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“What, Snow?”



Baz put his book down with a sigh of exasperation and looked up at Simon, who was sitting on the floor next to the fireplace. Simon wore a dark sweater (one of Baz’s, he noticed) and flannel pajama bottoms.

“You’re ignoring me.”

“I’m reading.”

“That’s the same thing.”

“I can’t watch you and read at the same time,” said Baz, closing the book and setting it to the side.

Simon stood up and walked over to the couch, sitting down beside him. Baz could feel the warmth of the fire still embedded in the fibers of his sweater.

Simon leaned his head on Baz’s shoulder, his curls tickling the exposed skin of Baz’s neck.

“You’ve been so busy lately,” complained Simon.

“I’ve been working,” said Baz. He took Simon’s hand, interlacing their fingers.

“Fuck working,” said Simon, lifting his head and pressing a kiss lightning-quick to Baz’s cheek. Baz lifted a single eyebrow as he regarded Simon. There was a light in Simon’s eyes that had little to do with the flames flickering in the hearth and more to do with the mischief that had taken root there.

“I can’t just stop working,” said Baz, though, deep down, he wished he could. He wished he could spend every waking moment with Simon, the one he had fought so hard for. “If I stopped working we wouldn’t have any money.”

“We don’t need money,” said Simon quickly, kissing Baz again, this time on the corner of his mouth, right where his lips began to curve upward when he smiled. “We could run away and open a goat farm.”

“A goat farm?”

“Sure,” said Simon, nearly pleading. He kissed Baz’s neck, right where his pulse ticked off a steady beat. Baz felt his resolve crumbling.

“Come here,” Baz whispered, pulling Simon onto his lap. Simon’s legs were a bit too long for this sort of thing to work, but Simon didn’t complain. He wrapped his arms around Baz’s neck.

“Promise me,” he said softly, blue eyes wide, reflected the fire that burned beyond them.

“What do you want me to promise, Simon?” Baz said, letting his hands settle on Simon’s waist. Simon blinked when Baz said his first name (he liked to reserve it for special occasions).

“That you’ll stop being so cold.”

Baz tilted his head upward, reaching for him.

“You know I can’t regulate my body temperature,” Baz began. “Even if it is inconvenient when—”

“No, you idiot,” he sighed. Simon brushed a strand of hair from Baz’s face. “Not like, physically cold. I know you’re a vampire. Just…take some time off work. Take some time for me.”

“Of course,” Baz murmured, still leaning forward, but he kept just out of reach in an annoyingly Simon-like fashion. “You’re my top priority.”


The word was a breath.

“Forever,” Baz said.

With that Simon smiled and brought his mouth to meet Baz’s.

The fire flickered brighter.

Seduce Me

Wasn’t going to post a fic tonight but then I listened to some badass and sexy music so here ya go. Hope you enjoy! :)


Simon stormed up to his room in a fury. Watching Baz play on the field was a mistake, a huge one. It was too much, watching the concentration on his face, the way the muscles in his legs rippled, the sweat…Simon shuddered lightly and swung open their bedroom door.
He threw off his uniform jacket and loosened his tie, feeling hot all over. He thought he had known desire with Agatha. No, that had been sensation, pleasant, even enticing, but gentle, nothing overwhelming. This, Simon thought, this was full blown torture.


Baz’s limbs felt heavy, his playing uniform was soaked with sweat, and he knew for a fact he would start a fight if Simon prevented him from a shower. He was pissed off that his team had lost, and he was trying to forget the fact that he had been so distracted in the first place because Simon had been watching the game.
He walked into the room and stopped in the doorway. Simon was lying down in his bed, wearing only boxers and a jumper. His glasses, wide rimmed and low on his nose, made Baz swallow loudly. Simon looked at Baz, eyes roaming up and down his body He squeezed his eyes shut and pushed his hands through his blonde hair roughly.
“For fuck’s sake Baz.”
Baz sneered.
“Interrupting you, am I Snow?”
Simon opened his eyes, his expression languid.
“I wish.”
Baz felt momentarily thrown.
Simon stood, walking by slowly to go to his desk.
“Oh nothing. Nice athletic socks.”
Simon said this as he passed by, leaning in a little too close.
Baz turned to watch Simon settle into his desk.
“Thanks? I guess. I’m getting in the shower.”
Simon’s hand went to the bridge of his nose.
Baz sighed angrily, strangely turned on.
“What is your problem?”
Simon laughed.
“You. Those socks. You’re hair. Get the picture?”
Baz stiffened, excitement burning in his veins.
“So what do you want me to do about it Snow?”
“Take a shower. Leave my life.”
Simon turned around, his expression more curious than anything else. Baz took the hair band out of his hair and shook his head. He knew he was sweaty, knew he was dirty, yet he didn’t give a shit. He smirked at Simon, fangs out.
“Like what you see?”
Simon blushed.
“If I do?”
“Feel free to do what you’d like.”
Simon’s expression became overwhelmed.
“Fuck,” He whispered.
Suddenly he was across the room, hands pushing Baz backwards. Baz laughed dangerously as his head knocked into the wall.
“Excited one aren’t you?”
Simon growled.
Baz felt Simon’s nose on his collar bone, smelling him.
“You smell like…citrus and…pine?”
Baz’s fingers clawed the wall.
“Interesting. Done exploring?”
Simon looked up and bit his lip.
“Want me to be?”
Baz lost his cool.
“Merlin no.”
Simon moved his hand under Baz’s shirt, finger’s pushing against his hipbone.
“You drive me insane.”
Baz’s breathing was too fast.
“I had no idea. You’re not the best at seduction are you?”
Simon nodded.
“Probably not…but you, I have a feeling you could get me to do anything.”
Baz froze.
Simon’s other hand pushed through Baz’s hair.
“Seduce me.”
Baz’s body rippled. Slowly he pushed Simon, backing him onto his bed. He threw him onto the covers and enjoyed the scene: Simon, cheeks flushed and glasses crooked, breathing unevenly.
“It would be my pleasure.”

Chapter 3: Tired

A/N: Sorry it’s taken me a bit to get back to this! I move back to school tomorrow and life is hectic as f. I kinda just cranked out this chapter, it’s not my best but there’s more and better ish to come. Hope ya dig! 

Chapter 1. Chapter 2.

The drive home from Aubrey’s was a quiet one. 2 and a half hours of quietly mumbling along to whatever song was on the radio. Chloe had tried to make conversation a few times, but Beca wasn’t having it.

“Hey….” Chloe reached over and grabbed one of Beca’s hands that were resting in her lap. “you okay? You’re being super quiet.”

Beca squeezed her hand back, “Yeah. Sorry.” she let out a puffed breath. “Guess I’m just tired.”

“Did you wanna nap? I can turn down the radio if you want. We still have a bit to g-“

“No no. I’m fine. If I nap now I won’t sleep tonight. I’m alright.” she brought her wife’s hand to her lips and kissed it softly before placing it back in her own lap and running her thumb across her knuckles.

The rest of the drive was remotely silent, save for Chloe’s road rage when they finally hit LA traffic.

Beca got out of the car, shut her door and walked around to the back of the car to grab their bags. Chloe stopped her before she could reach for the door handle.

“hey you. Come here.” she held her arms open and engulfed Beca in them.

“Chloooo. I said I’m fine.” she protested, even though she was hugging her right back.

“I know you did. But I just really wanted to hug you. We don’t hug enough anymore.”

“Babe we hug like way more than the actual limit of too much. We can’t keep our hands off each other.”

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