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HELP! djhdjd estoy en una relación con un chico aries, pero estoy conociendo a un capricornio que me tira sus indirectas aún sabiendo que estoy con alguien, y me confunde:/ no sé qué hacer ayuda): una taurina acomplejada)):

Bueno, si te tira indirectas es por algo jajajsjsjsjs quédate con el que te sientas mejor, y, si ya estás en una relación, yo digo que esperes a que salgas de esa relación si quieres estar con Capri.


Pakistan wants as many Taliban groups as possible to join talks

Pakistan says as many Taliban groups as possible must be persuaded to join any upcoming peace discussions with the Afghan government, as a third round of four-country talks aimed at reviving negotiations with the insurgent group begins.

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oh my god i've literally watched spy five times and it's equally as funny every time i watch it. and never has there been a movie that was that funny that was also that un-offensive. i'm also one to talk it up to people hahaha.

!!!! Yes! I saw so many people writing it off as “Oh it’s just going to be a bunch of ‘Melissa McCarthy is fat and unattractive’ jokes” and refusing to go see it and I just wanted to tell them all how HORRIBLY WRONG THEY WERE. So, so good and funny and what a cast.