Day 24
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Working with clay and making figures so I can sell them at an ethnic village we make in December but I’m dying urg
But lmao I have a huge clay army in my living room right now

I want to make a cool one for day 31 but I still dont know what xD

au where mike lawson is a single dad to a beautiful little girl and they’ve gone through volleyball, dance, cheer, basketball, Girl Scouts, and soccer and now they’re here: little league.

and his little girl is bouncing in the back seat, mitt on her hand, and eyeing the small bat next to her, ready to get out there for her first game.

honestly, mike is as excited to see this coach of hers–coach baker–as he is to see his little girl play.

the first day lex came home, she was grinning ear to ear, and couldn’t stop talking about coach baker who was so pretty and nice and cool and, “she can throw so fast, dad!” and then it was “coach baker said if I played more I could play in the majors like you, dad! can we play on the same team? Dad, coach baker said!”

And mike can only kiss his girl on the forehead and say, “absolutely, baby.”

he can’t wait to meet the woman who’s inspiring his baby girl.

he pulls up to the dusty baseball diamond and before he’s out of the car, Lexie is out and bounding towards the team dug out, laughing and hugging a woman with a number 43 and BAKER across the back.

he watches as Baker organizes 15 screaming girls into some semblance of warm-up drills and he has to admire her. not just her organizational and leadership skills, but she’s got the finest, most perfect pear-shaped ass he’s ever seen.

and that makes him put the mental breaks on. getting involved with his daughter’s baseball coach? not a good idea.

But then Baker turns around and, fuck. She’s gorgeous, absolutely stunning. And, well, mike rationalizes, his daughter already loves this woman.

He grins and takes a seat in the stands and watches as his little girl (catcher, of course) and her team and their beautiful, smart, baseball-savvy coach stride towards victory.

afterwards, with Lexie happily slurping at a Capri Sun in his arms, mike decides he should introduce himself.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t coach baker in the flesh.”

He bites his cheek to stop himself from laughing because he’s clearly startled her and he watches as she fumbles to catch the bat bag.

“Mr. Lawson! Hello, I mean, hi. It’s nice to meet you.” She sticks her hand out for a shake. “I’m Ginny Baker.”

He shifts Lexie in his arms and takes her hand. Calloused and worn, like a pitcher’s hand. He thinks this woman has seen more baseball than a little league’s coach should have.

Ginny shakes his hand once, twice and as if she can’t help herself blurts out, “I have your rookie card.”

She blushes prettily and Mike laughs. Oh yeah, he’s in trouble.

Well, it’s only the beginning of the little league season….

Play ball.

can we take a moment to appreciate that ginny’s father keep making sure ginny knew she had done nothing great yet (’we ain’t done nothing yet’), but when mike meet ginny’s mom, he made sure she knew how important and huge was what ginny accomplished (’it’s not every day that your daughter’s an all-star’).

and that is probably why mike is going to be a great dad, because he will always make sure the baker-lawson kids know how amazing and fantastic they are.

Speak Now is the third studio album by American country singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on October 25, 2010, by Big Machine Records.


A/N: i just like the idea of people meeting through pokemon go okay (and also cliches because why not. wHy nOt)

he’s too busy looking at his phone that he walks right into someone else. baz nearly falls face-first onto the concrete of the pavement and instinctively flails, grabbing hold of the closest thing he can reach - an arm - right before he hits the floor.

“i’m so sorry!” the other person cries, helping baz back into an upright position. “that was my bad, i didn’t see you.”

baz tucks his phone back into his pocket and tries to recover from the shock. “no worries. i was too absorbed in playing a game on my phone; i should have been more careful.”

the guy chuckles, lifts up his phone to show baz the green-and-blue screen. “you too, huh?”

baz smiles a little in return. (it really, really doesn’t help that the sun is hitting the guy’s hair just right and it looks like it’s made out of strands of bronze.) “yeah. it’s nice to meet another player.”

the guy laughs, and baz catches himself thinking about the way his whole face lights up when he does that, how he throws his head back a little and crinkles his nose. “pokemon was my childhood, honestly. and we’re definitely not the only two playing in this park.”

baz says, impulsively, “what team are you on?”

“instinct,” comes the reply, and baz sighs a little inside. “you?”

baz gives a rueful smile. “mystic.”

“i guess we’ve got rivalry, huh?”

“i suppose.”

“what’s your name?” the guy asks, and his face is so open and friendly and earnest that baz feels slightly wary when he tells him, “baz.”

“simon,” he says, and he now has a name and he’s so nice and god, baz, you need to get a grip.

“you know,” simon says thoughtfully, “there’s a gym down by the lake.” he raises an eyebrow, grins again, a playful challenge in the way he lifts his chin. “want to help me take it down?”

baz opens his mouth to reply, but he hesitates, because stranger danger is echoing through his head right now and as stupid as it sounds he’s more inclined to listen to it.

but then a smile is still stretching across simon’s face and he says, “i hear it’s a mystic gym. i’d love for you to watch me take it for my team.”

baz laughs, then, and shakes his head, already turning towards the lake. “not a chance.”

camimikaelsons  asked:

Bawson prompt: I know that in 1x06 they're going to some sort of black tie event. I'd love you forever if they had a fight of some kind that ends in a kiss!

a/n: hello doll. I’m gonna guess you wanted something happy. I’m really bad at happy. But angst I’ve got in spades. I’m so sorry. I’ll make it up to you one day. xx

Mike swirls a finger of scotch around in a heavy, etched tumbler as his eyes track Ginny across the room. He ignores the women who vie for his attention, choosing to hold up the bar and drink 25-year-old scotch instead. 

She’s radiant in a short, tight, Padres-blue dress that shows off her strong shoulders and mile long legs. Her heels make her calves look more shapely, her ass high and firm. 

Mike knocks back the scotch with a wince, and sets the glass on the bar, tapping two fingers on the edge to ask the bartender for another. 

He turns back to the assembled crowd and finds her again. She’s moving through groups of donors, doing her due diligence in the way he should be doing. She smiles and laughs on cue, and he knows—he knows—it isn’t genuine. It’s much too stilted, too practiced. 

But when she leans into her date, smiles up at him, and lets him pull her into his side, Mike questions whether he’s right in his assessment. She untangles herself from Trevor’s grasp and excuses herself from the group, and Mike tracks her movement. 

He picks up his refilled glass and throws some cash on the bar as he sees her slip out of the side door. He finishes the rest of his scotch in a hurry, earning him a disapproving glare from the bartender. 

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Watch the Game? I’d Rather Win It!

by @caramelkru

Sex and the City. Desperate Housewives. Girls.

Q: What do these shows all have in common?

A: They are all wonderful, female-driven TV shows that I don’t relate to, at all.

In fact, it seems like all TV networks have some inexplicable, paralysing fear of showing girls beingphysically kick-ass — unless it’s justified by some far-out premise, like they’re a super-trio of witches (Charmed), or the one chosen conqueror of supernatural evil (Buffy, Sleepy Hollow), or a ~superhero~, à la Jessica Jones or Supergirl. 

There’s also the ever so popular niche category of female superspies who have undergone some over-the-top, pervasive training and usually some traumatic experience that has emotionally damaged or stunted them in some way (Alias, Dark Angel, Nikita). Networks love these types of shows, and it’s no coincidence that every single one of these inevitably features multiple scenes in which the female superspy lead has to don a form-fitting, body-hugging, or straight up revealing outfit. Because undercover espionage.

Those are the only occasions in which a female is allowed to be physically badass.

But the everyday woman?

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And Everyone Wins

Chapter: 25/29

Fandom: Pitch Perfect
Pairing: Beca Mitchell/Chloe Beale
Summary:  Beca and Chloe haven’t seen each other since high school. They weren’t great friends back then, but, well…That wouldn’t be the only thing that’s changed.

A Beca-as-single-parent AU.

A/N: I think I have apologised for the wait on the last ten or so chapters. However this one was kind of ludicrous. So, sorry for keeping you waiting over three months for this. Thank you for your insanely lovely patience.

This chapter features a little bit for @captainpeachperfect (because she prompted it and I loved it) and a little bit for @oceansand-anna (because we discussed it and she wanted it and I like her) 

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Bawson Fic Prompt

What about a fic that takes place when Lawson is retired and Bawson is now officially dating. Ginny is asked to pose for the sports illustrated swimsuit issue or the Maxim’s #1 of the sexiest female celebrities cover. Mike is so excited and proud. In his very “Mike Lawson way"brags to everyone and proudly, Instagrams, Twitters, Facebooks the pics to show off his girl.

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