please read and stay safe in the tumblr tags!

blogs to block and avoid

there are currently blogs which are posting gore, animal abuse, and otherwise graphic/upsetting images in tags such as ‘otherkin’ and ‘actuallyautistic’

the blogs we know of so far are:

- blu trun stig 4

blu trun stig 4 said they will be moving to blu trun stig 5

- puny mortals 210

- aconi tumly coctonum 97

- baby - autopsy

- who that hoe 4

(no spaces)

some keep changing their urls so refer back to the original post as we will update if needed and add any other known blogs

they have Graphic Images of gore, nsfw, animal abuse etc as their cover photos and icons

so please do not go on their blogs!

(if you can only use the app:

inverting the colours of your screen in settings (found in accessibility) helps to make the images harder to make out if you go in the tag or on their blogs)

Fatesona 30 Day Challenge

Day Two: Casual Wear

Whoot~! On day two~! I also drew other people’s fatesona with their causal wears (from the Hoshidan side and what I could find)~ Featuring fatesonas of @cynphonium, @thetictactician, and @lightning-summonersequel~

But yes, feel free to draw other people’s fatesonas too~ : )

(Please click for a better view)~~

anonymous asked:

why dont u wont your art reposted on anything other than tumblr? mind ofc that a lot of people would give credit and twitter/ etc brings a lot of attention to your blog/art ? not to be mean or anything! just wondering, bc i'd love to post them on mine with giving credit included

To be precise, I don’t want my art to be reposted anywhere - tumblr included. There’s this button you know…

it allows you to reblog posts.

Art reposted on other sites doesn’t bring a lot of attention to the creator’s blog. It brings a lot of attention to the reposter’s blog/site.
How do you think, who gets the notes, likes, comments, all the feedback? Well, guess what :) Not the author! (who in most cases have no idea someone took their art in the first place!)
You want to bring attention to someone’s blog/art? Share the link and write something nice about their creations. If it’s all about the artist then there’s no problem if their pretty drawings don’t appear on your site.
No picture - no example? Well, let’s think. If you’re very popular people will check the link to see who you reccomend, you’re famous, a trendsetter. If you’re not very popular then people who follow you must know you quite good and will trust your judgement, they’ll check the link.

Now you’re writing anonymously, I don’t know you! Even if I said yes, how am I suppose to know where you want to put my art, what you plan to do with it??? How am I suppose to keep the track of what’s happening with my drawings?? Have you linked me to your site and asked what drawing you want to put there??? I don’t think so.

You may say artists are stupid, why don’t they want the recognition, the fame, the glory??? Well… respect the fact the art is made by them, they did it, they were sitting in their dark room, googling their eyes and ignoring the wrist pain with determination to get that tiny line right at last. And even if it seems abnormal that they want to keep their art only on tumblr or deviantart, stop making them happy against their will! Artists are weird, just deal with it!

What else? Ah.. In my faq you can read:
Can I use your art as an icon/sidebar/theme element?
Yes but give credit! (also please don’t use the icon I am currently using :))

^ this is not about reposting my art!
^ I guess that’s clear.

Now, do people follow these instructions? Hell no! I can enter some blogs that have my dawing as an icon right now and I won’t find any ctredit if I turn their blogs inside out. Why? Because they don’t give a shit. They like the picture and nothing else matters.*

All these things, the fact that so many people take artists’ stuff without asking, without giving credit, (MY GOD!) editing it as they like without permission, make artists bitter and distrustful, suspicious and apprehensive. So don’t be surprised that if you send some artist an anonymous message saying: “Hey I love your art! Can I post it to my twitter?” the artist can say NO!