Okay something has been bothering me for a while now about the roses in Ouran. I was looking around at rose meanings for a little project I’m working on and I was like, hey remember that one time you accidentally coloured Tamaki’s rose green? Wild, amiright?

Well, here comes the things that messed me up.

Tamaki’s rose colour is white, sure, that’s great and dandy -innocence, youth, whatever. But pretty much every time you see roses in his colour, they’re off white. They’re almost green.

Then this site hit me with a green rose symbolism. “Green is the colour of life, abundant growth, and constant renewal of life and energy. The green rose signifies the constant rejuvenation of spirit, and is therefore a messenger of cheerfulness.” (passiongrowers.com)

I’m sitting here thinking: that’s pretty much exactly the essence of Tamaki’s character. I know you’re all thinking: look at this nerd reading way too far into it. It’s just the watercolour affect. No big deal.

Maybe you’re right. All I’m saying is that maybe it was tinted green on purpose. I mean, it could have been yellow or pink or something. But they chose to tint it green.

Just a thought.

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If you hate an otome/reverse harem heroine for being a “mary-sue” and “stealing the guys’ attention” do not even talk to me. Like ever. Like seriously,way to miss the fucking point.

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If you could pick one anime character for each character in TFTBL what would the list be? >3>


Just imagine though:

Rhys as Haruhi

Jack as Tamaki

Fiona and Sasha as Kaoru and Hikaru

Vaughn as Kyoya 

August as Mori


Vasquez as Renge 

I am creasing…I need this. I NEED THIS. WHAT HAVE WE DONE!?

*hides forever* gdi erin.

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  • Partner:And this Pancham, this is all part of my strategy. While you’ve wasted time, blinded by your jealousy, I’ve forseen the outcome of this charade! Ahh! This Anime is obviously a romantic school comedy. Hero and I are the main characters so that means we are love interests.
  • Pancham and Shelmet:Yeah, then what are we?
  • Partner:You boys… are the homosexual supporting cast. So please make sure you don’t step across this line.
  • Pancham:You’ve gotta be kidding…
Why Kyoya would Be the best kind of friend to have

*requested by a lovely anon*

  • Nobody would ever mess with you for fear of the Ootori clan’s wrath
  • just his wrath too because Kyoya alone holy crap he’s diabolical
  • but because he’s diabolical you’ll have so much fun making evil, no, wait i mean well calculated plans together
  • He would kick your butt if you didn’t get decent marks in school
  • He would also help you study so you could get good marks
  • Like it would be a strict schedule  of studying every day for exactly an hour and a half
  • If you tried to skip out on these study sessions he’d find you and drag you down to the library
  • but in the end you always thank him because it paid off in the end
  • Once you earn his loyalty he will always be there to help you, even if he tries to hide the fact that he was the one helping you.
  • (like *spoiler* he went to find Tamaki’s mother when he worried about her)
  • You’d have to end up dragging him everywhere with you if you want him to go with you anywhere that isn’t important to your careers
  • He’d never admit it, but he had more fun at those random trips to the mall, bowling, at parks, etc. then he ever would in a meeting
  • You are fully aware of this by how he smiles at these trips, but you let him think you don’t know
  • He knows you know but lets you think he doesn’t know you know
  • Your friendship is full of those “he doesn’t know I know,” “there’s no way they know,” and “I know but I won’t tell them that I know” situations
  • Your friendship is confusing
  • But extremely worth it
  • Because you always know he’s there for you
  • And you have amazing conversations together because you’re both so witty
  • You never have to be fake with each other so you’re one of the only people who get to see Kyoya’s relaxed and almost carefree side
  • If you mention that side of him though he will deny it exist until the day he dies
  • But he secretly doesn’t mind that you like that side of him enough to try to tell people about it, because that’s a huge part of who he is, but he can almost never show anyone that side
  • You are very special to him and he wants all the success, happiness, and joy for you in the world and he will make sure you’re always doing well
  • He’s an exceptionally good listener when you have a problem
  • If you ever get romantically involved instead of just staying best friends, you will have that old couple marriage where they hold doors open for each other and say how much they love one another all the time (and also constantly laughing together)
  • Regardless, if you get married or just stay friends, you will be in each others lives forever because he’d never let an amazing friend like you go.


COMING SOON: Nerve and Fairy Tail High School Host Club

Nerve: It started off a simple mission given to Gajeel by Makarov. The Mission was to find out about this new game that had got people talking and making dares. It was all going smoothly! But it soon started to back fire and go 0 to 60  real quickly.

Fairy Tail high school Host Club: Kiss kiss fall in love! Levy McGarden, a new student at Fairy Tail Academy was just minding his own business and looking for a place to study. Only to stumble across Fairy Tail Academy’s Host Club, a club for boys meant to please girls. But when Levy breaks an expensive vase the Host Club was going to auction off, he must now work for the club to pay the debt off! But…. he’s a she?! Ouran Host Club Au

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Hey I was wondering, I'm not sure if you've been asked this before seeing as how I haven't followed you for that long, but do you have any favorite anime shows you that you watch/recommend?

Samurai Champloo


Sword art online

Garganita on verdurous planet


Attack on titan

Black bullet

Log horizon

Broken blade

The irregular at magic highschool

Inu x boku secret service





Attack on Titan


Sailor Moon

Dragonball Z


One Piece


Ouran High School Host Club

Soul Eater


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Death Note

Fullmetal Alchemist

Hayao Miyazaki



Paradise Kiss

Hell Girl

Fate/stay night

Paranoia Agent

Cowboy Bebop

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Psycho Pass

Devil Is a partimer

Neon Genesis Evangelion


Saint Young Men


Hellsing ultimate
Kara no kyoukai
Corpse party
Deadman wonderland
afro samurai
Sword of the silent stranger
Akame ga kill
Tokyo ghoul

yko ghoul,

kyoukai no kanata,

kuroko no basket,

zankyou no terror,

akame ga kill,

black bullet


kill la kill,

ao no exorcist


ao haru ride


kimi ni todoke

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“No way…”

“Oh my god! I’m in! I got into Ouran Academy! I can’t believe it! This is awesome!”

|| One season of anime later… ||

“Sempai, chill the fuck out…”

“Damn rich people…”