why is @assuya/destry trying to call someone out for being racist like… they’re kin with a bunch of japanese characters and are kin with hisoka

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hbo war series | 07 QUOTES → 07. THE PACIFIC, PART EIGHT

Slap a Jap…. So that’s what the enemy is to you, huh? A fuckin’ buck-toothed cartoon dreamed up by some asshole on Madison Avenue to sell soap? Well let me tell you something: the Jap I know, the Japanese soldier, he has been at war since you were in fucking diapers! He’s a combat veteran, an expert with his weapon. He can live off of maggoty rice and muddy water and endure misery you couldn’t dream up in your worst nightmare! The Japanese soldier doesn’t care if he gets hurt or killed, as long as he kills you.