BIGBANG presents ‘Pajama Rangers!’

Drawn by: me ~ 

It’s in sketch form this time instead of full colour because I just liked the way the sketch looked and I had no time to do a fully coloured one. (Kind of lost the motivation to colour it, so I’m going back to the roots of drawing~ BW in sketch mode)

When I first saw the update, a lot of people saw it as a PJ version of their MADE tour poses whereas… I saw them as Power Rangers/Super Sentai…. LOL I have no idea why. Am I really the only one that thought of it?

Anyways, hope you guys like it! 

VMA Viewing Party Instructions.. 1. Really old comfy pjs. 2. Carbs..lots of carbs. 3. Chocolate.. all    the chocolate you can afford. 4. Delicious extremely high calorie cocktails... just because you can :) 5. Pray that Calvin morphs into Superman so he can make it back to LA from the UK  & appear at the awards with Taylor.. PRAY HARD! 6.Prepare your eyes for what will more than likely be Taylor’s best music video so to date!  7. Get ready to gawk at her red carpet look!  8. Create a wanted poster for your chill... as it will certainly be lost. 9. Fully charged phone/computer to keep up with twitter/tumblr.. as its sure to be interesting!  10. Sit back and watch Taylor dominate :)

I threw up in front of my boyfriend last night, I got food poisoning I think, and he hung out with me in the bathroom and lit a candle and just sat on the floor next to me and comforted me and I was super embarrassed because throwing up in front of people for some reason is embarrassing to me but he was really sweet about it and wouldn’t go to sleep until I was in pjs and was in bed sleeping with him and I love my boyfriend so much and I don’t know how to say it because I’m scared about opening up like that but really I love him


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i finally thought bigbang is like all of us mere humans who have slumber parties in their pjs, but then i saw Dae's pjs are about $400. fukin rich people lol

they are on a whole different level 😩🙌🏼

Joe Sugg imagine || Glass. ||

kateellethomas said:

Can the reader be staying at Joes as friends & she forgets her pj’s (borrows Joes t-shirt). She gets up in the night for a drink & Joe accidentally scares her, drops the glass & cuts herself. Joe has to clean her blood up. Cute & fluffy at the end x

- - -

“Thanks for coming to visit me.” Joe smiled having been so happy to see you, it had been a long time and you guys had been very good friends growing up. You smiled – after yawning, it had gotten pretty late.

“My pleasure, I’ve missed spending time with you.” You admitted and he laughed, “I guess that means you’ll just have to visit more often now.” He looked at the clock. “Oh my god its nearing two in the morning.”

“I know and it’s another two hours back home.” You laughed as you stretched. “You could stay here if you want, I don’t mind.” He didn’t think twice about it and you smiled. “No, that’s okay – plus I don’t have any pyjamas or anything.” You pointed out and he rolled his eyes.

“I think, I can lend you a shirt (Y/N).” He laughed. “Are you sure? ‘Cause I don’t mind driving home.” You pointed out and he shook his head, “no – stay, that way we can go get breakfast tomorrow and hang out more.” He brightly said as he got up opening a dresser.

“If you insist, you’ve twisted my arm.” You caved in pretty quickly as you loved spending time with Joe … And you were pretty tired.

“I know, it took a lot of effort.” He laughed, holding up a black t-shirt. “This do?” He offered and you nodded. “Perfect.” You stood up, taking the shirt. “You can shower if you want as well,”

“Are you trying to tell me I smell bad?” You cocked your head back at him with a raised eyebrow and he laughed, “no – of course not.” He held his hands up in defense.

You took up the offer though, showering the day away, “I’m going to smell like a man.” You said to yourself mid-shower seeing Joe’s manly shampoo. “Could be worst.” You talked to yourself, finishing your shower after your hair, you dried off, put your underwear and bra back on before pulling Joes t-shirt on, the two of you talked for what seemed like another couple hours before you both got into bed – as friends. Something you had done many times before and fell asleep.

… You woke up feeling really thirsty, slowly you moved from the bed, walking up the steps of the flat to the kitchen you took a glass from the cupboard, you kept pulling the shirt down even though it covered everything ending mid-thigh.

You took a sip from the water as the light turned on; “(Y/N)?” Came from the stairs area, you jumped not expecting anyone, the glass slipped from your hand, falling to the hardwood flooring, it shattered, glass pieces going everywhere along with water, “Ow! Fuck!” You felt one of the pieces of glass embed itself into your foot as you only moved a little bit in shock.

“Don’t move – don’t move.” Joe said seeing the situation. “You scared me!” You exclaimed, looking at the floor.

“I’m sorry, I thought you might’ve been sick or something.” Joe walked across the floor, he was only wearing his boxers as he stepped into his untied boots. He walked toward you, the glass pieces crunching under his steps, he looked you over.

“Easy, easy.” He said, his hands rested on your sides and he carefully lifted you up, placing you on the counter top, you pulled your foot up to look at it and felt queasy. “Oh, Joe.” You whispered.

“Don’t touch it, don’t pass out on me either, I’ll help you.” He looked at your foot, seeing a piece of glass big enough to grab and pull out carefully. “It’s gonna hurt.” You winched before he went near it.

“It’ll hurt even more if it doesn’t come out – gets infected and you die.” He said seriously. “That’s a little dramAAAh-tic.” You inhaled sharply, when you were talking Joe had pulled the glass from your foot.

“All done.” He smiled, getting a cloth and wetting it, he started to clean your wound and the blood that had started dripping down your foot.

“Sorry about your glass.” You did feel a bit guilty. “Don’t worry about it, it was pretty cheap.” He glanced up at you. “Hold.” He gestured to the cloth, you took ahold of it, keeping it against your foot.

Grabbing a broom, Joe swept the mess into a dust pan and poured it into the bin, he dried the floor with a drying cloth. “I think we’re safe.” He did a double check by walking around the small area with his boots.

“Thank god you had a strong hero to rescue you.” Joe flexed his arm muscle. “If the strong hero didn’t scare me in the first place…” You pointed out with a smirk.

“Way to ruin the moment.” He looked deflated.

“I mean, I mean -” You tried to save the moment, “how will I ever get back home with this injury. I sure wish a strong hero was here to save me!” You had your arm across your forehead like a damsel in distress.

“Fear not! For Suggy is here!” Joe put his hands on his hips and puffed his chest out.

“Oh my hero!” You exclaimed, making googly eyes. Joe picked you up off the counter bridal style and started walking you toward the stairs, you put your not injured leg up like the movies. “Oh thank you so much for saving me.” You had very innocent voice happening.

“All in a days work ma'am.” Joe had come to the bottom of the stairs and stopped, you both looked as Caspar was staring half asleep at you with a weirded out expression.

“I don’t … Wanna know.” He admitted, shaking his head, walking back into his room and closing the door.

Exchanging a look with Joe you both started to laugh.

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Hi, I really wanted to read Cirque de la Lumière by mithiann but the link you'd posted is broken? Have they deleted it or perhaps changed URLs? Thanks :)

that was a collab with me and we both changed our urls so everything broke lmao here it is

Le Cirque de la Lumière

When the Cirque de la Lumière comes to town, Dan is in for the most magical experience of his life. One night isn’t nearly long enough, and all too soon the circus packs up and moves on, leaving Dan only with the memory of the magic and the magicians he met there. Mysterious PJ, with his glittering green eyes and curly hair; Chris, the comedian with jokes enough to split his sides in two; and, of course, Phil. The man with fire at his fingertips and oceans in his eyes. It isn’t till Dan tries to return to his mundane life that he notices anything strange. What are the creatures that lurk in the shadows? And will the Fantastic Foursome be able to save the day?

Pee, Pee, Everywhere Pee

You experienced toddler peeps know the routine: Get three kids out of the tub, dry, pullups and diapers on, start looking for pjs and toothbrushes that were apparently not packed, and you step in puddles which you swear you already cleaned up from the tub and realize that the puddles are coming from 2s pull up just as 1 crawls his clean body through it. 2 starts crying cause he’d dripping pee everywhere, runs into the bathroom and slips in the pee and hits his head as 1 comes chasing after him and also falls. Leave 1 in a puddle of pee, throw 2 in the tub and hose him off while he’s screaming. Grab him out, throw one in the tub and leave him in there playing (empty tub) because he’s contained while you wrap 2 in a towel and throw him in the toddler bed while you go get the mop and pick up all the wet pee towels. Come back with mop and 5 walks out of her room and right through the pee puddles.

We were doing really well up until that point. :-)

Kids are identified by their ages. They don’t have nicknames yet. Though one looks just like Adam Sandler. And not a young Adam Sandler. He looks like a 40 year old man.

olys nightytime wear ( kinda a redraw of an old thing? 

the long ones for special dates. shes all dolled up and her hairs up!

the pjs are…like 99% of her night wear all the time. really comfortable and its espurr themed pjs! bonus:bags under her eyes