people.
“Death of the author” means conceptually killing the author so that the words they wrote can reveal their true potential.

It does not mean that you should attempt to take my head and brandish it as a trophy.
Your pitiful attempts at my life are a nuisance.
To begin with, my powers are such that to attempt to take my life equals forfeiting your own.

Building on Level design skills

As an exercise to get better at level design and build on my interpretation skills I am doing diorama style grey boxes of concept art. This one I completed in roughly an hour and a half.

This was a very grid like city, a great exercise to better understand proportion and its importance. 

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Fusil Asalto CB-52 prototype

Designed by Joaquín De La Calzada-Bayo at La Coruna weapon factory in Spain c.1943.
7,92x51mm M.52 30-rounds removable box magazine, gas-operated select fire.

I assume these things existed only as blueprints for almost a decade before being brought back to life in the work leading to the adoption of the CETME assault rifle.

Sauce : Forgotten Weapons, with the Spanish Ministry of Defense.