Rovix (@RealVIXX):

나는 로빅이다. #켄 요원까지 완전체로서 리허설중인 #빅스 요원들의 모습이다. 켄요원이 도착하니 기분이 좋은 로빅이다.

I am ROVIX. This is the VIXX Agents as a complete group including Agent Ken in the middle of rehearsal. ROVIX is happy that Agent Ken arrived.

Trans. cr: Fyeah-vixx

I want to *** tonight and also *** ** *** **** or maybe **** ****** ** *** ****** but instead I’ll probably just ***** ** ******

jb hi fi has ok computer and lateralus on vinyl but theyre both over $50 but i took pictures of both and posted them on instagram with a not subtle on purpose caption and shared it to facebook mayb something will happen

Dal tuffo cieco della creatività, si emerge più di frequente con il fango che con le perle.
—  Arthur Koestler

thank u crack in my screen for looking like a f and helping me spell frank’s name