Facel-Vega Prototype, 1954. French coachbuilder Jean Daninos had coachbuilt Bentleys and supplied bodies to Panhard, Delahaye and Simca before he set about about building his own car, the first Facel Vega. Powered by a De Soto Firedome 276ci Hemi V8 coupled to a Pont-a-Mousson 4-speed manual transmission, Daninos built the first Facel Vega (chassis number FV-54-0002) between 1952 and late 1953 and registered it in August 1954. The prototype sat on a shorter 99-inch wheelbase than the 4-seat production cars which had a 103.5-inch wheelbase. In February this year (2016) it sold at auction in Paris for € 500,640 ($550,000)



Dengeki Hobby Online has uploaded pictures of the Makoto prototype of the Toy Works Water Gun figurine shown at Wonder Fes 2016! Haruka’s sketch has also been colored!

Another surprise is the Rin, Haruka, and Makoto childhood figurine trios, which will be released in Spring 2017.

The Makoto & Haru figurines will be available for pre-order on Aitai☆Kuji today! The childhood figurines for Rin, Haruka, and Makoto will be available at a later date~


Even more Nintendo from Summer Wonfes!

Figma and Nendoroid Corrin
this is just a promo teaser, unlike Link and Zelda who have jumped to prototypes. I can imagine all the effect parts for Corrin! The teasers are for the female verison. No word on if or when the male ver is coming or if an alt. head will be included for him.

Nendoroid Meta Knigh has a prototype
They somehow even made him chibi style… at least for me it’s a base for a custom of the Smash Bros verison

Between new 4 inch Sentinel Megaman X, Nendoroid Megaman .EXE. you can now have almost any Megaman you like in any scale and style!

Nendoroid Breath of the wild Link should be just as great as the other Link nendos

All info from Summer Wonfes and pics from myfigurecollection.net


Wonfes Summer 2016 Vocaloid Highlights

In case you missed out on Wonfes last night, I gathered all of the posts I made over the entire event. Each post is listed and linked into separate categories for easy searching. 

Oh, and Jumbo Miku Nendoroid is up for pre-order!

Collages above are made with images from official companies/Twitter


Prototype Revealed

Painted Figure


In case you’re not dying over Wonfes16s on Twitter today:

Here’s what you missed for Touken Ranbu:

Not to mention all the cool custom garage kit figures. Big day for TKRB, FGO, and KC.