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Hey Linds! I was wondering if you had any ot3 fic recs?

—– friendship/romance ——- 

buddy picture –  fictionalcandie –  Once in awhile, people get put in the same place at the same time, and they just fit, ain’t it a beautiful thing, and that, my friend, is how you wind up with real, authentic on-screen quality, on-screen.

first casualties –  zauberer_sirin –  Funerals do not agree with Sirius Black.

it hurts sometimes – jacknsallygal – The thing that had set apart this night from so many others was coming face to face with those they had called classmates less than six months ago.Richards from Gryffindor, now hiding behind a mask and robe, taken down by Emmeline. Hathaway from Ravenclaw, who was James’ fourth year potions partner, aiming the killing curse at Peter.

lifting latchesportions_forfox –  in which sirius is a cool cat with swagger, james has an annoyingly genuine smile and lily hates them both until she doesn’t. meanwhile remus is a regular dr. phil, although we mustn’t tell him that because he wouldn’t get the reference. you know how those wizard-borns are.

menage –  toujours_nigel

muscle car summer – jacknsallygal – “I think somewhere along the way I started dating you and your best friend.”“Looks that way,” James agrees, plucking the cigarette from her fingers for a drag.Lily nearly falls out of her chair when she sees how wide his smile is.

telling of secrets –  arobynsung –  Two can’t keep a secret. Remus wondered why these particular three thought they could.

untitled –  adamas (livebythefoma) –  this is as good a place to fall as any, we’ll build our altar here.

between stars elanne –  This is better, maybe, to have both of them a little. Perhaps he’s never really wanted them any other way, only to catch them like this forever, together, messy hair and freckles, bickering and quarrels and all. (sirius)(unrequited)

charms class and jealous hands – realslytherinchick – jily week/letters or nots

—– XXX ——-

i’d sell my soul for you, babeorphan_account –  Sirius Black never thought life could be like this, and now he is certain he could never live without it.

wedding day – inell –  It’s a perfect day for a wedding.

I thank god for these bruises because they prove we are realkwritten – wildcard prompt: Lily/Sirius Not all possibilities are open to us. The world is finite; our hopes spill over its rim. (sirius pov)(dark)(adultery)

shh – penknife –  Under the Invisibility Cloak, Lily and James can do whatever they want without his friends seeing. Lily isn’t sure she ought to like that quite so much.

proof positive –  unbroken_halo –  Lily doubts Sirius’s reputation, but James doesn’t.

new love grows on trees –  zauberer_sirin –  here’s red hair between his fingers and he wonders how this happened, realizing he’s the one twisting his hand in Lily’s hair and caressing her nape with his thumb.

want/need tarie –  James always gets what he wants. This time, though, he just might get what he needs.

Closed P5 RP with @mintycoolness [Goro Akechi/Kaito Takahashi (P5 MC)/Yuki Mishima]

It was nice and calm day at Syujin as the bell rang, letting the students go for the day.

Yuki dragged his feet behind a horde of his schoolmates, his eyes looking around in a bored manner before zeroing in on a teen dressed in an unusual (for this school, anyways) grey suit, clearly waiting for someone.

Goro Akechi.

The teen he had an unfortunate crush on. Why was it like that, someone might ask?

The students around him whispered as the person Goro was waiting for finally showed up, the two of them exchanging smiles and secret whispers, so close to each other that one might have thought that they were kissing. This was why….

… for he was dating the infamous Kaito Takahashi, who also happened to be one of Yuki’s few friends that he felt comfortable around. And crushing on his boyfriend was the last thing he wanted to do and yet…

… he bowed his head and walked pass them without another glance, resolved to just keep moving and pretend he didn’t see anything, just like any other day….

“Yuki is sad again…” muttered Kaito, looking up at Goro in question. “… is there something that I should know about?”

“I wonder…” the detective prince had a curious expression on his face. He didn’t know what he did to make Yuki-kun avoid him like this but…. he didn’t like it…. Kaito chuckled.

“Maybe we should talk to him.”

Indeed, maybe they should…

( @mintycoolness )

Party Time

by BuzzCat

Darcy’s working at a strip club because astrophysicist equipment ain’t cheap when suddenly Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers walk in. Obviously not canon-compliant.

Words: 415, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 14 of 30 Day Cheesy Tropes And Rare Pairs Challenge

from AO3 works tagged ‘James “Bucky” Barnes/Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers’ http://ift.tt/2bK7UeO

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Oooo what if during battle sometimes someone finds the closest person to them and fuses with them to have an advantage in battle (this eaither means one person is excluded and needs to fight on their own or find a god or Martha or someone to fuse with I guess

well if maybe three people fused together :^))))) then everything would be okay:^)))))))))

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".....Hey......I love you.....okay?" //;-;

She was there for him. The Beloved Blade.

He knew. Even when they were divided and scattered, he knew. Yet, he was too scared to say anything about it, in fear of rejection. God, how stupid was he? Out of all the things he has been through, love and affection have always been alien to him. He never received it as a boy, and physical touch became something so sinister to him. 

Don’t touch me. Don’t you EVER touch me! ‘

Hurtful words spoken from fear and hatred of something that could be used to heal, to comfort. For many years, his phobia of this affected his relationships with everyone, even with the people he trusted. Until her. Until he opened his heart to her, showed her his weakness… And instead of laughing and shunning him away, she kissed his wounds and gave him the very affection that he had craved so much. She did the same with him. They saw each other’s scars, and they just held each other… All the passion and adoration they had was enough. 

Even the simplest words, those three words, held so much significance and meaning, the feeling of it… Sometimes sentences and statements weren’t needed. The emotion itself could have been felt with the simplest of actions, and Guts had always appreciated that. The littlest things were one of the many things he had enjoyed. 

“… I love you too.” Softly spoken, said so gently that only the two of them could hear it. He longed for this, for the chance to run his hand through her dark locks, to press his lips against hers without feeling as if it weren’t wanted. Those beloved little things… Ah, how he appreciated them. Even holding hands meant so much to him, and now… They didn’t even need words to know that they adored each other. The silence had a thousand words, and no matter what happens next, he knew one thing for damn sure.

I will never leave her again. 

Soft Moments

They only have one bathroom between the three of them. To be fair, it is a big bathroom because the quartermaster has a crush on Osolong and gave him the best partner-suite on the ship. But still, they end up sharing two or three at a time more often than not, especially with their schedules.

They think they should probably hate it more than they do, but Ryan and Akmazian have come to a quiet understanding.

Because when they’re shaving, or cleaning their teeth, after they’ve just stepped out of the shower, water beading on their skin and towels wrapped around their waists, there’s soft, quiet moment as Osolong brushes his fingers across their scars and presses his lips against the skin of their shoulders, breathing deeply.

The moment stretches until the universe trembles. When they close their eyes it’s like that one touch is anchoring them.

They’re home.

And everything, everything is worth it for that.

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I often catch myself thinking about your blog, wondering if you would be posting any more princessandthefrogshipping stuff


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i almost called this ‘au where will is a hot mess’ but tbh will is a hot mess in every universe

also bonus:

tbh will w/ smudged makeup is cat’s #1 argument against the existence of a loving god

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Hey! Do you guys have any Derek/Stiles/Parrish?? I crave.

I do love me a good OT3. - Anastasia

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End of the Innocent by Kinkyfics

(1/1 I 1,928 I Explicit)

Have you considered writing something with Parrish and Derek dating but then they find Stiles and all have sex, while totally digging his innocence?

Sunday Morning by mickey2k14

(1/1 I 3,519 I Mature)

When Stiles starts this thing with Derek, he doesn’t factor in one Jordan Parrish.

Trinity by AubreyKey

(7/? I 9,513 I Explicit)

Stiles is eleven years old when the names of his soul-mates and the omega symbol marking him as submissive appear in crimson on his left wrist. Not the earliest ever recorded to get his soul-mates names but still early when the standard age is between 16 and 21. All he wants is for them to realize that he is there right in front of them.

(Not A) Cam Boy by PastafarianAlpaca

(6/8 I 24,594 I Explicit)

Derek and Jordan are just trying to write up a report on the Sheriff’s computer. They aren’t expecting to accidentally click the link to the videofeed of Stiles’ room. They definitely aren’t expecting for the teen to be enjoying his alone time quite so much.

If they were better men, they’d close the window and pretend it never happened. If they were better men.

Knot Your Playmate by Halzbarry

(6/9 I 29,977 I Explicit)

He quickly closed his laptop and laid back on his bed. Somehow he’d convinced himself to not only sign up for an online ABO hookup website, but to also meet up with not one, but two alphas to potentially sleep with and get him through his heat.

AU where Stiles is an omega, and has to sign up for an online ABO dating website to find an alpha to bring him through his heat, and possibly be a match so he doesn’t flunk out of high school and get sent to remedial school because of Harris. What he doesn’t expect is to find two mated alphas looking for an omega, and for feelings to start getting involved.