Snowbaz head-cannon idea:

Simon loves hearing Baz play the violin, and it inspires him to learn an instrument as well. They never had enough money at any of the orphanages he lived in to buy instruments, and his therapist thinks it’s a good idea to pick up a normal hobby. So, he looks a for a fun instrument. Then he finds it. The drums. Baz constantly complains about the noise, but enjoys watching Simon play. Simon gets pretty good, after many hours of loud, incessant banging of the drums, and joins a band with some of his normal friends from his university classes. Baz doesn’t miss any of his performances, despite disliking the band’s brutish theme’s, just to see Simon under the colourful lights, eyes shut and face full of passion.

It’s a win-win for everyone.


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i got the idea from @statterstag when they made their add on for the classic “use sketchup to make backgrounds for your comics” post here

i generally wish a program like this existed, a simple straight forward non confusing program that lets you pretty much make a whole scene and story with easy to pose mannequins and easy to make backgrounds

so im putting this up in hopes that it’ll catch a program makers attention and they make it happen 

heres hoping

my roommate is a vampire??

Carry On Au where Simon has no idea that Baz Pitch is a vampire until he walks in on him in the catacombs. This is just the really short first chapter but I am writing more. (these boys are gonna be friends and bond over secrets yayy)

875 words, no warnings

I said goodbye to Ebb and headed to the Mummers House, my school bag on my shoulder. Ebb and I had watched her goats and drank hot chocolate for a few hours right after school.

The sun was setting in the field and, even though I was tired and I knew that I would regret it in the morning, I didn’t mind at all.

Lately, with all the drama with the humdrum and Baz and Agatha,  Ebb and I haven’t had the chance to talk. And, I missed her.

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