Paul Cézanne, Portrait of Uncle Dominique as a Monk, 1866.

Lammas: The Ancient Heritage of Grains

The harvest holidays of Paganism are great times to celebrate the gifts that plants give to all of us in the ecosystem. Grains have been a mainstay of the human (and pre-human) diet throughout our evolution. Studies of the early populations in Africa as long as 105 000 years ago show a diet sustained heavily by sorghum. Plants have been found on the grinding tools of several Paleolithic excavations. Evidence of starchy grains on the teeth of Neanderthals has been found from the Mediterranean to throughout Europe. There is even evidence that these early proto-humans learned to cook these plant foods.

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This is the future of the West: a contest between elitist greed and populist proto-fascism. On one side, the limitless self-interest of a financial and social elite that has created not only an economic system that siphons more and more money into their own pockets but also a bizarre, jury-rigged ideology of cultural liberalism divorced from any foundations in economic egalitarianism which argues that anyone who opposes the neoliberal order is not worthy even of trying to convince. On the other side, an increasingly-unhinged movement of racist grievance-mongering and fear-stoking populist demagoguery, which utilizes the age-old tactic of pitting different groups of poor people against each other to powerful effect, helped immensely by the corruption and callousness of the pro-austerity class. These sides share nothing except for an absolute commitment to preventing the kind of robustly redistributive platform of economic and social justice that could unite the needs of all suffering people into a formidable political bloc that is devoted to opposing austerity, inequality, racism, sexism, nativism, nationalism, and the rest of humanity’s political ills.
a look into ‘alone at sea’ and abuse.

i’m gonna’ be covering a few things after tonight’s episodes, including

  • lapis’ symptoms as an abuse survivor with ptsd, including self blaming and stockholm syndrome
  • jasper’s actions, and how she is fully capable of redemption, but is still currently resemblant of an abuser 
  • rebecca’s involvement with the episode and direction of the story and how this is important for survivors 

warning for mentions of abuse and assault.

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proto!kage actually not that much different than usual kageyama bcs of some people’s headcanons laughs
actual kageyama wouldn’t be able to yell that at Hinata tho, he is too awkward, too pure for this world

though rather than proto!kage meeting hinata, i’m more concerned about proto!kage meeting tsukki—

seriously tho

Good news if you need a Proto Man helmet ⊟

I don’t know why you ned a Proto Man helmet! I don’t know your whole deal. But Capcom is taking preorders on this beautiful, wearable, lightup helmet– with a display stand for the rare occasion you don’t want to wear it– with a bonus Proto Man scarf included with website orders. Perfect for its winter shipping estimate!

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Just based on everything I’ve seen, it seems Supermans death in BvS is the catalyst for the entire DCEU. And that’s fascinating. I’m guessing the Suicide Squad has been created as a Proto-Justice League. The government trying to control the Metahumans like they couldn’t do with Superman. THE Justice League is being formed by Batman to help protect earth from a looming threat because Superman is no longer around to protect earth. SUPERMAN IS