The Signs as Somewhat Uncomfortable Things
  • Aries:Going too hard in a game and not realizing it until after
  • Taurus:Putting on cold, new pjs to wash old ones
  • Gemini:Talking too loud when its silent
  • Cancer:Getting overemotional for no real reason
  • Leo:Being overdressed
  • Virgo:Going above and beyond on something you really didn't need to
  • Libra:Saying something hypocritical and having people realize it
  • Scorpio:Saying something sarcastic when you shouldn't have
  • Sagittarius:Thinking you forgot something, but you didn't
  • Capricorn:Waiting for someone, having them take too long, doing whatever you were going to do anyway, then having them yell at you
  • Aquarius:Expressing your own opinion and having people think you're crazy
  • Pisces:Being really proud of something and having people not care

i don’t want this to be a story of loss
but of gratification and of a gentleness immutable in time
as the lasting gift you gave to me.

Yesterday evening I finished the 10th chapter of my Phanfiction!!! All I’m gonna say is that Chris and PJ are also present ^-^

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