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Do you know any information about JYP Online Auditions? Like anything at all. Online auditions and mail auditions actually. If you know anything at all. Like, do they actually look at it? Have they gotten a trainee by online or mail auditions before? etc

Sorry, I really don’t know much about the audtions ):

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okay: hermione has severe anxiety (which isn't helped by the fact that she's thrown into a world of magic when she's only 11 after years of being told it's fake. like, she loves it, but she's also anxious about the people and the culture shock; etc.) and Ginny has ADHD, & anxiety. Ginny also has PTSD. (she was possessed by a dark lord, cmon ppl) Actually, all the Weasley kids have ADHD, & Percy has ocpd, & Bill & Charlie are both dyslexic. Just some of my nd Harry Potter head canons!!! :)

yesssss these are all good!!!! esp adhd weasleys & ocpd percy omg those rlly stand out to me!!!

i remember seeing someone say that harry has c-ptsd before too, & i rlly like that headcanon as well B)

Here's an idea:

Women shouldn’t be forced into the draft for the army

Men shouldn’t be forced into the draft for the army

People should be able to make their OWN decision!

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ROSS IM GOING TO SEE TØP IN AUGUST IM SO EXCITED AN IVE NEVER BEEN TO A CONCERT have u been to one of theirs before?? (if u have) what was it like???

YES ! ive got to a few n lemme say …..sum of th bes shows ive ever seen NOT JUS BCUZ I LOVE EM but everyones so fucking sweet ! my favorite concert of theirs was the most recent one back in december i met a drunk dude who kissed my cheeks n carried me on his shoulders n ty said use ur glutes n was an angel n josh was so close i culd smell him n hnstly theyre so interactive n sweet n most ppl r so cool!!!!