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hey holy fuck wanna form a squad with me

hi sure we can all wear matching leather jackets and have a secret handshake that u have to know in order to enter the squad so to outsiders we seem kind of bada** with our jackets and funky hand movements but once u join up we really just binge watch tv shows and movies while baking cookies and compliment each other’s hair

Daily Doodle! 6/27/17

Based on @imaginashon and @spatziline Pirates AU! FUN Story! My friend has been throwing Murder Mystery Dinner parties every year, and this year’s theme is PIRATES!! so of course I asked if I can bring my accordion and play some sea shanties, and he said yes! So I drew this for that.. cause pirates, accordion, fun.

PSA to the Sheith fandom regarding the filter ‘-Keith/Lance’ on AO3

  We’re all pretty much aware that shkla.nce and Klnce floods the Sheith tag on ao3. To counter this, a majority of the shippers use ‘-Keith/Lance’ in the Search within results section to get the Sheith content that they want.

I’ve used the ‘-Keith/Lance’ once upon a time, until I got introduced to ‘-filter_ids:276512′ by the ao3 twitter account. The funny thing is to this day I still don’t know what those numbers stand for.

This is what the Sheith tag looks like unfiltered:

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How many times, do you think, you've accidentally used your ult. It makes me feel so bad, I wish I had a "sorry" line for the characters 😂

One time a lucio or somebody booped me off the map and I used transcendence like that was gonna save me somehow