Ai Weiwei, Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn, 1995.

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I literally haven’t drawn megaman fanart in almost 5 years.
So of course I draw them again with a modern day human au nobody wanted. Dr. Light still works in robotics but they’re present day so not very advanced. All robots and robot masters are kids living in the same neighborhood. Rock,Roll, & Blues live with their dad.  

In this au Blues has a heart problem instead of an unstable power core. He’s not allowed to exert himself or he’ll collapse. This worries his dad a lot and he wishes Blues would stay where he can keep eye on him, but he’s a teenager so he sneaks out a lot and avoids him. 

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mnoho dětí není chtěných, prostě se to stane a ten mladý pár plný plánů a nejistot v novém světě dospělosti, je konfrontován s tím úplně překopat svůj svět a priprity, přestože se cítili nepřipraveni, moc brzo, ani na to třeba nemysleli .. nechtěli .. ale stalo se a přes všechny možnosti přerušení i rizika těhotenství se dítko narodilo .. a pokud žijeme, a pokud jsme s nimi byli do občanky, měli a mají nás rádi .. a ví, že dospěláckost je dřina, tak proto ponoukají k otevřenosti a užívání si

V mém případě je to trochu jinak. Mým rodičům bylo přes třicet, máma starší než otec. Máma měla už dvě děti, už neměla potřebu dalšího, táta ale vlastní neměl a moc si ho přál. Z lásky k němu mu dovolila se o to dlouho pokoušet. Ale do puberty se mnou skoro ani nemluvila, neobjímala mě. Byla jsem věc, dárek. A s pocitem věci; jen vyplňování potřeb, bojuji neustále, jen v jiných variantách, s jinými lidmi…


Katsuki: Just don’t ask for weird adult stuff, y'hear?
Yamikumo: You almost sound like you’re concerned for my well-being.
Katsuki: And only one outfit per ask. Have some mercy on Yami.
Yamikumo: Thank you, Katsuki.


Carole Lombard is considered by many today to have been a “proto-feminist.” A strong advocate for progressive social, economic, and human rights causes, she was staunchly vocal about her views of what she considered “modern womanhood” in press interviews. At the time, the concept of feminism in society was primarily linked with what is generally considered to be its first wave in the 1910s, suffrage - and therefore, many often relegated its significance to an older generation.

Yet, Carole sought many occasions to bring the discourse back into the public conscious in the 1930s, particularly encouraging her female fans to to empower themselves. An ardent liberal who supported Roosevelt’s New Deal, she reconciled her political views with her societal perspective, calling for a “different social order brought about by a women’s economic independence.”  Additionally, she argued that women must “make marriage serve us. We cannot be enslaved by it.” She once commented in Movie Mirror, a fan magazine, that: “Look about you and you will see for the first time since the ancient rule of the Amazons, a colony of economically independent women. Here they are rulers of a fantastic kingdom where the wealth is a product of the women. Contrast such a state with other times. Women in kitchens, subservient, mental and physical slaves…with all that went with the so-called double standard contrived by the lordly male.” 

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Rebecca Sugar’s Abuse History? what's that?

In one of her interviews she mentions that an emotionally manipulative character in one of her early comics was a “proto Lapis” and that she’d been dealing with a break-up at the time.

The shitty side of tumblr has decided that this means, without doubt, that RS herself was in an abusive relationship, that Lapis is a self-insert character and that Jasper is based on the person who hurt her.

Absolutely none of that is even -slightly- true.  Not only has RS never made even a bare mention of that being the case, but it’s skeezy as hell to think they know someone’s personal life better than they do.  And WORSE, to spread that information around in an attempt to shame people for liking a fictional character.

Basically, this entire thing was started by people who don’t like Jasper and don’t want anyone else to like her either.  They have no qualms with making shit up or dragging around someone’s personal info(real of fictitious) in order to try and force you to feel/think the way they do.