Happy Birthday, Dad. Thanks for all the unconditional love, sarcastic comments, and interesting Christmas presents.


"Because the Sibyl System said so? Do you even know how Sibyl System passes its judgement on people? And when that question arises, don’t you want to know the secret behind it? The secret to how science can so simply analyse human brain and assess their possibility to commit crimes. The key to every answer you seek is the truth behind the system we are governed by."

A pessary is a vaginal suppository used to kill sperm and/or block their passage through the cervix. It’s one of the oldest contraceptive devices, having been used for over 3,000 years in various cultures. Ancient pessaries were often made from animal feces (crocodile in Egypt, elephant in India), along with a honey, ground up fruit and bark. Once inserted, the pessary would melt at body temperature and form an impenetrable covering on the cervix.


"You say some really funny things. Solitude? Are you sure that only applies to me? Who isn’t alone in this society? The time when our connection to others was the basis of our selves is long gone. In this world where everyone is watched over by the system and lives within the system’s standards, a community isn’t necessary. Everyone just lives in their own little cell and the system tames them by giving them each their own personal serenity.”