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pi-meson  asked:

MITAKA TAKES A BUBBLE BATH PLEASE ooooh sorry didn't mean to shout!

Inspired heavily by this @pi-meson‘s dom Mitaka ‘verse, on AO3 here. This is a hypothetical post-chapter 2 scenario.

Mitaka isn’t needed on this mission. That much is obvious right from the beginning. He’s not skilled in xenolinguistics, he has no ties to the native planet or its inhabitants, and he’s no diplomat. While he can handle himself in a fight, Hux had brought along Captain Phasma and an entire squadron of stormtroopers, so that can’t be it, either.

When all else is eliminated, the only reason remaining for Mitaka’s presence is as obvious as it is obscene. Hux ordered him to come because he wants him. The thought makes Mitaka’s mouth go dry long before they touch down on the largely barren planet. Hux has plans, ones that Mitaka has not been told of. He can’t tell if he’s excited or terrified.

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